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In 2010, CarAudioNow was founded by Kameron Scott to help consumers find the right products for the right application. The goal was simplify the search for people. While working in the field installing products and testing items first hand, Kameron decided to start to write about his experiences with products online. Combined with his itch for everything digital and websites, CarAudioNow was created and has been chugging along ever since.

Roaming through the web and in the stores to find the equipment that's best for your car, truck or boat can be time consuming at the least. Hundreds of options, diluted by thousands of opinions. Where as many of our competitor review sites write meaningless articles, or hire cheap writers to assemble lists for the sole purpose of money (yes we do have to make money too via affiliate links), the experts that write for CarAudioNow.com have been hand picked. They have first-hand experience installing and reviewing Car Audio equipment, or are just gear heads that love everything automotive.

At CarAudioNow.com, it is our mission to provide meaningful, unbiased reviews and reliable information about car audio and video equipment in order to simplify your search for the best products. The content you read here is our honest opinion based on our own experiences and expertise. If you don't think that we're doing this effectively, or have general questions or feedback please reach out to us via our Contact Us page! We want to create content and experiences that users love and if we aren't doing that, we want to know.


We understand that there can definitely be a conflict of interest between writing review, compiling best lists and ultimately being paid by companies that manufacture and sell products. We try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to how we make money, and how that impacts our users.

Our number one goal is to provide meaningful product reviews and content for our users to keep them coming back for more. Although we make money on the products that you buy from our affiliate partners when you click on our affiliate links, it doesn't impact which products we review and place on our list. We don't take money from product manufacturers (we'd be flattered if you think they would pay us to do so). We also don't cram our content full of display advertising. Your experience on our website is important to us.

We take the time to vet the products that we review and the best lists that we assemble, and try to compile them with relevant products that are valuable to our users. You can take a look at our overview on How We Choose and Review Products for more information.

Our Editorial Process

Finding and reviewing the best products on the market goes well beyond just searching and compiling a simple list of products based on consumer reviews. Quality lists, how tos and meaningful content in general takes a lot of effort and resources to build. CarAudioNow's entire writing and editorial process is built around creating quality content for our users, and not just making money. Not to mention, in most cases we just have fun testing and installing products. We want to be a source of truth that our users trust and we spend a lot of time and resources trying to do this. If you feel like we're falling short of our goal, we'd love to hear from you! Email us at support@caraudionow.com with your concern/opinion.

Write for Us

The experts at CarAudioNow.com have both passion and experience in the topics that they cover in order to provide our users with reliable reviews and ratings for products. If Car Audio and Video is something that you're an expert on, let's talk! We'd love for you to write for us and are always seeking experienced writers.

Qualified, experienced and passionate freelancers – that's who we are looking for. People that have high standards and create content that resonates with users and enjoy the topics they're writing about.

Note: We do not accept unsolicited guest-authored content.

Interested? E-mail us at: support@caraudionow.com

About the Founder

CarAudioNow.com was established in 2009 by Kameron Scott. In 2010, he launched it as a local automotive and marine ecommerce site to enable local users to find, purchase and pick up products. Restricted by manufacturer online sales policies, in 2011 he pivoted from an ecommerce based domain to reviews and how-to website, focusing on the core automotive products such as car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, head units, GPS navigation and so on. Since 2011, he expanded the breadth of content beyond just automotive and marine electronics into a variety of consumer electronics products.

Before CarAudioNow, he owned and operated a local mobile car stereo company, SC AutoSound and focused on installing and upgrading car, RV and boat stereos throughout South Orange County, CA. Today his day job is Product Management, working for large enterprises like Motor Trend Group and Experian. His nights and weekends are when he tests, photographs, videotapes and installs products for the articles you read!


We employ a number of freelance experts in the automotive and marine field who help contribute to a wide variety of topics.

Brian Jones | Certified Tech & Expert Contributor

Derek Fleming | Expert Contributor

Nigel H | Expert Contributor

Julia Benson | Contributor

Robert G | Contributor

Jacob C | Contributor

Michelle S | Contributor

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