Kameron provides a comprehensive overview of a 2023 Toyota Highlander's infotainment system with the 12.3-inch screen and upgraded JBL audio in the Limited trim. The system includes several safety features like Pre-Collision and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. The ultra-wide screen features Carplay and Android Auto compatibility, both of which are wireless. The Carplay interface offers a fantastic user experience with seamless access to music apps, Google Maps, and phone calls. Additional features include Sirius XM radio, HD radio, hotspot for internet access, Wi-Fi for software updates, and a wireless charging pad. The infotainment system also offers customizable settings, such as Bluetooth and device management, system updates via Wi-Fi, and adjustable display, sound, and media settings. Users can also control various car features, customize the native navigation, and update the software. Overall, the infotainment system maximizes the space on the dashboard, providing easy access to information and efficient interaction