Product & Custom Installations

The best way to demonstrate what makes a head unit a good choice or coaxials the best car speakers from other products is to install and test as many products as possible. We put a lot of time and energy into our custom installations and product installation reviews to show the key features in action. We install and review everything from dash camera systems, car amplifiers, car subwoofers and boat subwoofers, and a wide range of accessories, sometimes using our own cars, trucks, and boats to give the best information.

There is no real replacement for the experience of installing custom car audio functionality to your car or truck. Our goal with this section is to provide you with the most accurate details and information about stereos, speakers, and backup cameras, and we also show you how to make the special features work. Sometimes that will mean describing the process for connecting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices or best practices for properly connecting electronics in your car, so the process is easy.

This is the spot to find the most in-depth information about car audio products and how they work in the real world. Our mission is to find the most accurate and detailed information possible and provide you with the facts you need to know the most. We even take the time to walk through the packaging and unboxing of the products we install, and we provide dozens of photographs of the installation process to help make it simple for you to get the same type of professional-quality results from your own custom installation.

This section is also a fun spot to find inspiration for your next free-air subwoofer on your boat or to get an idea about what the newest touchscreen infotainment system can offer. Check this section for product installation articles for cars, trucks, boats, and anything else on the road. Protection Status      © 2024