Apple CarPlay is Apple's standard that allows for a connection between your car and iPhone. You need to turn on Siri for it to work. CarPlay compatibility allows your vehicle to have an interface that resembles iOS but is more simplified. You can either plug in your iPhone, or wirelessly connect to your vehicle's head unit. Once connected, the iOS home screen replaces the automobile's system. It offers hands-free access to your apps and a functional virtual home button. When used with compatible cars, CarPlay is consistent and reliable.

Why You Need Apple CarPlay

Here are the reasons we think you need Apple CarPlay in your vehicle!

Enhances Your Safety

You need Apple Carplay because it allows you to be safe while on the road by reducing distractions. A study that was done by the National Safety Council shows that using cell phones while driving accounts for 1.6 million accidents annually. Using Apple Carplay prevents you from scrolling through your phone every once in a while; hence protects you from car crashes. With it, users can text, make calls, and even check maps without getting your eyes off the road. CarPlay's hands-free texting conveniently comes with minimal chances of misspellings and misinterpretations because of its excellent built-in microphone.

Easy Navigation in Your Car

CarPlay provides for effortless navigation in your vehicle from your iPhone. This enables you to access crucial information, like traffic data, that is also accurate. With Siri and the Maps app, you can find different locations when necessary; like gas stations and hotels. It also makes it difficult for you to get lost even when you are exploring new regions.


Busy schedules require you to set reminders so that you do not forget important things. With Apple Carplay, you can access your iPhone's reminder app even while you are driving. The reminders can be audible, and you will hear them every time you enter or exit your vehicle. When you don't need them, or do not have a very tight schedule, you can turn them off.

Quality Streaming Music

Apple Carplay allows you to stream high-quality music whenever you want. The car stereo receiver provides high-quality audio regardless of whether you are listening to your playlist or streaming radio. CarPlay also enables you to enjoy the enhanced audio fidelity of direct USB connection to your iPhone.

Which Cars have Apple CarPlay?

Major automobile manufacturers are offering car models that are compatible with Apple CarPlay; standard or optional. There are more than 400 models out there. Some of them include Honda, Chevrolet, Chevrolet Spark, Lamborghini Aventador S. Volvo, BMW, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz.

Aftermarket Solutions for Apple CarPlay

CarPlay aftermarket solutions are ideal for those whose cars do not support the Apple standard but want it. There are different types of aftermarket stereos out there. They come in two different sizes: double-DIN (two inches tall) and single DIN (four inches tall). Most modern vehicles do not allow for the installation of these stereos unless the dashboard is modified.

Phones that are Compatible with Apple CarPlay

You can use a variety of iPhone models with Apple Carplay. Some of them include Phone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. You can connect them to CarPlay using a USB cable. Some vehicles also support wireless CarPlay connection (if it doesn't support wireless, check out our recommended Wireless Apple CarPlay adapters!). To do it, press, and hold your steering wheel's voice command button. Remember to buy data because you will require it.

iPhones with 30-pin connectors do not work with Apple CarPlay. The same applies for all iPad and iPod Touch models.

Using your iPhone while driving is fun. You can also enjoy benefits like getting timely information and accessing directions. Do you want to do it safely? Apple CarPlay allows for hands-free use of your phone with little distractions. Therefore, you can text, call and use other apps on your phone. If your car model does not support it, you can buy aftermarket stereos and enjoy these benefits. A variety of iPhone devices support it; hence you are not limited to one or two.