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New car tech can be very exciting, until you find out you don’t know how it works, how to get it or how to install it. In this section, we walk through common how to topics for some of the key products that we recommend in our buying guides (along with others). This includes topics like installation of speakers and stereos, methods to get certain functionality into your car (e.g. WiFi, or video or gaming) and general information on how to evaluate different components in your car or boat.

Inside of RV with LED lighting installed
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How To: Converting Your RV to LED

Lighting an older or vintage RV with LED lights used to be expensive and difficult. Often, the results were less than ideal. Many of the older LED conversions result in dim lighting that causes weird...
girl using laptop on wifi in smart car
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How to get WiFi in Your Car

Last updated on September 15th, 2020 at 11:32 pmTo the list of life’s essentials – water, food, heat, shelter – we should probably add WiFi. WiFi lets us get on the internet easily and cheaply…. Protection Status      © 2020