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We take our reviews and top lists very seriously. All of the products that we review and choose for our buying guides are products that we would personally use in our own cars, homes – wherever. They're what we'd recommend to our family or our friends. When we assemble our lists, we rely on one our category expert writers to provide recommended products, depending on the topic. They're vetted across multiple writers and heavily researched in the marketplace. We then turn to you, the consumers and purchasers, to gather feedback across the web in order to ensure that our opinion aligns with users everywhere. This could be reviews, comments, whatever we find about the products. The lists that we assemble are a true representation of our writer's honest opinion on which products they think are best for you. And in Most cases, our experts have had first-hand experience with these products. We frequently test and install many of the products on our own vehicles too. You can see some of our installations and write-ups here.

In addition to our expert's opinion and research in the marketplace, there's a number of things that we compare that's specific to the product's category. Throughout the process of compiling products for a best list, we look at product specific features. For example car speakers, there's a few things in particular that we'd compare between products like:

  • Power Ratings (Peak, RMS)
  • Frequency Range (Hz)
  • Proprietary features (Specific to the manufacturer)
  • Brand Reputation (Is it a reputable brand)
  • Quality of Materials (Materials used, manufacturer)
  • Price ($$$!)
  • Style (Looks, Design)

These features are different than what we look for in, say, a car stereo.

*In NO cases do we accept ANY form of payment to place a given product on our list, PERIOD. These lists are our writer's own opinion. Rather, to keep the lights on here, we make money when click on one of the “Buy It” buttons and purchase the product. So if you want to support our work and like the content we produce, please use these links to purchase your products! Protection Status      © 2021
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