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Common Car Stereo Problems, Symptoms, Solutions: Aftermarket Stereos

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Common Car Stereo Problems and Symptoms

Aftermarket stereos can be a pain if they aren’t functioning properly. Whether it's an installation that might not have gone as planned, or a random problem that comes out of nowhere. Here is a list of your common car stereo problems, symptoms and solutions to help get your stereo up and running!

Problem: Can’t Find an Accessory/Ignition Power Wire

Possible Solution:

–          In some cases, car stereos do not come wired with a 12v Accessory/Ignition wire, making an aftermarket radio difficult to install and work properly. Many Jeeps and Chevrolet systems have a data signal wire that carries a very low voltage signal that tells the OEM Head Unit when to turn on, however; it is not compatible with aftermarket units. The easiest way to locate an Accessory/Ignition wire is to find a cigarette lighter that turns on when the car does. Get behind the lighter and tap into the positive wire and connect it to your RED Accessory/Ignition wire on your aftermarket wire harness.

Problem: Head Unit Has Power But No Sound

Possible Solution:

–          Many cars have built in amplifiers that require a 12v signal to be sent in order to turn on the Amplifier, most common being Bose, Infinity, and JBL. If your car has any of these systems, check your AMP TURNON signal wire for 12v. Blue/White wire located on Head Unite wire harness.

Problem: Installed An Aftermarket Head Unit and Now It Has No Power

Possible Solution:

–          First off, check your wiring. If you have a voltage meter or a test light, test the ground (black), constant 12v (yellow), and accessory 12v (red) wires to make see if you have the correct voltage in the correct wires, as well as a good ground. Constant will always be 12v, whether or not your car is on. Accessory will be 12v only when you turn the key to the “ON” position or the car is running. Make sure to use your ground, as well as another ground (like the frame or body of the car) while testing your constant and accessory to test that you have a good ground.

If you find that one of your power wires or ground wires are not correct, check your vehicle wire diagram and make sure you have the correct corresponding power and ground wires.

–          If you do not have power, and you know for a fact your wiring is correct, check the fuses under the dash or under the hood (depending on your vehicle). Easiest way to locate the correct fuse is to look in the Owner’s Manual and find the fuse number and box location. Your manual should indicate which fuse is for the “Accessory”, “Car Stereo”, or something of that sort. After finding the location of the fuse, pull it and make sure that the leads are not corroded and that the fuse has not been broken or popped.
–          If your speakers randomly stopped working and you noticed that your amplifier is in protection mode, there are a few reasons why this might have happened.

  • Most aftermarket amplifiers have a protection from low and high voltage. If your alternator is producing too much power, it will trigger the amplifier’s protection mode. Vice versa, if your battery is low and the amplifier is not receiving a constant 12v, it will enter protection mode.
  • Amplifiers will also enter protection mode if there is a short somewhere. If you have a signal RCA wire that is shorting out, this could be your problem so check to see if your RCAs are in-tact and not shorted. Also, if one of the output channels are shorted out, or you have a blown speaker, many aftermarket amplifiers will enter protection mode. Disconnect all output channels and see if it will return to normal operation.

Problem: Alternator Wine

Possible Solution:

–          If you hear a wining noise that fluctuates with the RPMs of your vehicle, and lessens when the car engine is turned off, you are dealing with Alternator Wine. Alternator Wine is cause by having a bad ground to either your head unit or your speakers’ amplifier. Check your ground wires and find a better place to ground them, e.g. the frame or body of the car.
–          If you are experiencing headlight dimming when you have your radio turned up with aftermarket amplifiers and subwoofers, your stereo is pulling too much power for the alternator to keep up. There are a few solutions to this problem:

  • Wire in a Capacitor. Although curing headlight dim is far down on the list for a Capacitor’s use, a capacitor might be the solution to your problem. A capacitor is made to curve the spikes in power from the battery to the Amplifier, to create consistent 12v power. Adding a capacitor with the correct farad, in some cases, will curve your amplifier power drawing spikes enough to limit headlight dim. The rule of thumb farad – wattage conversion is 1 farad to every 1000 watts.
  • Upgrade the Alternator. Sometimes OEM alternators don’t generate enough power for your upgraded stereo. Upgrading the alternator to one that can produce enough power to handle your upgraded amplifiers/stereo will solve your headlight dim.
  • Get a Bigger/Better Battery: Sometimes old/cheap batteries can be one of the sources in your headlight dim issue. Replace your battery to a newer, bigger batter to handle more power and load. Although this might not fix the problem it might help.
  • Add an Auxiliary Battery: Wire in a completely separate battery to power just your stereo. This will lessen the load on your engine battery and sometimes will fix your headlight dim.

Problem: Installed a Car Stereo, Now Radio Doesn't Have Signal

Possible Solution:

–          If you installed a new head unit in your car, and you're now noticing that your car's radio has an abnormal amount of static, you may have wired the unit incorrectly. Here's what you should look for:

  • Pull out the new car stereo to gain access to the wires again. Look for a blue wire on the aftermarket head unit and ensure that it's connected to a corresponding wire within your vehicle's wire harness. The Blue or Blue/White wire on your aftermarket head unit is what powers a powered antenna. Without the power, your vehicle's antenna is significantly less powerful and will result in static.

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443 Comments to “ Common Car Stereo Problems, Symptoms, Solutions: Aftermarket Stereos”

  1. Gary Price says :Reply

    2004 Silverado I need to know what wire is the amp turn on input wire where the old radio

  2. Wayne Lembke says :Reply

    my radios clock/radio stations want light up

  3. I have a 97 5.0 all wheel drive Ford Explorer. When I have the stock radio in, music plays loud and clear. But I put in my aftermarket radio and no music will play but I have power to the radio. I put my stock radio back in and it still plays music. Can anyone help and tell me why the music doesn’t play threw the aftermarket radio. I made sure the Fuses were good and a double checked all the wires and made sure they were all hooked together. I don’t know what it is

  4. MARCO says :Reply

    Hi guys, I need help with my Mitsubishi Lancer 2010. I can hear the radio loud and clear but when I switch to cd/mp3 I can hear the music but very very very low with a scratch sound on back. Does anyone has any clue about what might happen?! Thank you very much.

  5. Craig says :Reply

    I have a pioneer dvd/cd player in my 08 sequoia and it has steering wheel controls. While driving the unit will all of a sudden increase volume to max. I am wondering if it is a bad steering wheel control adapter. Anyone hear of anything like this?

    1. sam says :Reply

      yeah its a setting in ur radio should be something like sound equalization but whichever setting it is it most likely will have a low..mid..high options to toggle back and forth at least my car does and by whihever setting(high) in ur case im assuming depends on how much the volume levels when u accelerate..

  6. Carlos says :Reply

    My sub in my Lincoln navigator was working jus fine a wire touched n now it sounds funny can you help. My amp turns on but don’t have sound to the speakers is it cus this problem they were working fine just stopped

    1. Carlos says :Reply

      My sub in my Lincoln navigator was working jus fine a wire touched n now it sounds funny can you help. My amp turns on but don’t have sound to the speakers is it cus this problem they were working fine just stopped

  7. JD says :Reply

    I have a 2004 crv and just recently had a battery with a dead cell. after i changed the battery I tried re-installing the aftermarket stereo, when i plugged everything in and turned the car over it had a weird clicking startup sound from the dials on the gauges like when the battery had died. I took out the stereo and it still makes the sound and while the car is off i cant lock the car automatically. Does anyone know what i might have done wrong?

  8. Michael says :Reply

    I have a 2007 Toyota Tacoma. Ive had an aftermarket Kenwood head unit installed on the truck for at least 6 years now. Recently, I was on a road trip towing a trailer with a 4-pin adapter plugged into the tow harness. While traveling, my radio, aux, bluetooth, or cd mode never played any music.My head unit had power and would even beep through the speakers when the source was changed. When I dropped the trailer and unplugged the adapter, music started playing again? Some time went by and this music stopped playing again. This time I wasnt towing. This particular time, I noticed an audible noise, like a white noise coming from the speakers, but no music would ever play in any mode. I simply took the head unit out and unplugged it and it started playing music again. Several weeks later, it happened again. This time I’ve tried everything I can think of and I cant get any music to play. No audible noises from speakers, still beeps from the speakers when I switch modes, still has power.

  9. Blake says :Reply

    I installed a new deck into my truck and hooked up the access wire together and battery and ground wire all to the new radio and it was working fine shutting off when I turn the vehicle off and turning on when I started the vehicle but, the next morning when I started my vehicle the radio wouldn’t turn on and wasn’t getting any power. Now I’ve already tried disconnecting the wires and then reconnect them and sometimes it works but then the next day it always doesn’t turn on. Any Ideas?

  10. Jalin says :Reply

    I got a problem with my new radio when I put the yellow and red wires together it works but it don’t turn off when I take the key out but when i put the colors separately they don’t work at all the red is ignition and the yellow is the battery

  11. Chris Gatdula says :Reply

    In My 1989 Ford ranger xlt. The deck i installed is only powering on when the headlights turn on….not with the ignition do i have a wire hooked up wrong ?

  12. hacksaw says :Reply

    I’m having a problem with the CD player in my 2005 Hyundai Getz (don’t get too jealous :D). The sound intermittently drops out of the right channel. this doesn’t seem to affect the radio only the CD player. if I turn the power off then back on the right channel functions again.
    Any suggestions as to what the problem might be would be much appreciated 🙂

  13. Steve Pond says :Reply

    no power to my new radio in my 1988 Volvo 240 DL, splicing the coded wires to a new wiring harness I receive nothing but warning beeps when the ignition key is on, no power to the radio, my system only has 3 speakers,

  14. Sean says :Reply

    I have a 2000 Grand AM GT. Is has the mono factory stereo, I also have a 2004 Grand AM GT that has the Monsoon stereo in it. Can I switch out my factory Mono stereo with the Monsoon. I know the monsoon amp has way to many wires to switch with my factory mono amp but can I just switch the deck.

  15. Keith says :Reply

    I have my pioneer after market radio installed and it works great while the car is on but once you turn it over in idling mode the radio turns off, does the same thing if I turn my car lights on as well…. What could be the issue here?

  16. Robin says :Reply


    Just bought an Opel Insignia -11 with a AC83xx (corex4) unit replacing the original one.
    The issue i have is that the former owner changed the language to Portuguese b4 switching headunit.
    This results in me having the OnBoardComputer not changing language while changing it on the AC83xx (corex4).
    I don’t have the original headunit so i can’t just put it in real quick to change the language and then replace it with the new one.
    I turned in the car to Opel but they weren’t able to help me since the original headunit isn’t in the car, and they had no ide how to fix it without it.

    Any suggestions?

    Regards, Robin

  17. Chris B. says :Reply

    I put in a amp and sub in my jeep worked for a week turned it on one day and sub wouldn’t work have good power,remote,and ground changed amp know that isn’t it

  18. Peter Sanders says :Reply

    I have a Sony WX-GT908T in my 2002 Toyota Camry. It has worked great since we bought the car until a month or so ago. When we listen to the radio, everything is fine and it sounds good. But when we try to listen to CDs or MP3s through the auxiliary port or the USB port, it starts to sound like a scratched CD (some kind of skipping). Any ideas what is causing this and how it can be fixed? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Daniel Ellis says :Reply

      Yeah I just instead a Sony today and everything works but no sound when cd and six is playing

  19. Michael T says :Reply

    Powers on plays radio. Lights on buttons work and buttons work BUT display screen doesn’t light up….HELP please…?

    1. Allen says :Reply

      Hook orange illumination wire to ignition

  20. Alyssa says :Reply

    I have a 2003 chevy trailblazer luxury addition with on star. I’m trying to hook up aftermarket radio and subs, but can not get it to work. Do I need something special to make it work since I have the on star and controls on my steering wheel? Radio won’t even power on or have any sound. I thought maybe it was the radio, but I tried my factory and it turns on but no sound now too. Everything works perfect before I tried to hook up my aftermarket.

  21. Logan says :Reply

    I have just fitted s double din radio to my car that has a reverse camera setting, I have not fitted a reverse camera to it as it isn’t nescaserry … radio works fine when stationary, but asoon as you pull off, radio screen goes blank and says reverse…. any solutions for this please!

  22. KC says :Reply

    I just installed a Kenwood DDX374bt head unit in my 2014 Nissan Frontier SV and now when I put it in reverse I hear a loud steady beep. I’m waiting on harness to arrive that allows me to use factory backup camera with aftermarket stereo. Did I miss something? Thank you

  23. Samantha Yardley says :Reply

    When I purched my dual dcbt304u deck I had to pay $$$$ to have installed as my data harness was cut so had to get it alll rewired worked great for 6months then my volume nob went so now I can’t switch volumes ect I have to Bluetooth my phone to the deck and use my volume on phone to get it to work now with that being said only my back speakers will work n with cd all four will why?

  24. Justin says :Reply

    I have a 2004 infiniti i-35. I installed my pioneer radio about 2 months ago and everything worked perfect… Bluetooth connection, radio, aux, etc. Then I get in my car today and my phone connects to my radio but will not play sound (Samsung Galaxy Emerge) even connected Bluetooth to another phone (iPhone 6s). I had just been playing music 5 minutes before then I got out of my car and came back then no sound. I tried to play the radio and the sound works fine! I’m really confused and I dont know what’s wrong!!??

  25. David Bell says :Reply

    Hello I have a 1931 ford with a 6volt positive ground I have installed a independent 12volt am fm CD player in my car and it works exhalent till istart the moter then the speakers go in and out I’m not loseing power just sound again this is compleatly in dependent from the car can Simone please tell me what to do .

  26. Brenton says :Reply

    Is also warning lights coming on now and again also a symptom of bad current on a vw polo?Thanks

  27. robert says :Reply

    Hi, I have a Ford Escape 2001. When I press the eject button on both the cd or cassette the display light turns on. The it turns off.. I does not give me any sound. It takes the CD and ejects the CD. The radio am/fm does not work. Any suggestions?

  28. Gene Wiedenbeck says :Reply

    I have a 2003 Civic. Bought it brand new and had an aftermarket system installed shortly after I purchased the car. Currently have a Pioneer head unit. Boston Acoustic front and rear speakers, 10 inch sub, and a 4 channel amp. Speakers and amp are originally bought in 2003. My issue is the amplified audio from my speakers cuts off and on randomly. Stays mainly off. It is the front and back speakers. When they cut off the only thing on and working is unamplified sub. The transition from on to off, and back on when it happens, is quick and crisp. Almost like a switch! Very clean transition. The head unit was replaced a few months before this started to happen. Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Brad says :Reply

      Run speaker wires directly to your amplifier. Some cars have a speaker distribution box that has a small capacitor connected to either the positive or negative side of each speaker wire! This prevents (factory) speaker overload when you crank the radio up too high. I know this is going to be a pain in the ass but, you must take every panel off and run the NEW speaker wires (you can get either 16 or 18 gauge wires for 6X9 speakers, and 12 gauge speaker wire for the sub-woofer(s))! You changed-out your head unit, you now must also change out your speaker wiring and connect it directly to the 4 chan. amplifier, and the other amp to your sub-woofer(s), separately but run from same head unit’s RCA jacks as audio signalling!

  29. Ole Christian Eklund says :Reply

    Two things; I have installed Kenwood DDX5016DAB in my car. After installing, the radio is working fine, but there is some background noice. How to fix?
    The bluetooth connection to mobile phone is in and out and on the unit it differents between phone and audio playback. Connecting to one but not the other. Example. Phone is connected, but the audio playback is not possible, because the choise ON is disabeld. What to do?
    I have not found any solution in the manual.

  30. tony chalakee says :Reply

    I have a 2008 Silverado, oem speakers have been replaced, and I’ve had no trouble from any of them. about 2 weeks ago I noticed my music didn’t sound right. front speakers are fine, deck is operating normally, however the fader option in my audio menu is completely gone. I listened to the rears and they are still thumping, but there are no vocals coming through, I even replaced them today, but still nothing. does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this mess??

  31. Lamar says :Reply

    I put a new radio in my 97 yukon and it takes and ejects cds but wont play and the face isn’t working doesn’t light up or show anything

  32. CarAudioNow says :Reply

    If your camera power wire is wired to the vehicle’s constant power it may be running 24/7 causing it to slowly drain the battery.

  33. Ty says :Reply

    Question I have a JVC kw-v420bt and the system has been working fine, this morning I started up my vehicle and no sound was coming out of the speakers. About 10 minutes into my commute to work, it started playing around again. It delays sound 5-10 minutes after starting up and I have no clue what this could be.. any ideas?

    Also, it’s installed in a truck I just bought last weekend.

  34. Brandon Clements says :Reply

    Just installed an aftermarket ken wood deck, in a 2005 Sunfire. I know the back speaker wiring is shorting somewhere as I’m getting intermittent signals. However since installing this new head unit, I’m only getting sound from the front left door. ‘Automatically I unplugged the kenwood head unit and re connected the factory one, and both speakers began to work again. I’ve check fade and balance everything is middled. What can be causing this issue?

  35. Bryan says :Reply

    Ok so I installed a Dual radio in my 02 jeep grand Cherokee and I bought the right wiring harness and matched all the colors but only my rear speakers work.the front speaker worked then I hook up an dual subwoofer to the remote wire and I have no front speakers.

  36. Daniel Jones says :Reply

    A very nice write-up, thanks for that. I have a different issue though, if anyone has encountered this I would appreciate any tips. I’ve fitter a 5ch amp in my bmw e60 and I have wired 2 speakers (rear ones) and one subwoofer (in the boot). If I turn the gain for the rear speakers all the way down on the amp, my car stereo goes into protection, I have to unplug everything and plug it back to get it working again. If I turn the gain up… it doesn’t do it anymore but the speakers aren’t that powerful and so I need the gain lowered. Any ideas?

  37. John Hunter says :Reply

    I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado and I purchased a single din Dvd player. My problem is where the deck goes right above it is a over hanging part of the dash, I need my deck to come out about 3 inches. Do you know of any kits or ideas on how I can do this?

  38. Kelly Scott says :Reply

    I have 2001 grand am..when stereos on lights I, car randomly come on, stereo only works when headlights are on, and the power locks are sketchy about working, and don’t touch radio after you are in park it won’t start again

  39. Brian says :Reply

    I have a 2011 Nissan Altima. I installed a 2-Din JVC radio. I noticed that sometimes when my headlights come on, the speakers shut off. I turn the radio off and off; and the speakers work like normal. I’ve taken the radio out to make sure all my wires are connected correctly and they are. I did connect the orange/white wire to the orange wire to help the radio dim when my headlights come on. After this started to happen to my speakers, I disconnected both wires. Yet the same thing still happens. Not sure why.

  40. Mitch says :Reply

    I have a crimefighter touch screen stereo and was working fime up untill today. Every time i turn it on it just goes straight to the camera and wont change or it will turn on with a thud through the speakers then static then switch off and do it all over again.

    Can you please help me i am stuck with what to do

  41. Meg says :Reply

    Ok so this might seem a little long but I’m having some issues with my speakers or my head unit in my car, I’m not sure which one. I’ve had subs for like 2 and a half year. I bought my head unit around that time too. I put in new door speakers last summer. Recently my speakers slowly start getting quiet, and then they just stop working all together. I can only play one or two songs if I’m lucky. I don’t know if it’s the speakers drawing too much power, which idk why they would or if it’s my head unit getting to hot and maybe it has some sort of protection that shuts my speakers down. Any ideas? Anyone ever had similar issues? I was going to just order a new head unit, but I’m hoping it’s a less expensive fix. It was about $275, I had to alter the plastic around where my old radio was in order for this one to fit, so I’d have to order the same one or close to it.

    1. Brad says :Reply

      Change out your speaker wiriing, and run it straight to ur amp.

  42. Daisy says :Reply

    I have a Mercury mountaineer. I had transmission work done about a year ago. The radio plays (only one station) because the display screen does not come up so I can change stations.

    1. Shelby Walker says :Reply

      That is very strange! My Toyota had a similiar problem today and I have no idea how to fix it.

  43. Jon1821 says :Reply

    I just bought a used 1998 Ford exposition.
    And the car drives great. But the radio doest work!!!
    I back tracked to all the fuses under the dash and in the Good, but the fuses checked out!!!
    Anyone have any suggestions?

  44. Dustin says :Reply

    I installed a double din head unit in my 15 dodge dart several months ago, and it was loud clean etc then all of a sudden it went to distortion what could cause this ….???

  45. Alex m says :Reply

    So i have a 95 Nissan pathfinder, and an aftermarket boss stereo installed. It works great except theaters doesn’t light up like Iits supposed to.
    Sometimes when I disconnect the antenna cord thing. (The cord that has a metal thing on it, supposed to be a ten thing or something) it starts working again. But then when I turn my car off and then back on when I get into it, it stops lighting up again.
    I don’t know what’s wrong. All the wires are connected properly. What’s wrong and what can I do?

  46. Rod Smith says :Reply

    2000 GMC Safari factory radio, there is loud volume where there is no station just static. A strong local station 104.1 for instance is dead silent however at 104.3 it is loud and static but I can listen to 104.1?? I have checked antenna connection and it appears to be good, I can listen to am stations and when I disconnect antenna it goes out.

    Any ideas?

  47. Paul says :Reply

    Hi Joe, I have similar issue with my factory stereo in a Landcruiser. ( problem….Start car,turn radio on and sometimes no sound but minutes later normal reception comes on. Then sometimes it works as normal,but issue seems to be happening more frequently…..any ideas ?

    Cheers Paul

  48. Scott says :Reply

    I can see why it would be important to read why the head unit might not have sound. It seems like it would be pretty frustrating if you couldn’t find the reason why it wasn’t working. Perhaps it would be good to ask someone who has done it if you aren’t sure on what to do next. Another solution would be to watch videos about it.

  49. Nick Johnson says :Reply

    I have a 2010 Chevy Colorado and i bought a touch screen pioneer believe its a double din one but sometimes my truck would randomly lose power while i was driving it and i would slowly start to slow down and then it would just pick back up power like nothing happen and my headlights would randomly go out i thought might just be a theft problem because that light would come on but if anybody could help me figure out why it does this be very helpful all i know that its an AVH-200BT Double DIn DVD A/v Receiver i believe what it is

  50. Schmidty says :Reply

    I installed woofer and tweeters in the doors of my 2006 toyota corolla and used an Pioneer amp to power them. Once I hooked the system up I have alternator noise and a constant buzzing coming from all the speakers. I have it grounded to the car frame around the window where I scraped the paint off and then drilled a hole and screwed the grounding wire in. The amp is under the drivers seat of the car and I installed new speaker wires so that the sound quality and power would be better. Any advice on how to get rid of the alternator noise and constant buzzing?

    1. Alex says :Reply

      The Corolla engines do not possess a large alternator. Even though you have an amplifier it does not change the amount of power that the alternator puts out. The wind is from the alternator being overloaded. An alternator with larger coils or a bigger rating will not whine like yours is. I suggest getting a larger powered alternator.

      1. adam says :Reply

        no. alt. whine is caused by bad grounds. check your grounds first. make sure they are clean and tight and have good grounding connection to the point of supposed connection. add grounds to stop alt whine. last result would be to replace alt if it is bad. but main cause of alt whine is bad ground connections.

    2. Marlys Olson says :Reply

      I have a CD player in my 2012 Chev Impala that won’t work. The CD goes in, the icon lights up but it won’t play. CD is in good condition

  51. John says :Reply

    Just changed the battery on my Hyundai Elon truck touring and now the Radio does not work fuses are fine can’t seem to find the problem

    1. Vignesh says :Reply

      Just check for the fuses near the battery and the ones down on the RHS of the steering. If the appropriate amp fuse is not given, they may be blown. If no fuse is blown, then remove all the fuses and reconnect them. This should do the trick. I got my problem solved by this technique.

  52. Kenneth says :Reply

    I replaced my radio in my 2003 nissan sentra ser spec v and now the speakers sound bad

  53. Ruth says :Reply

    HI, we just purchased a 2013 Mercedes Smart Fortwo vehicle. The previous owner said his grandson ran the battery completely dead and when he got it charged the radio said “radio blocked” please contact dealer. Dealers just want you to bring the car in for service. After being on line and doing research I have discovered there is not a SIM card in the stereo. Can you tell me where to purchase a SIM card for the smart car?

  54. Rebeca Robertson says :Reply

    Hi there,

    Appreciate your help here. I have a an old nissan micra. The radio is old as the car. A few weeks ago all of a sudden the radio started to make a beep sound and lose the radio connection. Sometimes if I switch it off and on again, the radio broadcast again but sometimes it is not.
    It also changes the station by itself always to a group of them.
    Is the radio that is gone or is the antenna that needs replacement.
    How do I know?
    Thanks for your help here

  55. armando says :Reply

    i have a pioneer radio everything works ecept the stations .. stations do not play at all ,but i can play cd bluetooth and make or receip call ,,what i have noticed is that a red light used to be on when car was on now is off at all the time
    please i would really appreciate if anyone helps me.

  56. Katie says :Reply

    My Aunt’s Kenmore radio faceplate has been spotty for a while, if you try to adjust the volume it would either work, do nothing, do the opposite of what you want or restart the whole thing. The same thing happens if you push anything on the actual face plate, sometimes it works, sometimes it does nothing or it just reboots the whole thing. Apparently one of the remotes still was able to control it, but I was unable to locate that and had to manually turn off the unit because I couldn’t turn the volume down. I pushed it once and it restarted, so I pushed it again and held the button until it shut down. Now it won’t start again or respond to any of the remotes, before I have to pay to replace something that wasn’t even working correctly to begin with (and hasn’t for years), what are the possible causes for this to occur.

    1. Katie says :Reply

      Sorry Kenwood not Kenmore

  57. Henry Brisen says :Reply

    Just installed a Jensen 7022 which works fine….. except my power antenna goes up when the HU is turned on to ANY output. Blue to blue… what’s wrong?

  58. Lincoln says :Reply


    Hi there,

    I installed a new alpine h/u and it work fined but for some reason now it’s blowing my fuse located on my yellow wire on the h/u power harness.

    I unplug everything that I think could be causing a short (when the harness is not plug into the h/u the fuse don’t blow) but even with the keys in the off position, the minute I try plug in the harness into the h/u “BOOM” the fuse on the yellow wire blows.

    Anyone with any suggestion on how to troubleshoot and prevent this from happening?????????

    1. Mark Kelber says :Reply

      Did you replace the factory head unit with the Alpine or was there another aftermarket previous to the Alpine? If you replaced the factory radio did you use also a harness that plugs into the harness you unplugged from the OEM radio to facilitate the installation of the Alpine? You didn’t mention what year, make, model you had or any of the parts you used so there is little anyone can help you with without that information. Sounds like you either have the wrong harness because the yellow wire is constant B+ and it sounds like it is grounding out and blowing the fuse.

      1. Prodigy says :Reply

        So I’m having a problem where the display to my stereo is on but no sound. The stereo and speakers are both factory.

    2. Laura J Mayden says :Reply

      I just installed a Kenwood double DIN into my 04 Trailblazer using the recommended wiring harness and now I can’t get my rear seat DVD player to come through the speakers. Any ideas?

    3. Josh Pence says :Reply

      Try unplugging the power outlets connected to the same fuse. I was having the same problem and that fixed it for me

  59. Bradley says :Reply

    hi there, I have a problem with my rear speakers connected to my amp it goes out when I press on my hooter bt my subwoofer stays on. I’m having a 4 channel amp connected to 2 rear speakers and 1 subwoofer each one is running on its own channel, the rear speakers on channels 1 and 2, and the subwoofer is split on channels 3 and 4. when my I press my hooter channels 1 and 2 goes out and 3 and 4 stays on. Then I have to switch my stereo off for 10 secs and on again and everything plays normal it happens all the time when I press on my hooter even if I press it for 1 sec. please help me.

  60. bunkerdan says :Reply

    i have a 1996 suburban that has lost sound to all speakers one at a time now only the passenger side has very low tinny sound and static if i power off the radio and power it back on i get better volume for about ten seconds and then it fades back down. this car had the cdm under the dash which i swapped out yesterday with a unit i grabbed at the junkyard and there was no change in sound. I’m thinking its the head unit that is giving me the trouble . any thoughts also if i leave the power on and turn the car off wait a few minutes and turn the ignition back on all speakers will come on loud then just fade away in ten to twenty seconds with only the passenger front speaker giving some very low sound

  61. Nick Martinez says :Reply

    I have a 2002 impala ls. I attempted to put an aftermarket radio in but it wasn’t working right. Finally I got it working then it randomly started losing power and shutting off. Then it would turn back on by itself. I thought maybe the radio was bad so I put factory radio back in. It does the same thing. I can be driving down the road and it just shuts off then turns back on. Sometimes it can be for a second or two and other times it can take almost a minute to turn back on. Also sometimes it’ll stay on for a while then do it again. And other times it will just keep turning on and off on and off repeatedly. The clock resets pretty much every time yet it seems to save my presets. I took it in to a shop and they insisted it was the module I bought with the aftermarket radio. But I disagree because it was doing it for a while before installing that specific module. I originally tried a relocation harness before switching back to stock. Now mind you, all factory plugs are still intact. I never cut them. Anyway, I’m really frustrated with this and would like some assistance if possible. This is the first car I’ve ever had this much trouble with while installing a radio. Thanks in advance.

  62. Thabang says :Reply

    Hi I recently bought a double din for a VW Polo 6, after about 6 months my screen becomes white with no sound while playing music and that sometimes happens when I hit a speed hump. I tried to reset it, but nothing happens. I have to wait for a few hours or a day for it to be normal again. Is really stressing.

    1. zeke says :Reply

      i have a deck and a sub but when i put the deck in it works fine. but as soon as i plug the rca,s in and slide the deck back in the dorr speakers will cut in and out as soon as the deck hits a piece of metal in the slot it goes it starts cutting in and out

    2. sarah moya says :Reply

      did you fix this problem yet? i have a similar issue but now my stereo doesn’t work anymore, i even replaced the stereo and still nothing.

  63. Nick says :Reply

    i have a 2000 Honda Civic hatchback with cde-w265bt head unit, and a Punch 301m amp powering two 12″ @ 1ohm. before i installed the system the brightness of all lights in the car would fluctuate, the lights still fluctuate but sometimes i need to turn on my blower fan (add more load to the electrical system) or turn off the engine and use only the battery for my subs to work (the light on the amp stays on). I am going to assume there is a problem with my alternator but i would like a more detailed reason as to why this happens as in is my alternator out putting too much power so my amp is shutting off. thanx info is greatly appreciated

    1. ummm says :Reply

      first off your amp is only 2ohm stable and 300 watts at best @ 2 ohm…

  64. Jeff Bashor says :Reply

    I’m trying to mount a single din deck with a 7″ flip up screen in the dash of my motor home. Everything went fine except for mounting it inside the dash. The factory mount is actually a 5mm flat piece of plastic with a wood grain pattern overlay. There is nothing on the sides or behind to help stabilize the deck. The factory deck was a generic cassette player that hardly weighed anything. I know about the various mounting kits available but have yet to find anything that will help me. Does anybody have any ideas on what I should do? I’d appreciate it. Thanks

  65. KEYUR SHAH says :Reply

    i have woodman car stereo and yesterday i press CVBS button option and my car stereo voice is mute and still there is mute can anybody suggest me what should i do to back my AUDIO VOICE OUT PUT , I have double din tape video out put. suggest me soulution

  66. Derek says :Reply

    I have a 1997 Monte Carlo. I recently installed my front door speakers but when I took the old ones out, they were melted. So when I installed the new ones in, nothing happened. Do I need new wire harness?

  67. dave says :Reply

    i connected an aftermarket stereo, and my rear speakers wont work. i have a dodge caravan 2005

  68. Austin says :Reply

    I recently installed a Pioneer AVH-4800BS and it worked great on the first week but now for about 5 minutes after I start my car, it keeps uncontrollably changing the input. When I change it back to what I want it just keeps changing. After about 4-5 minutes on the road it quits and works normally. Tried to see if the remote was a problem so we took out the remote battery but it still happens. Had a friend install it for me but if anyone has suggestions on how to fix it would be much appreciated!

    1. Austin says :Reply

      Also my car is a 2007 Pontiac G6 Sedan.

  69. Owen says :Reply

    Have a 2003 Ford Taurus the radio would work when in ACC but when its time to start it actually stops. It has power sometimes but never no sound or anything. Any help

  70. chaz says :Reply

    02 dodge 1500 yellow wire from dash to radio only shows to have 6 volts so aftermarket radio won’t power up.but…when I turn headlights on the truck on radio comes on and works .whats the problem can only use radio when lights are on at this point

  71. Josh says :Reply

    Two days ago I put in a single din stereo in my van and it worked great. The next day it had no power, someone told me to pull out the bcm fuse and put it back in and that fixed it. This is not a very expensive or powerful system. So last night it did it again, so for the time being it is working. I pulled it out and went threw the wires and interior fuse connected to the unit and it is fine. I don’t want this tearing up my van and I can’t have it just going out all of the time. Is it just a bad unit or am I missing something?

  72. Chris Kellum says :Reply

    I have a 99 Chevy Blazer that had the factory am-fm cassette player. I recently purchased the OEM am-fm stereo with CD player and had it installed. The stereo plays beautifully and the clock works but when I put a CD in, the ERR comes on and rejects the CD. I checked the original car manual; it said that it could be the CD was dirty or scratched or it was too hot but I live in Arizona. Does that mean I can’t use my CD 6 months out of the year because of the heat?

  73. Mason says :Reply

    I have an 89 f150 and the original stereo system produced a very low volume which I could not control. So i got new speakers and the same situation occurred.So I hooked up an alpine 7949 and everything worked on it except it had no sound. The speakers are getting power because i can hear them when the unit turns on and off, but no sound.

    1. gabi says :Reply

      have u manged the problem? i have the same problem whit my dvd sat nav head unit

      1. Mason says :Reply

        No. I ran direct wires from the speakers to my home audio receiver and the speaker worked fine, so I’m guessing the problem was in the stock wiring. I’m waiting for a media player I ordered to come and am going to connect the new speaker wires directly to the players harness. Hopefully that works.

  74. Andrew says :Reply

    I have a 2006 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute 4 Cyl Petrol motor -stock standard – I hear the radio clearly but with crackling – rev the motor and the crackling stays at the same level – are you able to help as to a solution

  75. Mark says :Reply

    I have a 2004 chevy venture LS with a built in DVD player on the center top. I switched my factory stereo to aftermarket stereo, everything works fine expect the DVD player didn’t work.. i noticed that my factory stereo has a 2 wire harness? What solution will i make for my built in DVD player to work?

  76. Patdick says :Reply

    I have a 1995 GMC Sonoma that I just installed a JVC aftermarket CD player in and after it was installed the dash lights stay on on which wasn’t on before they only came on when I turn the headlights on but now they stay on all the time and my battery is dying what could be the cause of this

    1. Hector Ortiz says :Reply

      I installed new Sony stereo , every thing works but the sound ,all the wires are good connected also we tried if we can use the headphone and we no had any sound either so is not wire or speakers problem..

      1. Kyle says :Reply

        I have the same issue. What was the solution?

        1. misty says :Reply

          One set of wires are white and the other ones are a off white grey color one will have a black stripe down it make sure that your colors are all going to the right wires. I had a hard time distinguishing between the white and grey wires they both go to the speakers and if you accidentally cross one wire it could cause the system to not have sound

      2. Joey says :Reply

        I am having the same problem did you find out what was causing your problem I have already or works but no sound coming out of my Kicker box

      3. Alan says :Reply

        I have the dame problem did u Fix it

    2. kwest says :Reply

      Did you find a solution to this problem? My son is having the exact issue in his car.

  77. Hector ortiz says :Reply

    I installed a Sony stereo in my outlander 2003 ,I have power but no sound ,do I need something else ?

    1. joseph says :Reply

      I’m having the same problem did you figure out what the problem I have no sound either

    2. (Trustno1) says :Reply

      Well I’ll tell you what? There’s a couple of reasons why your not getting any sound from your head unit? One is the deck may have burned outputs on it. Caused by hooking up the remote wire to the wrong wire and burned the outputs of the stereo. Second could be that your vehicle has a stock amplifier that came with the vehicle and you have to bypass that to get sound to your speakers. The best way to fix that is to run your own speaker wire to your speakers. If your not getting sound after you installed it and it powers up, try to hook up a speaker directly to the wires behind the stereo. It should play music? If not then your outputs are burned in your stereo.

  78. Brent Hickson says :Reply

    I am having TROUBLE trying to get this aftermarket CD player in my 98 Mitsubishi Montero Sport SL. I bought the wiring harness but the factory harness has one more wire than it does. It is black with yellow stripe. All works but the audio. Help plzz!

  79. Gina says :Reply

    I have 2005 nissan sentra and i bought a slide-out screen it was working perfect but all now it keeps going off then it comes back on,it does that quit often,i dont want to get rid of the radio if i can figure out the problem

  80. will says :Reply

    so today i installed my stereo. Got it working and hooked it up to my tweeters and 6 by 9 speakers as well. Heard a crackling noise coming from the speakers, so i instantly knew it was a connection error. Took the HU out and corrected the noise and when i went to put my HU back in a blue wire with a red stripe touched my ground wire. Radio hasnt worked since that happend. I dont have a voltometer at the moment and have trouble shot everthing i could think of. My vehicle is a 92 dodge b250 5.2 L

    1. Did you figure it out? I just had a.similar situation today. Don’t know if I blew the HU or not

    2. William Widerman says :Reply

      If ur HU has a fuse check it first then check the rest of your fuses in the panel. And for any future work always make sure ur power is disconnected when doing any work on any car audio equipment, meaning if u don’t know the exact fuse, disconnect the battery.

  81. jerry watson says :Reply

    I have a 00 monte carlo I installed a aftermarket stereo and I spliced all the wires correctly to my knowledge, even looked up the stereo wireing diagrame NO POWER what so ever to the head unit. I unhooked the battery and looked the wires over again and again.then hooked battery back up and still nothing. I began to doubt myself there are so many wires from the old STEREO To the NEW. The diagrame says the orAnge wire is 12 v battery and I had test light and checked every wire and none of them have power go ing to them.if someone could plz help me.

  82. Maureen says :Reply

    Car battery died after installing new battery, infinity radio in my 2005 crossfire does not have sound, CD changes tracks, radio changes stations all displays working, balance display changes all functions except tone has ?? displayed. also changed out all 3 radio fuses,

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Hi, please post all questions on our new forum: forums.caraudionow.com

  83. Skyler says :Reply

    I have a double din for my 06 rendezvous and hooked the wire harness up correctly, comes on and plays movie and all but I have no sound?!?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Hi, please post your questions at forums.caraudionow.com and we will reply!

  84. Lee says :Reply

    I have a 2002 Passat. After fitting an after market stereo, which allows a reverse camera to be connected, (although I have no camera connected), when I turn on my side lights or head lights, the stereo goes into reversing mode, and shows a blank screen and stops all music. Basically, my lights send a signal that I am reversing, and that a camera is connected. How can I stop this signal from reaching my stereo?

  85. James says :Reply

    I just bought a double DIN that I’m trying to hook up in my 2005 Maxima fc and I’m wondering where would I put this double DIN at and if I were to put it where the screen is already at in my 2005 Maxima SE then it would mess up I couldn’t check out on my settings like my maintenance, settings, trip Services. What im askingbis what would i use and how andbwhere would i use it in my maxima? if you would please let me know what I need to buy and what I need to use to hook us up this double run stereo in my car?thank you!!!!

  86. NATHAN says :Reply

    I HAVE A 2000 VW PASSAT 1.8L GLX ATW ….


  87. Mom1951 says :Reply

    I have a 2010 Chevy HHR with the original radio/speakers. The problem is that I have the treble speakers working but the bass do not. When the warning dings come on (like telling me the key is in the ignition or door ajar) I have full stereo all speakers working. When no dings then no radio. Where do I start looking for the problem. I tried a Big Box store and their guy said since factory radio then need to go to the dealer.

  88. James says :Reply

    Installed a new unit in my 2006 Silverado. I am positive I connected wrong first try and blew the fuse. I have gone back and verified correct wiring and still don’t have power. Tried going back to original unit and still no power. Is there a secondary fuse or in line fuse somewhere other than the fuse block?

  89. Mike says :Reply

    Hooked up a new 7″ head unit and screen in my truck and it only displays the “ouku” logo.
    Touch screen has nothing except logo and doesn’t
    Respond to touch.will not play cd’s or dvd some remote control functions work,scan volume, power, brightness, It will play radio but cannot see
    Station or menu or anything, if I leave it on it will goto a moving around DVD LOGO. ??????

  90. Don B says :Reply

    After installing new speakers in my FJ Cruiser the radio would suddenly turn off once in a while, usually after hitting a bump in the road.
    My radio is a Kenwood KDC-X72. I’ve checked the wires with a volt meter and I shook the wires to see if the power would go off, but it read 12+ volts continuously. I had the test lead connected to the wiring harness plug, so I think the problem must be with wiring harness plug on the radio.
    Could it be that harness plug isn’t making a good connection with pins on the radio? Has anyone ever had to replace a wiring harness plug because the pins in the plug no longer makes a perfect connection?

  91. Michael says :Reply

    I recently installed a aftermarket radio in my 2000 Xtera and the speakers pop and distort when someone says an ‘s’ or ‘p’ word. It also does this during music playback when playing higher notes. What can I do to correct this problem?

    1. Christian says :Reply

      Check your connections on the speakers them self make sure the metal clasp are snug around the speaker prongs that worked for me, if they are to loose they will make that popping sound

  92. jack Fozy says :Reply

    I bought a Chevy Equinox LS 2012 model my radio is the old type I mean is not the screen touch type but my proble is the woofer is not working I have checked and realized there is no feed comng to the woofe.
    Please help me

  93. Gurpreet Singh says :Reply

    I Have bought Maruti’s new Baleno Hatchback, i found a problem with Music system. Problem is that when i play music and put headlights on the Music system gets hanged. No button works at that time. if I off the headlights its again works properly.
    please let me know if any one have any idea.

    1. OKPARANTA NDUBUISI says :Reply

      On my Jaguar style ,the radio/CD always MUTE by itself and a while unmute and start playing. Please this worries me much.

  94. eden says :Reply

    hi i have a dodge nitro 08 model i tried to install a new audio unit and it didnt work so i fort ill do it after anyways i went to put back the old audio unit but now it just wont work but ive checked all the wiring everything’s good

    pls help thank you

  95. Jair says :Reply

    I have a chrysler crossfire 2006, and tried putting on a pioneer stereo but no sound come out, help?

  96. John says :Reply

    I have an 88 ford ranger that i recently hooked up a dual 1228(i think thats the right number), the blue lighting on the buttons come on, so its got power to it, but the clock numbers dont show up and i have no sound coming out. Please help.

  97. pat says :Reply

    I have a 91 ford ranger and I installed a pioneer radio when I turn on the head lights the radio goes on and off as well as if the radio has sound it goes on and off only when the lights are on please help

  98. Kris kerr says :Reply

    How to install just a car stereo and amp if car has no wires,but have batterie,do I need a converter box or fuse box to go off the battery

  99. ryan says :Reply

    I have a 2003 kingranch and aftermarketsterio when I turn up sterio it cuts outabouthalf aT then I have to reset deck or shut truck off and turn back on then I have base again when it cuts out just looses base but highs still work gas jobby f150king ranch

  100. Chuck Ferraris says :Reply

    I have a ’99 Durango, I installed a Sony MEX-N5100BT deck and used a CWH64A wiring harness along with an Axxess ASWC-1 controller for the hands free. Sound is good out of my stereo, but I have to have it turned up to 50 (max) to hear it with a decent volume. Are the pre-outs as loud as using the wires on pigtail of the radio? I have the amp wire connected, and I verified the amp connection.

  101. spg says :Reply

    I have recently bought a Clarion cd,tape and radio all in one. The model is PP-2371H and it doesn’t seem to need a code, the Cd plays for example.. But there is no sound coming from the speaker(s) – as it is second hand, if someone overloaded it, what would be ‘broken’ on the circuit board? one or two components? or something more? i measured 0.07V coming out to the speakers which seems too low(?) Any ideas how to fix it?is there fuse somewhere to prevent speakers from drawing too much current?

  102. Dana says :Reply

    I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander. On 15-18 occasions now, when I was driving, a VERY loud pop / bang noise came from the car and all speakers stopped working. Sometimes they start working again right away and sometimes they start working in a day or so. While the speakers stop working and I can’t use the radio or CD, the voice from the navigation system continues to work fine. It seemed like this issue was happening more in the summer than now. What do you think it could be?

  103. Mayra says :Reply

    have a 2001 Yukon had my system working till alternator went out put new alternator but system cut out and know just makes a noise but don’t connect we rewire everything and still nothing what could it be

  104. Michael says :Reply

    I have a 1993 Subaru Impreza with original Speakers and original Kenwood subaru cassette FKR-X55 stereo (dont know if that helps) . It works like powers on it shows the clock and the buttons work but it wont play any radio stations even though it picks up the channels when automatically searching or when you put in a cassette it will eject it 5 seconds later aswell as its Kenwood Cd changer , so i dunno it might be just a lost cause and need a new one or if one of the wires are wrong some how or its not getting its full 12volts or what ever it takes , reply as soon as you can it will help alot .

  105. Andrei says :Reply

    Hello! I have an Audi A4 B6 with sound system BOSE mounted by me and an aftermarket HU-Clarion. My prolem is that the speakers are making a boom when i change de melody or chenge from cd to radio or turn on/of the HU. I tried tu change the HU, but the problem persist. I tried to change the amplifier and the problem is steel there. It can be a problem with signal wires? These aren’t shielded like an OEM electrical harness, i just roteted between the… The ground is ok, i used the power cables from the older amplifier(OEM with rear amplified).
    Do you have any sugestions or solutions?
    Many thanks in advance!

    Kind regards!

  106. Girma says :Reply

    My navara nissan 2006 king cab the radio on/off from enter push button is not working but for display , contrasts, the enter push button is working

  107. Dallas says :Reply

    I had a me wood deck in my 1990 Toyota I have my Speakers and a 10′ sub and they were all lound and sounded great. When I put in my new deck if I turn the volume up at all there’s only fait noise and a lot of cutting out but the sub still hits. Very confused!!!

  108. damon says :Reply

    Hi i just purchased a pyle pldnb78i double din i wired everything right and my screen pops on sometimes. But most the times just stay black ihave sound and radio plays but screen want turn on. What could that be??????!

  109. sharee says :Reply

    i have an aftermarket deck in my 2010 honda civic. after an oil change i was told i needed some type of switch for the oil life indicator to reset. never got the switch instead waited until my next oil change in which i took it to honda dealership and was told my aftermarket install is the reason the indicator will not reset. is there possibly a wire that wasnt properly connected? what can i do to reset this?

    1. KCNeil says :Reply

      Hi, I have a 2012 Civic, in the owners manual it explains how to turn out that light.
      If you do not have the owners manual then just google it.
      I put an aftermarket in my car, hope my turns off with the manual procedure.

  110. andy needs help says :Reply

    omg so i have a 1997 saturn SL2. i got an after market stereo from walmart and the wire harnes package. so the problem is the ignitino orange wire off the car has no wire on the new stereo to connect to! like there is 12 wires on the car and 11 off the new stereo. i have no idea what to do when i touched it to the power wire it makes a weird current noise. other than that the new stereo will not turn on at all. please send me any ideas or any web sites to look at. thanks andyichawks@hotmail.com

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      You may have purchased the wrong wire harness. Double check it is the correct one at either metraonline.com or on scosche.

  111. Katie says :Reply

    I have a 2004 Hyundai Elantra, with an after market sound system that is Tuner/CD player/AUX capable. The CD player and AUX cords work great – however, the Tuner does not. When I press the button for Tuner – there is no sound – not even radio static. The different channels show up on the display like they should, but the audio is just not there. I can’t tell if it’s an issue with the wiring or if the antenna is damaged.

    1. stu says :Reply

      Did you find the fix

  112. danny says :Reply

    My radio produces sound with a CD but not on my fm or am there’s no static or anything

  113. Brynna says :Reply

    Hoping someone can help me. I bought an after market car stereo to put in my daughters 1997 plymouth breeze. we removed the factory installed radio and connected everything to the new stereo and it worked beautifully. we then unhooked the new stereo to get ready to mount everything and put butt connectors or caps on the wires and now it won’t come on. We unhooked everything, try another brand new stereo the same way and nothing. We unhooked that and put the factory stereo back in and nothing. We checked all the fuses and everything there is good so i have no idea what to do next. please help! any ideas are truly appreciated.

  114. mike says :Reply

    I just had a alpine stereo hooked up in my car. I program all my stations and set the clock but every time i start the car everything is gone please help…

    1. Af says :Reply

      You need to give a constant 12v for the hu. Yellow wire.

  115. Chris says :Reply

    I think I have a loose wire and i had asked my uncle to fix my system and he redid the system but I still think I have a loose wire or it may be something else but out of nowhere the one of the back speackers will stop playing music or there will be no bass out of nowhere and then after a while the speacker reconnects and you hear the speacker again or the bass comes back. Any advise? Thank you.

  116. Erika says :Reply

    I bought a Jensen in dash gps unit and a back up camera to go with it. I had a professional install. 9 hours later, the installer tells me there is a problem with the equipment. The back up camera is wired, and there is display when the key is in accessory mode, but as soon as I turn the car on, it says “no signal”. The car is a manual and yes it is in reverse, I am just trying to figure what I need to do to try and get it fixed. The installer says there is something wrong with the stereo unit. Anyone heard of this?

  117. ash says :Reply

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2004 Ford focus from a car dealership, every thing is fine except the radio…. It works fine when the car is still but as soon as I drive off it losses all Power. I took it to halfords to have it checked out, the guy found most of the wires taped up and and possibly burnt/melted to each other, how do I go about getting this problem fixed…. Thanks in advance for any advice

  118. Nate says :Reply

    I have an alpine CDA-9885 in a ’01 jeep Cherokee for almost 8 years. Never had a problem too now. My problem is that it’s starts to off the sound but the power is still on and everything else works normal but no sound. It’d be playing , hear some static and sound would shut off. I turn off head unit for a little while and turn it back on and sometimes there will be sound, sometimes not. All the wiring is tightly connected.

  119. Brandon says :Reply

    Hey, I just installed a car stereo. I have all the wires hooked up correctly, but it has no power. I decided to hook up both the red and yellow wires together (ignition and constant) and i get power, but can’t turn the radio off. I have tried all different variations of connecting these wires together (2 reds one yellow, 2 yellows one red, 2
    Yellows other red) but it only works when they are all connected, and it won’t turn off until I disconnect the wires. can’t seem to figure this one out. Any ideas?

  120. Richard Cantrell says :Reply

    Had a kenwood double din installed in a shop with amps and speakers and everything worked great for a couple of months. Then one day the unit turned off for a few seconds and then turned back on and worked great. Over the next couple of months the random turning off of the head unit became more frequent and stayed off for longer periods of time. Now I’m lucky if it turns on once every other month for a few seconds. I have noticed that it seems to turn off at completely random times. It turns off when accelerating, decelerating, sitting in driveway, car started, car turned to aux power, when its hot, when its cold, the only pattern I have noticed is the fact that it got worse and worse. I haven’t even been able to find anyone that has posted a similar problem to mine so if you are a kind person and you want to get into heaven, please help me. I’m desperate. My head unit is only 6 mo. to a year old and sounds great on the rare time that it is on.

  121. Camron Webb says :Reply

    I have a 98 ford escort with premium sound and the head unit is on and everything works but there is no sounds and it’s killing me because I need music I have checked the fuses even the 2nd fuse box and the audio and radio fuses are fine the 6 disc CD player in the trunk works to I’ve even taken the radio out and checked all the wires and still no sound please help

  122. Kevin says :Reply

    My 2007 Toyota Highlander OEM JBL stereo w/ 6 disc cd changer head unit is not working. The sound comes out really faint on the highest volume level 60. Any idea what the problem and/or fix can be? Is it the amplifier? I had Best Buy put in an aftermarket Kenwood unit and it works fine. Just curious if anyone else has had this problem with their factory stereo.

  123. Rebecca Scoffield says :Reply

    97 Saturn sl2 just installed a pioneer Bluetooth deck. But when my car is still running it powers off when I open the driver side door. Also my dashboard lights and tail lights quit working. The first time they quit it was a fuse. But this time the fuses are good still. I used a multimeter to find the right wires. The one I originally found to be illumination was no longer giving a reading and a wire that wasn’t being used by the factory radio read for 12v when the ignition was on. Couldn’t find antenna +/- though

  124. Anthony says :Reply

    I have just installed an aftermarket head unit in my wife’s 2001 vectra and now the power windows and mirrors do not work or the computer display on the dash. Any thoughts?

  125. LLL says :Reply

    Okay here’s a troublshooting question, 2015 mustang added 2/12″ punch subs with 1000W mono channel amp using pyle line out converter with remote power and after turning off the car and getting out the amp will stay powered for 1-2 minutes before shutting down and subs will thump when amp powers off, any ideas?

  126. Denise says :Reply

    I have a 2004 chev silverado 2500 pickup just installed aftermarket Sony radio the only problem I have is it don’t turn off with ignition, my daughter will be driving this truck and I’m worried she will forget to turn off radio and run battery dead and she will be stranded. Can you help?

  127. Rob says :Reply

    ’07 Sebring stereo has worked great for years – now RANDOMLY CUTS OUT FOR A FEW SECONDS OFF AND ON, OFF AND ON… ONLY ON HOT DAYS… CD player, iTunes, radio, they all cut out every few seconds when it is very hot outside (makes the radio useless) until the AC has been on for 15-20 minutes and cools off the car interior… no issues unless the car interior is very hot. HELP????

  128. Ted says :Reply

    I have a 3 week old Kenwood HU. I was trying to program an after market fob and put a paper clip into the OBD “diagnostic port PIN”. I heard a pop and smelled something. My radio now has no power at all and all the fuses in all 3 places are all good, checked twice. What else can I do? Any and all advice is appreciated in advance!

    1. Ted says :Reply

      1998 Monte Carlo btw 🙂

  129. Robert Harden says :Reply

    After installing a aftermarket dvd nav into my 04 ford explorer i have 2 issues
    i lost 50’/. Of my bass
    when i turn car off i loose time and presets
    i hooked up radio with wiring harness matching all color wires
    my after market radio does have 2 ign wires which i did not connect because i couldnt figure out what to connect to
    my cig lighter is constant power with or without keys

  130. Ken says :Reply

    installed a new stereo in my 1980 corvette new speaker wires new power and ground wires the deck runs fine and sounds good but after a few minutes the deck heats up and the deck begins to cut out tried several decks with same outcome the deck is receiving a constant 13.7 volts HELP please

  131. Jacob says :Reply

    I have a keenwood system and when i turn up to 20 plus it cuts off and on what could be causing this

  132. Kara says :Reply

    I installed a Jvc car stereo and the FM was working but quit within a week….the rest of stereo works ….I checked to make sure antenna was connected and it is ….what are some suggestions ??

    1. Kara says :Reply

      I installed a Jvc car stereo and the FM was working but quit within a week….the rest of stereo works ….I checked to make sure antenna was connected and it is ….what are some suggestions ??
      It’s a 1999 Mitsubishi elipse rs

  133. bifo says :Reply

    just installed the stereo in my car, after installation everything fine , then goes off when I turn the car on or simplely the contact on. can somebody help me to resolve this problem?

  134. Austin says :Reply

    I have a 02 Monte Carlo trying to install a Pioneer X3700UI, I cannot find the red ignition wires, yellow constant. I have the adapter harness all wired up but it receives no power. All fuses are good, the stock radio works. I’m all out of ideas.

  135. Dean Williams says :Reply

    I have the Pioneer DXT-X2769UI, and I am having a problem. I play music from my phone and the closer to the end the song the song gets cut short and goes right to the next song. The next song does the same thing. What do you think the problem is?

  136. Brody says :Reply

    I have a 2010 chevy silverado 1500 and i just installed a boss double din touchscreen deck. It turned on right away and everything works fine on it but then i park my truck for the night and when i get into it in the morning and i turn my truck on the deck wont come on. i have to unplug the deck and plug it back in and it works fine again. this keeps happening again and again, what do you think the problem is?

  137. Kyle says :Reply

    I have a 1997 Baja Blast jet boat and I hooked up a Enrock EKM-RS13 into it. Play the radio, and through aux port, at any volume, and it cuts out for half a second and then comes back then cuts out after another 8 seconds. I don’t think it s a battery issue. I am leaning towards a problem with the ground? I’m at a loss!

  138. Tee says :Reply

    I have a 2003 BMW 330 the factory radio has power but will not turn on after hooking up speakers and amp I’ve tried to reset it but it doesn’t react to any of the buttons I push the motor sounds good but I would love to listen to my tunes again I hope I can get an answer because I’m all out of options I’ve checked the fuses and they are still in good shape but I cannot get to radio to work

  139. James Lim says :Reply

    Hi All, I’m having problem with my car stereo, its actually a screen. Before it was perfectly working, but now whenever i start the car, supposed to be the screen opens, read and plays music automatically . It even shows the tail if I’m reversing.
    Can somebody help me out, i think the problem is the fuse.

  140. Miguelito says :Reply

    Hello, I’m having an issue with my car stereo. What’s been happening is whether I’m parked or driving, with or without the engine running, I’ve turned the stereo on and anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds the stereo will shut off. There are rare occasions that it stays on for about an hour or so. Then there are other times where the stereo doesn’t turn on at all. When turning on the fog lights or headlights, the stereo will light up but still will either not turn on or shut off soon thereafter. Can you please help with this?

  141. soroush says :Reply

    I’m trying to connect an aftermarket (sony N5000BT) to my 2006 Hyundai tucson, My problem started when I realized that I have blue/white wire on the Sony harness and by the book it should connect to the AMP or POWER ANTENNA but, on the other side (Metra 70-7301) wiring harness gives me two seperate wire, one is blue (power antenna) and the other one ic blue and white (amp). Know I’m confused, as I know my car has a factory amp so I have to connect the blue and white from the HU to the harness. The question remain is: where should I connect the blue wire which comes out from the wiring harness (Power Antenna Wire)???

  142. JJ says :Reply

    “Problem: Head Unit has Power but no Sound
    Possible Solution:
    – Many cars have built in amplifiers that require a 12v signal to be sent in order to turn on the Amplifier, most common being Bose, Infinity, and JBL. If your car has any of these systems, check your AMP TURNON signal wire for 12v. Blue/White wire located on Head Unite wire harness.”

    Where is the solution ? What do i do when there is no power in the AMP TURNON signal wire ?

  143. Elliot says :Reply

    Hey ya’ll

    I just got a 2005 civic lx. I put my pioneer in with my one sub and amp. I used them in my 05 elantra and they sounded great. Everything works (i think) except that the radio doesn’t have any sound. It seems that it isn’t picking up reception. I checked the wiring and the antenna plug-in. Any ideas???

  144. jmaya says :Reply

    Im having a really hard time connecting my Kenwood. Dpx301u to my 2005 saturn vue. I have the speakers connected but am unsure of the constant and switched 12v connections. As well, i dont know what to do with the remaining wires coming from the saturn. Im pretty sure they need to go to something, but the Kenwood doesnt have as many wires….Any help would be super appreciated. Thanx J

  145. ray says :Reply

    head unit has power but no sound i have a 2003 sierra SLT , bose sound system came with it.

  146. orlando says :Reply

    I need help,,why can I hear my call when I make a call through pioneer radio

    1. orlando says :Reply

      I mean can’t hear my call

  147. Emma says :Reply

    Got stereo fitted into my seat Ibiza mk3. Works fine when engine is not running. But doesn’t work at all once engine is started/running. ????

    1. Mike says :Reply

      sounds like whoever hooked it up just checked for power with the car off. need to find a constant 12v to hook to and/or use aux wire from ign switch should fix your problem

  148. nick says :Reply

    i tried putting my alpine iva d310 into my 2003 vectra…its is wired up correctly but still no power is getting through….i have the same unit as a kind of spare…so i switch head units and the main brain but still nothing….there is power to the brain but nothing getting thru to head unit…..if i hold a test light to the brain end of main wiring loom there is power but when i plug the power into the head unit the power disappears…

  149. beth says :Reply

    I have a 03 Saturn l200, last week my husband was messing with fuses in our car and now my radio will turn on but no sound will come out of the speakers…any ideas how I can fix it?

  150. Zane says :Reply

    Could I have possibly unplugged something for the radio source?

  151. Zane says :Reply

    I jut put an amp and subs in my car. The CD player and usb are working fine but I’m not getting anything from my fm radio. I connected the remote turn on from the amp to the blue and white wire. Should I do something differently?

  152. melo says :Reply

    hi i bought a car with pioneer car stereo and with ryan audio car amp. my problem is when the engine is on you can hear the engine noise into the speaker, and when you turn off the engine it sound smoothly. what should i do?

  153. shivanand says :Reply

    I am having DEH-4290SD model car stereo.It turn to DISPLAY OFF mode immediately after the unit start functioning

  154. Justin says :Reply

    I have a 1999 Mercedes C230 that I put a Kenwood BT362u in, I used a wiring harness adapter and everything turns on and plays and there is sound from all the speakers. My issue is that the display illumination is not bright at all. I have turned the display brightness all the way up but when I turn the car on I cannot see or read the display at all. I do not have the orange or orange black wires attached to anything.

  155. Bob says :Reply

    Hi there I just installed a clarion db175mp head unit into my 2003 malibu have power to everything but no sound there is no amplifier in this car looked everywhere that it should be don’t see one any ideas as to what’s going on

  156. Carl says :Reply

    I have a 2000 ford explorers that I took out the factory stereo and installed the proper wire harness adaptor and installed a jvc stereo. All is wired correctly and will not work then I took it out and reconnect the factor stereo and now that won’t work either. Please help

  157. Joe says :Reply

    I have a toyota Vitz 2003 radio which although has its power on, the sound takes a few minutes to come. Sometimes it takes more than 15min. This happens more frequently in summer times.
    Should someone have experienced such problem, please let me know what might be the problem as I have already had some attempts with my techs but to no avail as the fault is more like intermittent although very frequent.


  158. Paula says :Reply

    I have a power acoustik pd-762 it turns on and shows the time but is black screen won’t play music or eject cd it was working fine and suddenly it happened

  159. Meaghan says :Reply


    I just installed a Sony MEX-BT3800U deck in my 2003 Honda civic. As soon as I installed it, it worked fine. I was able to turn up the sound, changed inputs, every thing was functional. I then paired my iPhone 6 with the blutooth and now it is not functional. To turn on the stereo I need to press the eject button and do the same to change the sources. I cannot change songs when the cd I had in there is playing, I cannot eject the CD, and The volume is stuck at one level. Now the person who installed it just used the wiring harness that was already on the stereo. Do you think changing it to the Honda wiring harness will make a difference?

  160. cassie says :Reply

    Have an o4 Chevy suburban that has a stock radio,xm radio,and is controlled with my steering wheel and connected to my on star. I shut my car of and the radio was still on but then it shut of when it was supposed to and I started the car and there is no sound and my on star doesn’t work just no sound at all

  161. victor says :Reply

    I just installed a Kenwood DPX 501 after market stereo on my 03 toyota 4runner. The stereo works great but this morning my truck turned of 2 times. 1st when I slowed down 2nd when I made a complete stop. The truck starts right up when I put it in park and turn the ignition. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

  162. Jared says :Reply

    I have a 1995 Lexus SC400, and I bought the car used, it had 2 previous owners. but it looks as if the Previous Owner(s) tried to do their own custom sound install. I wanted to re-do the sound system. I ran all new wires for each of the speakers and bought a FH-X721BT Pioneer Double din receiver. I had Best buy geek squad install it. It works and run except, when I press the receiver firmly or press a button hard on the receiver it resets… It will still have my custom lighting lit up but the song that I was playing will stop playing, then it will pick up where it left off 3 seconds later. Almost like the machine is resetting its self. but it does the “resetting” randomly when I drive too. For the most part everything works fine… It is very annoying when im singing a song and the machine turns off “resetting” for like 3-5 seconds, then comes back on

  163. Christian says :Reply

    2015 Audi A3 mmi 4g lte system- cut into factory front speaker wires to run to loc to get signal to my after market amps- now, 4 months later, no output on rf channel, and factory HU still shows output voltage on those leads, but no sound???????

  164. Austin says :Reply

    Ok I have a Pyle double din navigation unit, my screen is solid white now. The radio still plays music and everything but I can’t see anything on the screen bc it’s white. I’ve tried taking it out and plugging it back up and it still didn’t fix it. Any ideas of what could be wrong or what I should do?

  165. Agnel says :Reply

    I have a funny problem with my car player, it is a 2012 kia carens with company fitted car/cd player. Now for a few days has encountered a funny problem, with the car ignition ON(engine OFF) the player works fine. When the engine is stared or ON the player goes OFF as long as the engine is on. Again I switch off the engine and switch on ignition only the player works fine. Help & Advise please

  166. Saul says :Reply

    Installed a new Pioneer DEH-x6700BT on an 06 Altima w/ Plastic mounting kit. Problem #1 is the poor radio reception for regular radio stations. Buying an aftermarket antenna since stock is a windshield antenna. Problem #2 is the significant drop of highs overall. Highs sound weaker than factory stereo. All car speakers are connected well. No EQ setting will fix this. Stuck with this problem. Advise?

  167. matt says :Reply

    just looking for some insight. have a 97 expedition with the premium sound i installed a after market head unit all was good been running fine for over 2 weeks. today wife get in car to go to work and say the radio does not work…there is no power at all does not turn on. last night when we got home it was working fine. any ideas on what to check first

  168. tony says :Reply

    Car stereo has power, the radio plays. But the CD player has no sound

  169. steve dampman says :Reply

    Hooked up new reciever works fine but when i go to charge my phone using cig lighter outlet it fet nothing but static please help

  170. Justin says :Reply

    I have a 2004 KIA Rio and I tried to hook up a after market stereo in it and the stereo won’t come on now. I even hooked up the stock stereo and it don’t work now

  171. jose says :Reply

    I just got a new stereo and as I was gonna install it I left the cords hanging and made contact and made a spark now stereo doesn’t want to turn on I need help please anyone

  172. Frustratedwithnostereo says :Reply

    I have a 2010 Sport. I recently added my old amp and sub to it so I can have better sound. I also have an aftermarket JVC deck that I have had it since summer when I bought my Yota. When installing the amp and sub the direction said to connect the blue wire from the sub to the remote wire in the wiring harness for the deck. When researching what color this wire was it said my vehicle doesn’t have this wire. Is this true? I have it connected to my ignition wire instead which worked for the first two hours but after that my deck display has dimmed and won’t turn on.

  173. mark says :Reply

    Suzuki Carry Van – Can someone please help me?! Where can I find the wiring diagram for my vehicle? I’ve searched everywhere!

  174. Cody Sanford says :Reply

    I have a Jensen car stereo and it is a CD and auxiliary capable and it has FM and AM but the fm and the AM does not work for some reason can anybody help

  175. Candace says :Reply

    i have a pioneer radio, and speakers, the speakers are 80 watt and and i have some 12’s in the back and my amp is 1100 watts. when the bass hits hard, or i turn the radio up the amp shuts off so i turn the radio off and right back on and the amp comes on. Why does it do that?

  176. nick says :Reply

    i am having problems with my radio hope someone can help i hooked everything up right checked all the fuses the ground is hooked up but when i hit the cd eject botton the radio vibrates but the face plate does not light up im clueless on whats wrong

  177. Derrick says :Reply

    In my 2012 chevy malibu lt i installed a new headunit and everything is working but when i turn the car off the headunit stays on and kills the battery what can i do to fix it?

  178. Michea says :Reply

    My jvc head unit only shows the time nothing else and it only does that when I press the display button what’s wrong what do I have to do to fix it?

  179. SeAn says :Reply

    When I plug my six lead into the back of the sterio and then plug my phone in the sterio turns off??

    1. SeAn says :Reply

      Aux lead

  180. Kenneth c Neil says :Reply

    Hi Guy’s,
    I am in the middle of a nightmare! I hope this has not been answered and I missed it?
    I have a 2012 Honda Civic SI Premium sound System with Navigation and I want to keep the Head unit with the Nav.
    I bought an Audio Control DQ-61, 2 JL Slash Amps, 2 JL 10’s in a sealed box a set of JL 6.5 Components up front and ID Chameleons in the rear. With all the right stuff I thought this system would sound at least decent, but nope sounds like
    S… Then I really start researching my car and found that the DQ-61 was being fed by that horrible Amp connected to the deck, So I find a Metra Plug 70-1728 to Bypass the amp. But then I find out that the plug will bypass the amp and connect to an AFTERMAEKET DECK. Some times I just want to bury my head in the sand and give up, but even under sand I am sure I could still hear if not feel someone’s awesome BASS LOL.
    Does anyone make a plug for the output of my NAV/STEREO so I can Bypass the Factory AMP and wire into my DQ-61 and that my Factory Deck puts out enough power for the DQ-61 to work?

    Thanks K C Neil…………….

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      You may be able to tap into the signal wire for the oem amp to use as the input to your sq-61 depending on the voltage of the signal wire. Here’s a wiring diagram for a 2012 civic that might help. http://www.9thgencivic.com/forum/audio-video-navigation/3737-audio-wiring-diagrams-2.html

      1. Kenneth C Neil says :Reply

        Hi, thanks for the response.
        You said here is a wiring diagram, but I did not get it or were/how to Access it?
        Currently the DQ-61 is getting it’s signal from the OEM/HONDA AMP then when it is connected to this it is Summed internally by the DQ-61. The big problem I need to solve is to get the signal from the Factory Radio directly to the DQ-61 or
        as it is now it’s Garbage in Garbage out! The OEM is the culprit but how do I pass it??

  181. Levi Kaus says :Reply

    Hi guys. I am having a really weird problem. I own a Dodge Stratus. 2005. I just took out the old stock system and bought the car specific wiring harness. I wired it all up according to color codes but when I got done I started my car and then it died after 2 seconds when my stereo turned on. Also none of my guages will work when it fires and the odometer says no bus. I can get my car to run just fine if I unplug the radio harness. It has something to do with my radio and I cannot figure out what it is. Help me please? Its an Eclipse radio.

  182. Morgan says :Reply

    I recently got my car fixed because I had a short that was causing my turn signals, windshield wipers, (and so we thought) my radio to stop working. My radio would turn on but nothing would come out, and now that my car is fixed I do not even have power to my radio or my cigarette lighter. What could be the problem?

  183. chrissy laprath says :Reply

    I have a dual xmd260 how do I dim the deck lights?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Some head units don’t come standard with a dimmer/dimming feature. Check the manual to see if dimming is a feature your unit comes with

  184. nariel p says :Reply

    Hi I have a 1998 cavalier rs um I installed a new after market stereo, the problem im having is that when I turn on the car the stereo works but no sound but if I unplug the harness and replug it the sound works perfectly but when I turn of the stereo/ car and turn it back I have to do the same thing over and over again I dont think its bad harness cuz if it is it shouldnt even make a sound when I plug it back in but it does!!!

  185. Terr says :Reply

    My battery went dead in my car & since getting a jump start my stereo won’t turn on it just reads err3 ans the anti theft light is blinking, any ideas on what to do to make it work ?

  186. todd says :Reply

    I have a 2000 ford ranger. I have a red and black wire that’s for the key hot but every time I tune it on and plug in a radio it doesn’t work

  187. dave says :Reply

    My 95 f150 alternator keeps going bad 3rd one in 3 months I have 2 mtx terminator subs as well as a 600 watt amp and a 800 watt kicker wiring kit. I also have aftermarket hid headlights in my truck what is causing my alternators to burn up so easily

  188. Jake says :Reply

    Is the vehicle’s antennae wire required for the head unit to turn on? For some reason my mount broke loose and my head unit came flying out of my dash and the end of the antenna wire broke off. It still plugs in and you can hear the disc tray start up and the red light under the face plate still blinks but the screen doesn’t turn on. I tried a second head unit I have that I know for a fact works and it did the same thing. Just wondering if my antenna wire is the problem

  189. Michael Hetherman says :Reply

    I brought my 2010 Dodge Charger to Chrysler Dealership for problem with car radio. My radio works fine for 5minutes sometimes a half hour then the audio just shuts off, no sound and adjusting volume, nothing. But when I stop and turn off ignition for a minute or two. I all returns to normal unit it happens again. The Dealership wants me to replace radio at the sum of almost $800.00. This ridiculous!!!

  190. Lou says :Reply

    2003 Honda Civic – Only driver (front) speaker works. What are a couple of easy ways to test if it is the speakers or something else, like the head unit?

  191. Alejandro says :Reply

    Why does my after market stereo not function when I turn on my lights at night, during the day when my headlights are off the stereo works fine, how can I fix this ?

  192. Meth says :Reply

    What do you do with the IR wire on a aftermarket car stero?

  193. terry t says :Reply

    I have just installed a pioneer deh-x3700ui in a 2010 chevy aveo and turned on the unit put in a CD and it played great for about 5 minutes . After that I changed CD’s and it then started to cut out throughout the song thinking it could br the Cd I changed back to the original CD and same thing cutout . Took out the unit to look at the wiring and the back of the unit was pretty hot anot sure if that has anything to do with it but it was hot. Not sure what to do at this point.

  194. Jim S says :Reply

    Hi I have an android kld 2din with parking camera and the radio loose the reception after 10 minutes when the engine is running. When the engine is off, radio is working again and all stations have great reception. I haven’t got any weird sound from speakers when engine running. Also sometimes when the rpm from engine is low the radio works again.

  195. Eric W. says :Reply

    Hi I recently went to change factory stereo system in 04 Kia Sorento. I got the harness and 8 gauge wiring kit for 600 watt amp. And when i wired it i notice that in door the 6.5 speaker had two speakers on top of each other so i up hook the speaker on bottom and just cut wires now speakers dont work. And amp just barely pushs a mouse fart out of the 12″ Jbl sub. Old unit had factory amp still hooked up. Can u please help

  196. Westin says :Reply

    My Kenwood radio is working and everything, I had and alternator belt issue and it went out… I drove it till it died, I fixed it, and now the radio works and plays music… However, the screen flashes on and off. If I reset the radio with the car on then it work better, but once I turn the car off again, the problem persists.

  197. Joey says :Reply

    I just bought a double din bcc aftermarket radio and it’s very cool! I hooked it up and the only problem I have is the red ignition wire. I don’t know what fuse to hook it up to! The only one that works so far is the radio one, but that leaves the radio on when the car is off and drains my battery… Now my car won’t start and I even tried jumpstarting it and it’s just like completely dead. Please help!

  198. ESther says :Reply

    HI I bought a new stereo and installed it, everything works fine except I can’t for the life of me get the faceplate to stay on. It clicks into place on one side and just hangs on the other side, which is the side that needs to stay in place for the whole thing to work , how do I fix this?

  199. Kyle says :Reply

    I installed a Clarion NX602 double din head unit in my 2006 GMC Envoy Denali. I also installed a Kenwood KAC-7202 amplifier and 2 12″ Dual subwoofers. Now, when I turn the radio up past a certain point, the music will cut out and stay out until I power it off then back on but the subwoofer still works. I still have stock speakers in the door and am still ‘up in the air’ on whether or not I am going to upgrade. If you could shed some light on what may be wrong that’d be great. Thank you from Minnesota 🙂

  200. Muhammad Qasim Kasi says :Reply

    my car deck have toe places of CD/DVD the 1st is for only for compact dist and the 2nd is for DATA DVD Disk, can i play video DVD in DATA disk place in my car.

  201. jeremiah says :Reply

    Hi i have an aftermarket stereo in my car and it was in there already…now it is not working at all it has power and wheni turn the key on i hear a faint static pop and thats it…i thot of removing it but i didnt and thot i should ask someone first…..i checked all the wirin makin sure it was all secure and it is and i also checked the antenna and antenna wire too and there is nothing wrong with them i need some tunes…if this doesnt work im getting a new stereo

  202. keny3309 says :Reply

    I have a Opel Insignia 2011 4X4 Sport Tourer. I bought an aftermarket Android DVD Navi. the cables was Plug and play and I did the the installation exactly as the instruction said. The steering wheel buttons work ok but not the original DVD, CD, Radio buttons on the dashboard. Same with usb, aux on the mid console between the seats. Someone who knows what I should do to make the buttons work ? Is it problem with some pin in the ISO harness or the canbus ?

  203. Ryan schwoeppe says :Reply

    I have a 03 Pontiac Bonneville and I hooked a new boss head unit in and it worked great at first. Then the first time I drove it during the day I flipped by fog lights off and my head unit turned off. I tried turning my fog lights on and off, and the head unit when on and off with the lights. I have done some guessing on my wiring but have had no luck. Any ideas please let me know and they will be greatly appreciated!

  204. spencer says :Reply

    I have a 93 Toyota Carolla and I went and picked myself up a radio from the junkyard the other day. I spliced the wires and turned it on and it started up and worked great. Problem was, I unplugged it to pUT it where it goes properly and when I plugged it back in, it wouldn’t turn on. I checked all the connections and fuses but just can’t seem to find the problem. Any help is much appreciated.

  205. David says :Reply

    I installed a jvc kd-sr60 in a 47 ford pickup (converted to 12v w/single wire alt.) the radio works fine with switch on but as soon as I start engine its all static with short burst of sound, shut engine off an radio works fine, tried running power and ground straight from Batt., same thing ,also tried new radio, same thing, even when playing cd, can you please help? Thanks for your time, David

  206. Dave says :Reply

    I have kenwood kdc-bt8044u. For a while was ok, but I did shortcut, or may be fuse gone, or sth else -> SO it’s not sourcing any more. All I can see is when I check dc before plugging in stereo it shows 12.7v. After I plug into stereo it shows 21.5v.
    What can I do?

  207. Galen says :Reply

    I just bought a new aftermarket radio, it won’t work. I checked the wiring twice I did everything it said. Yes I unhooked the negative on the battery also. I redid the wiring twice but it still isn’t getting any power. The kit came with a long red wire that says 12 volt ignition switched on it but has no place to plug it in. I own a 2004 chevy Colorado. I also even returned one radio and got another.

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Many of the Chevrolet and GMCs that are equipped with OnStar don’t have a 12v ignition wire that is compatible with aftermarket stereos. It is a data signal wire instead, and requires an adapter – The Metra GMOS-01 (If your truck DOES NOT have a factory amplifier) or the Metra GMOS-014 if your truck DOES HAVE a factory amplifier. Hope this helps.

  208. trent kelsey says :Reply

    In my 2001 Ford ranger I have everything wired right and as soon as I plug my radio in the CD noise goes and display shuts off and won’t work messes up radio,what is this can’t figure it out ????

  209. mrnotsosmart says :Reply

    I have a 1994 jeep cherokee and I have a problem but I dont know what it is. What happened was I plugged my cigarette lighter in to its slot the the radio shut off immediately and now the radio refuses to turn back on. Ive had the radio for a couple of years and this has never happened before.

  210. Jonathan Simms says :Reply

    I have a 2000 Ford Explorer and of course I’m installing a stereo. But my problem is that when I initially tested it, it powered on no problem. Now I’ve turned it on and off multiple times but when I went to actually put everything in their perspective places, it no longer turned on. It was working fine but now it’s not. I need help, I really don’t want to buy another one.

  211. Demetrius Moore says :Reply

    I purchase 2 headrest dvd players for my 2013 Dodge Charger, everything works FINE, beside the fact that I can still turn them while the car is completely off, I went to AutoZone and bought the “ADD A FUSE” component n combine it with the radio fuse located in my trunk fuse box, and although the radio turns completely off when the car is off the headrest dvd players doesn’t, I was wondering is there any other way I can run my power wire so that the headrest dvd players will completely shut off when the car is off????

  212. Mark says :Reply

    I have a 2012 nissan pathfinder. I purchased an aftermarket kit 99-7620B for it and my stereo is a s100. Ever since the guy installed it, my factory lcd either turns off for a day or two, or reboots and i have to set it back to what kind of car it is in the miscellaneous menu. Does the lcd and stereo need seperate power or something? I am dumb to this and cant seem to get help from the installer either.

  213. Joe says :Reply

    Hi, i have a 2006 ford focus zx4 with a factory sub woofer. i have just installed a new dual head unit and all of the speakers work but the sub woofer does not. any thoughts?

  214. Justin says :Reply

    Hi I just bought and installed a dual 7 ” flip up car stereo and found out the other day that when I turn on the head lights the screen comes out and will stay out unti I turn off the head light anyone know how to fix this issue

  215. JD Javerty says :Reply

    I have a Kenwood stereo in my 1970 Mustang. Works fine with driver door open but no sound when you close the door. Do you think this is wiring to the speakers or a ground issue. Thanks for your help!

  216. Chance Upshaw says :Reply

    I have a 2000 mustang with premium audio in it. I have replaced the head unit with a Dual XDMA6630. I have a blue and white and a blue wire coming from the mustang and only a blue from the head unit. The blue is the amp turn on but after the first use the amp stays on. Please help. And what is the blue and white wire?

  217. John says :Reply

    I have an 04 jeep grand cherokee new kenwood 558u. When switch is in start position the radio gives an att off message and the reception drops. Put the key to the acc mode and every thing is all good. I have checked all grrounds. Antenna and every thing worked with the old jeep stereo.

  218. tom straub says :Reply

    2008 ram station light up clock works but no sound

  219. Terence says :Reply

    I have a pioneer avh-p6350bt And the touch screen has stopped showing any picture, but the actual touch side of it is working… U just don’t know what you are pressing….
    What could I check to eliminate any simple problems before I send it away for repairs?

  220. brad says :Reply

    Recently bought used 2003 dodge ram 1500 and it had aftermarket radio and amp in it. Everything seemed to work fine and my mechanic told me that the radio would sometimes come on by itself with no turn of the key when he was working on it. Wanted to disconnect and take amp out so I disconnected the amp from the battery and then disconnected the stereo wires from the amp (no speakers were hooked up to the amp). Now when the car is completely off the headlights, interior lights, remote keyless entry, and steering wheel lock do not work but when I turn the key everything works fine. After reading these post , it seems the previous owner may have hooked the radio up to a constant hot and somehow tied it into the interior lights, headlights, and possibly ignition switch. when i disconnected the amp, there was a little blue wire that was hooked up to a terminal on the amp right next to positive terminal. Do not know if this blue wire means anything but it might. Any advice would be awesome.

  221. jason says :Reply

    i have an aftermarket wiring harness under my dash in my 86 silverado.. just dangling seeing as how i just replaced the heater core i dont have everything put back together, and ive been driving it to work and back. sometimes when i start my truck the stereo wont come on im thinking its a loose wire. would this cause my truck to die when taking off from a redlight? it wont start please help

  222. jihnv says :Reply

    I have a 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood and it had the cassette deck stereo. I bought a install kit and when I plug into the factory harnesses the new stereo will turn on and I get sound from left side F&R only absolutely nothing from right side. Install guide said that the orange wire from factory is the constant. Hiwever, there are 1 orange and 2 orange with black stripe from right side of old stereo. I tapped into the orange just as the illustration said and I get power but no memory and no right channel and I know the speakers work as I plugged old one back in and it works as intended. Please help!!

  223. PM says :Reply

    Having a strange problem with a Sony MEX-BT3800 head unit. It was removed from my old car and moved to my new car, an 06 Sorrento which uses a GM wiring harness. The factory radio was a Delco. I made up the harness and no issues. The radio works but the USB port and Bluetooth both show that they are working but there is no sound. AM/FM radio works fine and has sound. I’ve tried resetting the radio, redoing the Bluetooth, tried different Bluetooth phones, to no avail. I even have a second of these Sony radios and swapped it in but the same result. I am starting to wonder about the wiring harness. Is there anything that can cause this? I do know in the old car I didn’t connect the Amp+ lead but I did this time. Could that one wire do this? Thanks!

  224. Amar says :Reply

    First time trying to install a stereo unit and thought it was successful until I tried to listen to music. I have power to my stereo but no sound from radio or aux input whatsoever. I have a 2000 toyota avalon which has the jbl system in it. I already knew I could bypass the amp but I wanted to keep my tweeters working and whatnot. I bought a wiring harness so I wouldn’t have to bypass my stock unit. Then the stereo unit also came with the power supply harness and the speaker harness. In short I did not actually touch my stick wiring. I plugged the stock connector into the aftermarket one I purchased then did on the wiring from that one to my stereos harnesses. Now the aftermarket harness had rca plugs instead of just speaker wires. I clipped those off and just matched all the wiring. After all the wiring is done I have one wire exposed from the head units harness that it came with which is the power antenna. Then the aftermarket harness has the amp on wire exposed and the power antenna wire exposed. My wiring for my speakers them selves could be backwards but I just want to make sure before I go messing with it that it isn’t any simpler. I connected the amp on wire to the power antenna and got a pop noise while trying to see if it would play aux music. No response from connecting power ant to power ant wire though. My question is should any of those wires be hooked up to something or is it just my speaker wiring that could be wrong?

  225. face says :Reply

    I’m trying to hook up my aftermarket radio in my 04 Monte Carlo I believe all my wires to the harness to the aftermarket radio is correct but when I plug it up it doesn’t come on. Any help??

  226. Colter says :Reply

    i have a 2005 Chevy Equinox and just installed an aftermarket touchscreen stereo, I purchased a new wiring harness that allows me to use the existing wiring without looking for an alternate 12v source. After installing the stereo seemed to work fine but the next day it only turns on some of the time when starting the vehicle and sometimes it won’t turn on until I turn the ignition off? I checked the wires and nothing seems to be lose. Any help would be appreciated.

  227. James says :Reply

    Just hooked up a new head unit and every works great. I have an amp and a sub hooked to it and it sounds great. The only problem I am having is when initially turn on the unit it has very little high range sound. When I push the treble up or down button or even the bass up and down button everything goes back to normal. It also does the same thing if I switch between application on my touch screen. I believe everything is wired correctly. Ever heard of this?

  228. chris says :Reply

    what wire do i split into to run my remote wire on a 2003 tahoe with the bose system

  229. Chris says :Reply

    I have installed a clarion head unit, front & rear speakers & twin subs in my 99 Holden rodeo dualcab. I used all the factory wiring for acc, constant 12v, earth & front speakers but ran my own wires for rear speakers (didn’t have factory rears). Front speakers work fine so do subs but r/h rear speaker doesn’t work & l/h rear half work (sounds very echoey)

  230. Jake says :Reply

    I have a pioneer Bluetooth head unit wired into my 95 Subaru Legacy. Every time I turn on my car I have to set up the clock, turn demo mode off. But it does remember my phone in the Bluetooth settings. I have to reconfigure my subwoofer settings every time also. I thought it would be a wiring issue but I have the yellow wire running to the yellow wire and the red wire running to the blue/red wire.

  231. Adrienne M. says :Reply

    Please help. I installed a Sony radio in my 2001 Honda Civic and for some reason the buttons/volume knob only work about 50% of the time. Sometimes the buttons will work and not the volume knob, sometimes nothing will work, sometimes everything will work. Is this a radio malfunction or am I doing something wrong?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      This sounds like a faulty Sony head unit

  232. Kasey says :Reply

    I had a alternator go out on my 2007 Chevy Silverado WT, with NO OnStar. After replacing the alternator the stereo will not come back on, I removed the head unit from the dash and disconnected the wires and then turned the accessory on and wired it back up and it work, but after turning the ignition off and then back on again it wont come back on. Anybody have any ideas?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Double check the accessory or radio fuses. There should be a list of fuses and their description in the vehicle’s owners manual

  233. Ronn says :Reply

    Hi, I have a 2001 Tahoe LT w/o bose but with factory sub and onstar. I bought an aftermarket headunit and I have everything hooked up and all of my connections seem to be correct which I’ve tested repeatedly with a MultiMeter but when I put my vehicle in drive the headunit cuts out and flickers off and on in real quick intervals with no sound or anything just quick flashes of light, but while in park It stays on and i get perfect sound from all speakers. I have checked the constant and I’m getting 12.4 to 12.5 volts driving and not driving. I’ve checked my alternator also but it also is working properly at about 13.2volt range. Also this is a manual wiring job given that the factory connector was missing. Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

    1. kevin says :Reply

      I have the exact same problem on my 2002 Tahoe. Has anyone had luck sorting this out?

  234. Flash! says :Reply

    I am doing an install on a motorbike. You seem to be the most knowledgeable and proactive on the planet:)! Question; is it a must to hook up the red accessories wire? I would like to run this completely manually. Also, there is a wire for “illumination” in orange/white. I am not sure what that means and again, does it need to be connected. if so, is it a 12 volt needed?
    thanks in advance!

  235. Ryan Morshead says :Reply

    Hi there,
    I have a 1989 mitsubishi lancer i am trying to install a aftermarket stereo but there is no power anywhere i have checked all the fuses taken the battery terminals off etc but still nothing can someone please help?

  236. Tim says :Reply

    Radio on my 2006 Honda Accord LX (no GPS) started cutting in and out. Sometimes cuts off for a couple days and then starts working until it eventually cuts out again. Power to the display but no sound. Any ideas on what to look for would be appreciated.

  237. ann says :Reply

    please need help as i have installed a touch screen stereo into my vt commodore and it only turns on when i turn headlights on!! amy help on this would be awesome..

  238. mike says :Reply

    Very useful this thread!
    How voltage need for dimmer signal?
    I bought a Kenwood dpx-405bt but from the manual no details for voltage for this option!
    My car is Fiat Stilo 5D.

    1. mike says :Reply

      *How much voltage

  239. sonya says :Reply

    2007 VW jetta–had an aftermarket radio/handsfree/dvd/touchscreen radio installed and it is pulling power from alternator causing a dead battery. Radio has to be turned on an off also. Is it hooked up incorrectly. Radio should not have to be turned off when you get out and it should not be pulling so much from the alternator that it kills the battery. Also the radio seems to turn itself on when no one is in the car!! HELP!! Is there some type of harness adapter that connects the old harness to the new one so it will pull power just like the old radio??

  240. Frustrated_dad says :Reply

    I guess my next question would be if i bought this interface which i have found cheaply will then need to undo the spliced wires and then wire the After-market HU to the interface and cap them wires then do the same from the factory wiring to the interface..will the colors be similar or will i need to map out the colors again..i figure the two orange wires didnt matter since they are similar..just rather they are hooked to the constant or ignition

  241. Frustrated_dad says :Reply

    I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer that the previous owner had spliced wires and installed a after-market radio. We attempted to remove and install a new Head Unit using the same wire scheme and looking up what colors go to what after-market wires. I do not have on star. I am not getting power.

    Here is the colors i have:
    Black with solid white line
    Orange (1)
    Orange (2)
    Brown with solid white line
    Lt Gray
    Lt Green
    Dark Green
    Lt Blue

    I know what the colors are for outside of the two orange wires. I am not 100% sure on which is Constant and which is the switch/ignition. I am also not sure of the free wires (untapped) Black with solid white line and Brown with solid white line…

    I have all other wires together that i can verify thru Chevy Wiring color Codes (some not listed) and the pioneer wiring color code..

    I dont have power either thru constant or switch/ignition..is it as simple as switching the two orange wires with the yellow and red of the head unit..Again i have no power..i cant turn on the HU and it will not turn on at start of vehicle.

    I checked all fuses..

    Please help

    1. Frustrated_dad says :Reply

      please respond to email as well please..

    2. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Many of the older Chevys didn’t have a 12v accessory wire, which tells the unit when to turn on and off. An adapter (Metra GMOS-01) was needed to take the low voltage factory signal wire and convert it to a 12v that is compatible with aftermarket units. To test this, you’ll need a voltage meter to test the accessory wire and constant wire. Both should be 12v when the key is in the ignition and turned to the ‘on’ position.

      1. Frustrated_dad says :Reply

        with the wires spliced how do i go about this

      2. Frustrated_dad says :Reply

        also the 2nd connector has been disconnected and those wires capped..so again i dont have much to work with and dont know what to do..

  242. Russell says :Reply

    I just installed a Kenwood detachable face stereo in my niece’s Toyota Echo. We turned the ignition on and the stereo just turned on with the igniton. The display does not work at all. It will play cd’s and the volume works intermittently and so do the track select buttons but the display stays blank through out. The volume and track select buttons will work at first then stop working but if you turn the ignition off then back on they might work again. You might have to try cycling power like that two or three times untill that stuff works again. There is a blue ring around the volume knob and all the buttons light up on the faceplate but the display stays blank. The power button doesn’t even control the stereo. It just turns on and off with the car’s ignition. Hope you can help! Thanks

  243. John says :Reply

    was hooking up subs/amp/capacitor to a bmw 530i 1994 and now the radio has power but does not have any sound any ideas?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Make sure the amp turn on (Blue/white striped wire) is hooked up properly from the head unit to the amplifier.

  244. Ethan says :Reply

    I have an after market deck that I put in and it worked just fine tell I took it out to wire my sub and amp with it and now all of the sudden it won’t turn on but it is still wired didn’t mess with any of that?? What do I do??

    1. Theo says :Reply

      Check your yellow wire or black ground and the reset button on cd player

  245. ruby says :Reply

    After attempting to install the radio my powerlocks my windshield wipers and lights on inside of car stop working and my dashboard gagea went crazy is there a reason y this happened

  246. Sean Rios says :Reply

    Just bought a dual stereo & only 2 of my speakers work since I installed it

  247. Brian says :Reply

    I just installed a Alpine CDE-122 in my 1999 saturn sc2 and i got all the wires correct checked and double checked when i first cut the key on after installation the unit came on and had sound when i turned key off it went off but when turned key back on didnt come back on if i take the face off and put back on then press power button it comes on but still no spound ….. so i took the face off again and hit the little reset button and it worked fine until cut car back off then it did it again, so i tried the reset again and it worked again so i have to take face off every time to get to turn on and get sound

    1. Ryan says :Reply

      I have the same problem have you had any success fixing it?

  248. Clayton says :Reply

    My stock radio works fine but when i try it with two other new head units, they dont turn on. I know wiring is correct. In 97 cavalier

    1. D Ratliff says :Reply

      Hello all! I stumbled upon this site while searching the open web for an OEM stereo for my 93 Geo tracker. After reading several of these posts it is clear to me that many of them are related problems. I was an ASE certified electrical mechanic for many years and can tell you from experience that a lot of the after market audio systems don’t have very good directions or diagrams for the do it yourself-er. Many newer cars do not have good chassis to frame ground, that means when you have lights dimming and so forth you should run your ground wire directly to the NEG side of your battery, make sure the terminals are both clean and tight, should not be able to twist terminal off battery post by hand but don’t over tighten or will crack post inside, a little “DI-electric” grease will help keep terminal and post clean, this is called a direct ground and is always required with “high power” amps and audio equipment. New systems sometimes come with anti theft built-in, this means other than the first plug in for testing the system will not work without the owner code being input, then it should work until unplugged again at which time the unit will re-set and require the code again to activate. Many OEM units require that a dealer program the unit to the vehicle, to many to list, but check with your local dealer for advice on this. If your vehicle is a “uni-body” look for a copper ground strap going from chassis to frame and make sure both ends are CLEAN and tight. Hope these things help some of you and happy listening; Crank up the tunes!!

  249. jay says :Reply

    so i have a pyle 78i that i installed in my daughters 2001 kia sportage . i took the wiring harness in the house and wired everything up as marked. I then took the radio out to the vehicle and plugged it in and powered it on everything was working fine stereo gps cd and dvd so i installed it in the dash everything still working. finished up and shut car off daughter came home and i took her out to show her how everything works and the stereo doesnt power on when the car turns on i have to unplug it and plug it back in any help would be grest bc this is driving me crazy i have installed plenty of car audio systems and never have had this problem HELP ME PLEASE

    1. shaun says :Reply

      Im having the same issue, did you solve it yet?

  250. Isaac says :Reply

    I’ve been trying to install a new XD1228 Dual aftermarket radio. I bought a wire harness, and I have more than triple-checked the wiring between the harness and radio wires, they are all correct. The ground wire is connected and screwed down to metal inside my dash. The radio receives no power. Many people say check the fuses, those are all perfect. I proceed to plus in my old stock radio, it receives power and everything is perfect. Then I’ll plug in my new one, I get the fastest flicker of life, then it has no power. I’ve tried with the car on ACC and when turned on. Everything is correct 😐 Any help?

    1. Theo says :Reply

      Ground could be to a not grounded source

  251. geoff says :Reply

    I just tried to install an aftermarket stereo (Pioneer 4 speaker car audio system package no. DXT-X2769UI) into my 2002 Chevrolet Camaro. I have all the wires hooked up properly, but when I plug the head unit in, nothing comes on. When I unplug it, and plug in the stock head unit, that one works just fine. What am I doing wrong?

  252. mike says :Reply

    I have a 15 inch sub hooked up to an amp and my car speakers hooked up to an amp. Theres never been a problem before but I got a new sub and now when I turn it up my speakers stop working and only the sub works. Theres no blown fuses or bad connections to the speakers amp and the speakers work until I turn it past 5. What could be wrong?

  253. tyler says :Reply

    I have a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee. With my radio on while driving I turned on an interior light and my radio shut off. I checked all fuses and they are fine. I checked fuse in cd player and it is fine. It will not turn back on. Red blinking light still works when face is off. I have had my stereo shit off temporarily one time before when I had door opened. I am thinking its wiring but where?

  254. Matthew Less says :Reply

    I have a sony xav602bt double din
    ive fitted a wireless veyron mirror link box that runs into aux1 I have video but no sound
    I have the red and white rca cables running into aux1 audio in but still havent got no sound coming through
    I was told I have to run a seperate earth wire from back of head unit to chassis/earth point is this correct as ive not got a clue thanks for your help if any at all

  255. Blake Ramsey says :Reply

    i have a 1998 ford f150 triton v8 4×4 and i put a new pioneer 350 watt stereo system in and it shorted out my four wheel drive and it runs off of my head lights. Sometimes my reverse lights work and sometimes they blink when i put it into reverse and blink again when i take it out of reverse. it will also not stay on the same radio station i left it on when i start my truck.

  256. Gene says :Reply

    I have had a dual aftermarket head unit installed for the last 4-5 years with no issues. All of a sudden the sound goes out but power remains on. Sometimes when I start the vehicle at the star of the day the sound comes on briefly and then stops again. I have wiggled connections and that doesn’t cause sound to go in and out. Alao

  257. jeff says :Reply

    i just bought a boss 400watt 4 ch. amp…i went through all proper power/ground wiring…just hooked chnls 1 and 2 up to 2 separate new speakers to see if it worked but got little sound coming out….i left radio speakers hooked up so do i need to disconnect all speakers from radio(sony xplode) too? and totally hook all speakers from amp only with new wires?……i bought up to 600 watt amp kit..speaker from that wire is really low too…very little muffled sound from that one too…thanks

  258. V K says :Reply

    I have a old Suzuki car in India and I recently bought a car FM radio, it has a YELLOW & RED wire. From the forum post it is clear that YELLOW wire to be connected to “constant battery power” and RED wire to “switched ignition power”. My car have a only one connection which turns ON (+12V) when car key is turned to AUX /ON position, there in no power when the key is in OFF position. The power is also ON with the engine running ( the key is at ON position). Please advise how I connect the RED & YELLOW wire. There is no amplifier in my car, so should I leave the “blue & White wire” unconnected?
    Should I connect the antenna wire to body of the unit?

  259. Rolf says :Reply

    I have a 2008 Mustang with a factory installed “Rocker 6 disc stereo. I’ve purchased a Boss system with a Metra 70-5521 wiring harness. The unit is not turning on, the fuse is good in the unit and I’ve double checked the wiring. The unit has a reset button, and when pushed in I’ll get the CD light to come on, but none to the main screen display. Any suggestions would be appreciated. PS…I installed a Boss 7” display in my 2006 Explorer last month and the installation was flawless.

  260. Mike Dempsey says :Reply

    I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo with the infinity gold system. I removed the stock head unit and replaced it with a new kenwood kdc-bt558u. I purchased the metra wiring harness for it. After installation, everything works but the audio. I can adjust all of the settings. The siriusxm works fine, the steering wheel adapter works fine. It holds all of the memory; but I have no sound. I looked in the trouble shooting section and found that I can actually turn the speakers off or set which size of speakers are being used or there is even a setting for OEM for optimal use. When I removed the original head unit, there were only 4 connections:
    1. Steering wheel control
    2. Ground
    3 and 4. Wiring harnesses
    I have read some of the suggestions on here and found the blue/white amp turn on wire to be a very logical suggestion, however the ONLY wire coming out of the aftermarket head unit is the wire for the microphone for the bluetooth phone option. It does have the infinity amp; and prior to removing the stock unit (like 30 seconds prior) everything worked fine as far as getting sound out of my speakers; and now nothing. I am positive that the speaker wires are hooked up properly between wiring harnesses. In effect the only change is the head unit and nothing else has been bothered so I am fairly stumped as to what it could be if the settings on the new head unit are turned on for OEM speakers and there is no wire coming from the new head unit to connect to the amp turn on. Any help would be appreciated. It’s way too quiet in my car! Lol

  261. Danny says :Reply

    hey I have a 07 GMC Sierra just installed kenwood ddx470 double din head unit, I have gmlan01 wire harness with steering wheel functions. I also upgraded the factory speakers to kickers. So my problem is every time I shut off my vehicle (have to open door to completely shut off) after a few seconds my speakers pop. Why?

  262. Reggie says :Reply

    Have an issue with my 04 Chevy Malibu Classic. My radio wont turn on. I was hooking up an amplifier & had my remote wire hook up to my Yellow 12v constant wire to the back of my radio. Now I touch the remote wire that was hook up to the amp to the 12v wire that was running to the amp. Now I dont have power coming from my yellow 12v constant wire now. I check the fuses but all of them wwere good I need help.

  263. Clint says :Reply

    I’m haveing problems installing my planet Audio PNV9680 touch screen into my 2005 pontiac grand am. the wiring harnes color coded wires dont match up to the colored wires in my pontiac and i have no wiring diagams for either. can you tell me what colored wires need to match up?

  264. jason says :Reply

    I have a 2002 Kia spectra. Installed a Dual xdm260 stereo. Not sure if I got speakers pos and neg right. Also ran a wire strait from battery to my yellow wire with fuse. My speakers cut out at high volume. What could be the problem

  265. John says :Reply

    Hi, I have installed a reversing camera in my 2014 Toyota HiLux, works well, but since doing this I have lost reception to am and fm radio. The radio appears to work well, just sounds like the aerial is not connected.
    Music from my phone works well through bluetooth, just no radio
    Cheers, John

  266. John davis says :Reply

    I have two p3 shallows 12 and a 3000 watt amp, the problem that im having is that ever since i went to a cruise i was playing the music load for a good while and now my speakers wont play only when they want too. The amp doesnt go into protect mode and the speakers dont sound nasty when they do start playing i checked all the speaker wires and they are all good i so idk if its the amp or the speakers

  267. Kathryn says :Reply

    my stereo works great. but when i go to push the knob to change songs,,,it just turns black and wont do anything. then when i take pressure off the knob it lights up again and works great……what does that mean??

  268. Jeff Mitchell says :Reply

    I have a 2012 ford focus and decided to take my sound system out of my car. I have 2 12inch subs with a 1000w amp. I needed the trunk space so I decided to disconnect my sound system however when I went to start my car and leave my car wouldn’t start. The electric door locks seem to work fine the interior lights as well which leads me to believe that the battery is fine. So I hooked everything back up to see if it would start again and I still got nothing. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

  269. Levi Jacobsen says :Reply

    I have a 1980 ford f150. When I put my head unit in originaly I had both power wires running through the ignition power. After re-wiring it correctly i have no sound coming from my speaker. I don’t have an amp and my truck only has one speaker. Before when it was wired incorrectly it worked fine.

  270. Alex says :Reply

    I’ve had this system in the car for a while. However it has just cut out and ever since the amp is showing warning light. I have checked all the connections and even changed the amp and the same story again. Reading through different blogs I found one comment that said to check with power meter the ground and remote wire. Once I have done that, it looks like amp has been rebooted and it had the green light on and was working perfectly. However it has cut out again, and I done the same trick again but it never came back on. Please help..

  271. Jarv says :Reply

    I installed an active Fusion subwoofer (CS-AT11) in my car yesterday (first time doing it) and I’m pretty sure I did it all correctly. It all seems to work well until it drops out, then back in every now and then. It seems mostly random, but happens
    -when I turn the headlights on, then off
    -sometimes when I turn the aircon on
    -sometimes when it’s bumpy (though this may just be random, plus i haven’t stuck it down yet)

    The sub doesn’t actually turn off either, it’s volume just decreases to near nothing. The time it takes to come back on is random too, but usually no more than a few minutes
    Any clue what may be causing this?
    Bad earthing? Bad battery?

    1. Theo says :Reply

      Probly should check for a bad ground or call your local install shop for tips like soldering all your connects and to scrape paint around ground points and to avoid areas that have moisture or can spark.
      The best way is to get a good installer to check your work or at least pull on the connect and make sure the ground doesnt move and get a 1farad capacitor to solve battery problems if any. $58 walmart

  272. Al says :Reply

    I have a 2006 bmw z4 i went to a professional installation shop to have a new after market radio installed along with a new amp (it was a pioneer radio). I bought the correct wire harness and all. Once installed a few days later after driving the car and hearing music my speakers will sound like they are popping or staticky. Also when i speed up it will happen more frequently. BUT, when i turn off my car and turn my key too ACC (Option before turning on your car on the ignition) MY RADIO PLAYS WILL NO EFFECTS! JUST HOW IT SHOULD PLAY. I took it to the shop and after two hours they said it was the radio was defective. So i sent the radio back and amp(just to be sure) and a new wire harness and bought another new aftermarket radio and another new amp. this time it was a JENSEN touch screen aftermarket radio. So i took it back to the shop and they installed it. two days later with a new aftermarket radio of another brand, a new amp, new wire harness I am back to square one. Same thing is happening popping speakers on one side if not the other side but I turn my car off and put the key on the ignition to ACC and the radio is playing PERFECT. What could be wrong? help please

  273. alex says :Reply

    i installed a dual brand aftermarket radio into a 2005 subaru forester. i loose my presets and all the radio settings every time the car is shut off. my clock, interior lights, and odometer keep resetting every time i turn the car off also.

  274. Kat says :Reply

    Hello, we recently installed a aftermarket Pyle touchscreen stereo to my car, previously had an aftermarket installed professionally and everything worked beautifully, but decided to install the second one ourselves, everything works except the subwoofer, could it be connector problem ? the plug in wrong plug hole ? everything was left exactly as was settings on amp as previous system, does this need to be changed ? thank you for any help

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      If the amplifier turns on, it could be a signal issue and the RCA wires may not be connected properly. Check that the RCA wires are connected to the SUB or S/W output of the head unit, and that the RCAs are connected properly at the amplifier.

      If the amplifier does not turn on, double check the amp turn on wire (blue/white) is connected properly at the back of the head unit and harness, as well as on the amplifier it self. Also check the amp fuses, and the in-line fuse that will be located somewhere along the power wire to the amplifier to make sure that nothing was blown.

  275. Gerry says :Reply

    I recently installed a multimedia car system in my Toyota hilux and I am having a problem with FM signal.
    The signal is fine when the car is not running and as soon as I turn on the engine the signal is lost.
    I have the blue wire from the antenna connected to power and this also does not work.

  276. Tyler says :Reply

    Just got subwoofer and amplifier installed. every once in a while the subwoofer will cut out and the red light on the amp will illuminate. If i take out the fuse coming from the battery and put it back in it starts to work again. Anybody know how to fix this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Depending on the amp, the red light (and the sequence of flashing) will determine what the problem is. e.g. solid red could stand for low voltage, solid blinking could stand for a short, 2 fast blinks, etc. If you can, check the amplifier’s troubleshooting section of the manual and it will tell you what the problem is.

  277. lynda says :Reply

    2004 chevy venture Just install a sony CDX-GT270MP use a metra harness whit an antenna adapter that is connected. cd and aux work fine but the radio have no sound

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Check that the solid blue line from the metra antenna adapter harness is connected to the solid blue on the head unit.

    2. Theo says :Reply

      Sounds like your adapter is defective but no way to tell unless you know if it has steering wheel controls or a factory stereo amp?

  278. kortnee says :Reply

    I have an 87 jeep wrangler with an aftermarket pioneer super tuner 3 deck. When the radio is on all of the speakers work but when I plug my phone into the aux cord the front speakers keep playing the radio station and the rear play my aux music. What do I do so that all of my speakers will play the aux when I plug my phone in?

    1. Theo says :Reply

      Your radio is haunted try a new deck see if the problem is still happening.

  279. Rob says :Reply

    Hi, I’ve just installed a Philips CED1800BT and cant get it to turn on!

    I’ve got it as far as lights flashing on when you plug it all in correctly, then nothing…..

    It’s installed into a VW T5


  280. Loegan says :Reply

    I have a dual xdma760 and when I kill my truck the radio will shut off. But when I turn it on. The radio will not turn back on unless I do it manually. How can I fix this? I want it to turn on when I turn the truck on? Please help? Thanks!!

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Double check that the accessory wire (red wire) is showing 0 volts when the car is off, and ~12 volts when the car is turned on or the key is in the accessory position. You may have wired it the accessory wire incorrectly.

  281. Kurt says :Reply

    Installing a Pyle PLDVN78 in a 2006 Acura MDX. I’m using a Scosche wiring harness adapter to connect to the factory wiring. Everything powers up and works great until I turn the car or accessory off. When I turn the switch back on, the stereo will not come back on. In order for the stereo to come back on is to either hit the reset button on the front of the stereo OR unplug the harness and plug back in. From there powers up and works great until the you turn the switch off. I’ve measured the constant power and accessory power; all is 12v. I’ve tried running the accessory power to another 12v source and still no change. At this point, I don’t know if the factory anti-theft/wiring is causing the problem OR if this issue is within the stereo. Any help would be appreciated!

  282. Aaron says :Reply

    I recently bought a new touch screen stereo for my 2007 Honda Civic SI and i have it installed and most of the wires connected. i turned on my car if my key is on accessory the stereo works perfectly, however if i turn my key on all the way it goes black and a message saying “cam input no signal” comes up. Any help with this problem would be appreciated. Please email. Thank you

  283. Ruthann says :Reply

    Hey! : )
    The flashing advertisement/mode options that play on my stereo screen when it’s waking up just plays and plays and when I hit the mode button to switch from aux to radio, etc. it does not respond. The CD player works but nothing else registers to my botton-pressing. It just flashes things like FM*Aux*CD player*Tuner* and doesn’t ever stop. It didn’t used to do this.

    Any thoughts?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      There’s a demo mode for receivers that you can turn on and off in the settings. If you are able to, click on the options/settings button and go to the display settings and turn off the demo mode.

  284. David M. Kulich says :Reply

    We have a 2010 Pleasure-Way RV built on a Ford E-350 chassis with the Triton V-10 engine. The chassis is actually a 2008. Very happy with the combination and the AM/FM w/CD player is the standard Ford unit. At times the CDs get so hot while playing that they won’t continue and sometimes won’t eject the CD for some time. After discussing with friends, I was told that the audio units (whether Ford or otherwise or even for autos) used to have a small fan for cooling purposes but this has been deleted on the units being built. Any information or advise will be appreciated.

  285. lucas says :Reply

    i have an 01 jeep cherokee and im having trouble with my kenwood aftermarket itll play the radio threw the back speakers and the sub but when i switch threw the other options it just plays threw the sub what could the issue be ive asked both my friends who deal with this kind of stuff all the time but even they dont have a clue.

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Could be a wiring problem. Sounds like you may have wired the powered antenna (solid blue) to the OEM speaker amplifier (if you have one). Make sure that the amp turn on wire (Blue/White) is wired to the internal OEM amplifier that the car came with (again if your Jeep has one). If that’s not the issue, you may have an faulty kenwood stereo.

  286. jordi says :Reply

    Hi i hope You can help me.

    lately i have bought new aftermarket radio, speakers and subwoofer
    and i have Been struggling with a problem and hope you can help me.
    well here it is: my speakers don’t work and my subwoofer only a little bit.
    but sometimes after the car has been running a little while i reattach the headunit
    and everything works fine but after some time it stops again.
    some people said that the speakers inside the door touched the metal of my car but they don’t
    before this happened everytime i was driving over a bump and my sub would make a random whoof kind of sound
    i hope you can help me with my problem and thank you for your time

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Sounds like a wiring issue/short. Check the wires behind the radio and make sure all of the connections are good and correct and that no wire is exposed. If you did it yourself, double check the function of the wires on the ‘vehicle-side’ and that it matches with the correct wire on the ‘head unit side’. For the speakers, make sure that the blue/white wire is connected to the correct amp turn-on wire (if your car has a built-in amplifier from the factory). Hope this helps.

    2. David says :Reply

      I have a similar problem. I had subwoofer and after market radio installed from an car audio shop. It has been working fine for about 2 or 3 years until recently. Every time I drive over a bump or a dip, my power antenna shuts off and my subwoofer shuts off along with it; leaving just my radio and speakers still playing. But, after I go over another bump the antenna and subwoofer turn back on. Thus, they pretty much turn on and off randomly. I think the problem may be contributed to roads that I drive in New Orleans that are full of bumps and are rough. I checked the appropriate fuses to make sure none were blown out but they seem to be all intact. I can’t try to fix the problem myself because I have don’t have access to any tools. I am planning to take my car to a repair shop. What could be a possible reason that my antenna is not working so I can give the mechanics a better insight on what the problem could be? Why is that only my antenna and subwoofer/amp turn on and off?

  287. shamrock says :Reply

    I am installing a dash unit and speakers in a 99 jeep Cherokee sport, I have power and sound but the sound is weak and “hollow”
    Anything come to mind ?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Find the head unit’s equalizer settings and switch through the presets to see if one is better than the other. If you can’t find one that sounds good, the unit should have a setting to adjust the equalizer itself, you can change the eq or have a professional tune it to your car. Reference your unit’s manual to find the settings

  288. bebeje says :Reply

    i have pioneer 5450sd. i just found last week that when i turned on the engine. my head unit is off. after a minute it will turned ON. sometimes it will took 3mins to power on.

    But when i put the key in accessories, the power is always on (without engine start)

    please help.
    thanks in advance

  289. tricky says :Reply

    got a problem that has been ongoing for a year now ill tell u the story………………..

    I bought a 2011 Hyundai i30 brand new then brought it to a shop to have custom install including having old stereo cut out to fit a new one and first install was pioneer AVH-X8550BT /JL audio 6in splits front / JL audio 6in coax rear / 2x JL audio 12in subs with US audio bezerk 4channle75w per channel and 1000w mono block and new wiring……………………….

    first problem arose fairly quickly the av unit kept melting fusing the buttons on the face of the unit the touch screen still worked and remote still worked as well the av unit was replaced by the shop but sure enough the second one melted as well so they replaced it again with no one being able to find any power faults or even faults with the product ………………..when the third one melted the store said they want to try a different av unit to see if it would happen again so I agreed and they installed Sony XAV701BT av unit and for some strange reason there was no problem with the av unit since but instead speakers have been blowing constantly including the subs the car has been rewired twice and amps have been checked but no faults have been found .
    they now want me to replace the amps but yea I am not confident that I could fix the problem……..

    I am reaching out hoping some one may have any idea what could be causing all this….
    I am technically minded and have certificates in electronics
    and IT but its got me boggled as with all installers involved

    cheers for any help anyone can provide

  290. larry says :Reply

    Hi I have an 03 chevy tahoe and I just installed a jvc in dash. The problem I’m having is when I turn the car in I get no power to the unit except for the cd eject button. All wires according to spec are in correct configuration, could you point me in the right direction ??

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      If you have a volt meter, make sure the red accessory and yellow constant wires have 12V. The accessory should only have 12V when you turn the car on. Constant should have 12V all the time. If that’s not the issue, it may be the unit itself.

  291. andrew says :Reply

    installed aftermarket radio in 2001 ford focus, while idling works fine go to drive it flashes, get to 30mph is fine, then when i come to a stop it will flash and shut off, then flash until i hit about 30 again then will be fine…..

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Did you purchase an adapting wire harness? Double check that your accessory and constant (Red and Yellow) wires are both connected to the corresponding 12V accessory and 12V constant wires of your car.

  292. Sincere says :Reply

    I bought a Dual XDMA460 aftermarket stereo to go in my 2008 Chevy Malibu also bought a gm adapter harness to do the wiring 08 also now when I plug all matching colors together nothing happens also has two orange wires that did not go with any wire on the stereo. But when I plug the red and yellow stereo works but no volume, and also locks my car system so if you could please help with these corrections and the yellow and red because I’m sure that’s not right. Thanks

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      The orange wires are typically for illumination and dimmer. Sometime the head unit doesn’t have the features to support those two wires (solid orange and an orange/white) so disregard those.
      As far as no volume, your car must have an OEM amplifier, make sure you check the blue/white wire to make sure it is hooked up to the corresponding amp turn on wire on your Malibu.
      If that doesn’t work, double check the compatibility of the wire harness you purchased with the features of your car. http://www.metraonline.com might be a good place to start (type in your vehicle specifics). Sometimes you need a special harness for GMC and Chevrolets that are OnStar enabled, have Bose systems, and etc.

  293. Scott says :Reply

    I just installed new (front and rear) speakers (kickers) and deck (pioneer ) in my 2000 KIA Sephia LS. I hooked the speakers up before the deck, and they were working fine with the factory stereo. Now that I have installed the new deck the speakers are distorted. It sounds like the person is far away and there is not any bass really. Now I had to figure out the wiring colors since KIA likes to make their wires different colors than even their manual or diagram has they are. I looked at the KIA harness and the colors of the wires and mix matched what I thought was the right colors together, but obviously I didn’t get it 100% correct. Now KIA has a grounding wire in their harness AND they had one on a post behind. I just ran the grounding to the actual grounding wire instead of in the harness and just left the harness one unused. Q1: Is that okay? I hooked the blue & white wire from the new harness to the Antenna of the KIA wire. Q2: Is that right and/or okay? The only other wire I have unused is the dimmer wire and I’ve read that’s okay, so I’m not too worried about that. My last question would be Q3: Could I have either switched the + & – wires up for the speakers, or maybe switched the F & R wires? Or both? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You for your time!

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      First thing, I would double check whether your car has an OEM amplifier or not. If it does, it will explain the distortion that you are hearing and you will need a different wire harness that will adapt the RCA outputs of the aftermarket head unit to the stock amplifier speaker signal wires. Or, bypass the amplifier all together. To answer your other questions, as long as the ground wire is attached to ground, it is fine. The Blue/White wire is supposed to be an “Amp Turn-on”, if there is a solid blue wire (coming from the aftermarket head unit), use that as the Power Antenna wire. If you don’t have a blue, then either the accessory (red) or the Blue/White wire will do. But, if your car does come stock with an amplifier, make sure that the Blue/White wire is connected to the corresponding amp turnon wire of the car.

      1. Scott says :Reply

        Thank you very much for your help in this matter. I believe that everything is connected right now. Sounds a whole lot better now!

        Thanks again!

  294. zach says :Reply

    I bought a jvc kd avx2 dvdstereo I hooked it up but it won’t work. All it does is flicker on and off constantly . Does anyobe know how to fix this problem. It will not work

  295. Greg says :Reply

    I tried Your advice on my amplifier taking it out of safety mode but it doesn’t work so now what do I do

  296. Timmy says :Reply

    I just installed a Power Acoustik PTID-8920B in my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it will take and eject CDs and the touch screen will open and close, but when I open the touch screen nothing appears on the screen. It just stays blank. Where could I have gone wrong?

  297. Rajohn says :Reply

    I have 2006 maxima with a pioneer radio in it. When the music is playing through all of the speakers, I get major feedback. It sounds like all of the speakers are blown. So I replaced all of the speakers and I’m still having the same problem. But when you turn the balance all the way to the left, the music sounds normal. When you shift the balance to the right, the feedback problem returns. I’m not sure if I should replace the radio or if I have a wiring issue. I thought it was the factory amp so I bypassed it and ran the speakers directly from the radio. What should I do next?

  298. Jason says :Reply

    Yeah I’d thought about the fag lighter as that goes off when the key does. The only bit I don’t get is why it worked when I very 1st wired it up to test it all. Which makes me think maybe a fuse supplying that red wire has blown or something. For it to work then not work something must have stopped it but I don’t have a full wiring diagram to look it up propper. It’s a BMW 320d 2006 E90. Thanks

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      I would assume it’s a fuse as well if that’s the case, I know that in some German cars I’ve found the accessory fuse under the hood instead of in the dash. Have you checked the fuses under the hood as well? If you have access to the manual, look for the list of fuses and locations and check both boxes in both the dash and under the hood.

      1. Jeremy says :Reply

        I have a 2000 ford f250 and i installed a boss bv8974b yesterday and my sound works but the screen wont come on at random times it will when i turn off the truck and on

  299. Jason says :Reply

    Hi I have a BMW 320 e90. I took the standard car stereo out and fitted a Phillips motorised DVD/cd player in. I brought the correct wiring harness to fit my car so I could plug it straight in. I had to also run a yellow wire from the harness block to my fuse box for constant power with a in-line fuse, which is part of it… It was all working great and obviously connect up right and also remembering what I was on so memory was also right. So I fitted it all into the car and when I tried to turn it on… Nothing! So I took it all back out checked for a lose wire or a wire that may have come off and checked all the fuses.
    Everything was still spot on yet its still not turning on. So I tried the standard stereo back in and it works perfectly straight away and the after market still won’t.
    So I tried another head unit just incase and that won’t power up either. I tried my Phillips in a friends car and it works straight away. So my after market head unit is not at fault either.
    I’ve tested the wires with a multi meter and it seems the red wire (ignition) from the original car loom don’t seem to be getting a current from it when touching that and ground. The yellow from the glove box is getting the current as it should… So I’m really stuck now because why is my standard unit working ok yet the after market Philips isn’t. even tho its working fine on another car.
    If there was a problem with any wires surely the original head unit wouldn’t be working? and why was the Phillips working ok to start with but now it isn’t and its not got a fault as its been tested and its ok… Can anyone HELP I’ve spent ages on this.

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      I would suggest bypassing the existing accessory wire and finding another 12V accessory source. If there is no power to the accessory wire, the unit will not turn on. Take your meter and try to find another source for the ignition wire that gives a 12V signal only when you turn the car on. You can try the cigarette lighter/charger, or go directly underneath the steering column and start testing some wires.

      Also, go to http://www.metraonline.com and type in your car specs and make sure that you did purchase the correct adapting wire harness. There are some vehicles that need an adapter specifically for the accessory wire (GM for example). Some accessory wires do not actually send any voltage, just a faint signal, which is not compatible with aftermarket units.

      However, if you find another source for the accessory, it should work. Good luck

  300. lucas pyle says :Reply

    I’m having a problam with the after market sterio system i installed yesterday. when i turn on my sterio unit my amps arnt coming on with it. Iv gone over the wiring several times and have found its wired correctly. This isn’t the first time iv installed this system. i pulled it out of the car i wrecked and just inatalled it in a 2003 dodge intrepid. I’m stumped. I’m lost and couldd really use your advice. Iv never had a problam with this equipment . it worked great. thankyou

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Double check the amp turn on. It will be the blue/white wire coming out of the back of the stereo. That blue/white wire has to be ran all the way to all of the amplifiers. If it is ran correctly then you’ll need to take a volt meter and make sure that there is 12 volts at both the power and amp turn on on the amplifier.

      Hope it helps

  301. Justin says :Reply

    I have a 04 mustang GT and I installed a power Acoustic stereo into it yesterday. At first it was playing sound but when i put the unit into the dash the sound cut off and won’t come back on. I checked the wires and the fuses and didnt find anything that looked like it would cause the sound to not play. After I read one of the Problem/Solution things above I saw the AMP TURNON thing my car does have that cable but the stereo didn’t. Whats my next step. FYI its a PTID-8920B.

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Double check the PTID-820B wire harness for a blue/white wire. Most head units (if not all) should have that wire coming from the unit. Connect that blue/white wire to the mustang amp turn on cable. If for some odd reason the head unit does not have this wire, just tie the mustang’s amp turn on wire to the accessory wire (ignition wire).This will turn the amplifier on whenever you turn the key, just like your head unit.

      The other problem that you may have, if your Mustang for sure has an amplifier, is the adapting wire harness that you are using. You should be using the Metra 70-5521 with RCAs for the speaker signal wires. Check the harness and make sure you have the correct one.

      1. Amanda says :Reply

        I just installed my after market radio in my 04 Mustang and I got all the wires right and the plugs right. It worked fine then after a while it shut off and started blinking red around the power button. I t took a minute and then finally came back on. Then about 2 songs later it did it again. No power at all. Any advice

      2. Nat says :Reply

        We just installed a new aftermarket stereo and it’s working perfect but the back light on the head unit won’t turn off. We cut and soldered each wire as we changed the system over but we can’t turn the system off… What is going on?

  302. kathryn says :Reply

    The screen comes on but it wont do anything else-nothing happens when i hit the source button, its one where the face plate slides down to put cds in it wont eject etc.

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      You will need to double check the wires and their corresponding functions. Here’s our page of aftermarket wiring colors and functions:
      Make sure that none of the wires/speaker wires are exposed and touching or grounded.

      If all of the wiring is correct, then the issue might be with your Sony stereo itself.

  303. kathryn says :Reply

    I have a sony stereo im trying to put back in my car i have all the wires connected by color but there is a illumination wire i dont know where it goes and when i plug it in theres power to the stereo but it wont do anything any suggestions?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Sometimes the illumination feature isn’t available on the stereo and is not used, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Tape it up and make sure that it isn’t exposed.

      As far as the stereo power, does it light up and function correctly but not emit any sound? Or does it not power up at all.

      1. fred galindo says :Reply

        No power at all,

  304. chris says :Reply

    hook up after market radio in my 05 dodge ram then the gage went off and it said no bus what do i do

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Check and make sure that you’re wiring is correct. Match up the corresponding wires on this page:

      To your 05 ram wire colors:
      Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Pink
      Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Brown/Red
      Car Radio Ground Wire: Black/Dark Green
      Car Radio Illumination Wire: Orange/Dark Blue
      Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: N/A
      Car Stereo Antenna Trigger: N/A
      Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: Dark Green/Red
      Car Stereo Amplifier Location: Located behind the glove box.
      Car Audio Front Speakers Size: N/A
      Car Audio Front Speakers Location: N/A
      Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Dark Green
      Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/Red
      Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Violet
      Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Dark Blue/Red
      Car Audio Rear Speakers Size: N/A
      Car Audio Rear Speakers Location: N/A
      Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown/Yellow
      Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/Light Blue
      Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Dark Blue/White
      Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Dark Blue/Orange

  305. Cheyenne says :Reply

    My head unit has power but my speakers do not. Head unit does not have amp of any sort. Curious if the channel in my stereo is disabled.

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Can you please provide more details on:

      Head Unit Model
      Vehicle Year, Make, Model

      Did you recently install a head unit?

  306. Cory says :Reply

    So I have a 90 chevy lumina and a kenwood KDC-MP345U cd receiver and got a wire harness for it. I wired it and it was all working great until a couple weeks later it fell out of the dash. And I’ve tried redoing the wires but since then it will not power on at all. Do you have any suggestions? I don’t understand what has changed since it fell out if the dash.

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Check fuses, you might have popped a fuse or two when you rewired it or it fell out.

  307. Charlie says :Reply

    Amp cutting out after volume is about half way up replaced amp, sterio deck, amp wiring

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Check voltage, if there isn’t enough power it will get put into safety mode. Also the amp should have a light that’s blinking in a particular pattern or color that will be described in the manual for what safety mode it is in.

  308. Alex says :Reply

    Thanks for responding so quickly!.. I used the exact same wiring diagram for my car when I hooked everything up… I am 99% sure that everything is connected the way you said it should be. Unfortunately I do not have access to my car and the wires at this moment. As soon as I am able to do that I will. If the way the wires are hooked up is not the problem, is it possible that there is another issue and/or solution?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      The other option you have is to purchase a vehicle specific wiring harness that plugs into your existing wires and adapts them to an aftermarket form, making it easy to wire. The wire harness for your 2008 Saturn Vue is here: http://amzn.to/16znQsu

      This will make wiring as easy as putting red to red, yellow to yellow, purple to purple, etc. And, it will plug in/out making it easy and clean if you want to remove your aftermarket stereo and put the original back in. Let us know if this helps!

  309. Alex says :Reply

    Hi, I have a 2008 saturn vue and just purchased an aftermarket car stereo. When I hook up all of the right wires, the stereo is off when the car is off but when I turn the car on the stereo stays off. I know there is a problem with the ignition switch wire so I believe I have just not connected those wires. the way that everything is connected right now, the stereo is constantly on. The car stereo itself does not have an on/off option. I installed it last night and since then I have just turned the display off. I am worried that it will drain my battery. I want to be able attach the wire to another one that is controlled by the ignition . My cigarette lighter has power going to it even when the car is off so I don’t think that would be an option. Don’t know what else to do:S Please help

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Thank’s for the comment,
      It sounds like you definitely have an accessory (ignition) wire hooked up wrong. See if this helps out at all:

      2008 Saturn Vue Stereo Wiring Diagram

      Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Red/White
      Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Dark Green
      Car Radio Ground Wire: Black/White
      Car Radio Illumination Wire: N/A
      Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: Light N/A
      Car Stereo Antenna Trigger Wire: White
      Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: White
      Car Stereo Amplifier Location: N/A
      Car Audio Front Speakers Size: N/A
      Car Audio Front Speakers Location: N/A
      Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Tan
      Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray
      Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Light Green
      Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Dark Green
      Car Audio Rear Speakers Size: N/A
      Car Audio Rear Speakers Location: N/A
      Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown
      Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Yellow
      Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Dark Blue
      Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Light Blue

      According to this wiring diagram, you will attach the red wire on the aftermarket car stereo to the green wire on your saturn. The Yellow wire on the car stereo will go to the red/white wire in your car. Let us know if this helps!

  310. Art says :Reply

    can I have my dvd screen and my after market stereo in the same power line(cigarette lighter )?

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      The constant power (yellow wire on aftermarket units) should not be ran to the cigarette lighter, however, if you are running two accessories (red wire) off of one cigarette lighter it should not be a problem.

      1. art says :Reply

        Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and information.

  311. JKB says :Reply

    Wha if you have an older vehicle that did not have a 12v constant? im having a hard time trying to figure out how to wire up a 12v constant and ground it? Any advice please!!!

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Year, make, model?

  312. Eddie Lashley says :Reply

    The cigarette lighter is always on, not connected to ignition.

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Make sure that you’re wires are consistent with the list below. If they are correct, you will need to trace back the accessory wire and find another location to tap into the accessory power to bypass the short. Make sure you check all of your adapting wire harnesses for shorts (if you are using any) by shaking the wire. Another place to tap into is from the ignition itself, but again you will need a volt meter to determine which wire is which.

      2007 Ford Focus Wiring Colors:
      Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Yellow/Green
      Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Orange/Black
      Car Radio Ground Wire: Black/Green
      Car Radio Illumination Wire: Orange/Black
      Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: N/A
      Car Stereo Antenna Trigger Wire: N/A
      Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: N/A
      Car Stereo Amplifier Location: N/A
      Car Audio Front Speakers Size: N/A
      Car Audio Front Speakers Location: N/A
      Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/Black
      Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray/Black
      Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/Red
      Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray/Red
      Car Audio Rear Speakers Size: N/A
      Car Audio Rear Speakers Location: N/A
      Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/Green
      Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray/White
      Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): White
      Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray

      1. Eddie Lashley says :Reply

        Think I might of figured it out gonna try in morning.original radio was around 100 wattts and has a small wire for acc probably 10 or 12 gauge. New radio is 300 Watts so I’m gonna try running a larger gauge. Gonna volt test in morning before I get knee deep in wirering thanks for the help ill let ya know what happens

        1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

          That shouldn’t have an effect on the accessory, the accessory wire is essentially just a signal wire. But try it and get back with us either way!

          1. miguel cano says :

            My car outlet burned and it made my stereo not want to turn on ?

          2. Eric says :

            I have a 1979 Monte Carlo n I can’t find a power source so I ran it to da fuse box but it keeps killin da battery what do I need to do

  313. Eddie Lashley says :Reply

    I have a jvc kdr300 when I have it hooked up right with constant and accessory when I drive the radio cuts on and off as if its losing power but if I hook both uP to constant it works fine. That is fine for me but alas my wife also drives car and I know she will leave the radio on killing the battery any suggestions? I thought maybe running a line straight from the radio fuse to the accessory wire would that fix it ya think

    1. Eddie Lashley says :Reply

      It is in an 07 Ford focus

      1. mike says :Reply

        I’m having the exact same problem on a 1984 Chevy truck ,cuts off when running or driving , off kdxr60

        1. David says :Reply

          I hope we find a solution, I need tunes in my Truck, Will let you know if I get mine cured. David

    2. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      The easiest way to fix it without digging too deep into troubleshooting is to find the closest cigarette lighter and tap into the 12v wire that powers the lighter. If you have a volt meter check which one is positive. It will have right around 12v when you turn the ignition. Use that as the accessory power (red wire on the back of the unit)

    3. florentina says :Reply

      I have a 98 chevy s10 and have a pioneer avh p4100 DVD stereo. When I turn the truck off the stereo stays on. I need help figuring out how to hook it up to the ignition switch.

      1. KD Jones says :Reply

        Remove the remote wire. Mine used to do the same and a car audio tech told me to take it out, it solved the problem.

    4. Garrett says :Reply

      I have opened my fuse box under my feet in my truck, and plugged the power wire into the fuse place, then used the fuse to pinch it back into place, it works as long as it is the radio fuse.

  314. rodney kelly says :Reply

    i have jvc kd r321 cd radio in my motorhome i would love it work without going through the ignition switch if you could tell me

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      If you take a look at our Aftermarket Car Stereo Wiring Page under our Product & Information Blog Tab, you’ll see that there is a “switched ignition power” wire that’s red, and a “constant battery power” wire that’s yellow. Cut the red wire a few inches from the radio and take the cut wire attached to the radio and tap it into the yellow wire.
      If you do this, you will have to manually turn the radio on and off whenever you want to use it, and it will no longer turn on and off with the vehicle.

      1. Shey says :Reply

        Hi I have a 2001 bug and I just got a nose stereo. All of the wiring is right and everything is connected but. But when I plug in my stereo it has a VERY dim light in the background, stating that it’s on. But it won’t officially turn on, when I hit the power button nothing happens. No text,sounds… Anything. I think I don’t have enough power. Can you help?

        1. LeAnn says :Reply

          I was having an issue with my stereo not turning on as well like it was getting no power. The original issue was the memory kept resetting every time I turned the truck off. Now I do know about the yellow wire should not be hooked to any constant power but when I disconnected it from the Reds I got nothing. It only worked connected to the reds but erased memory every time shut the truck off. Purely by accident I hit metal w/ the wires & it sparked & blew two fuses. When I got into the fuse panel I notice the fuses were half of what they were supposed to be. They were 7.5 A instead of 15A! And they weren’t the only wrong fuses. A lot of them were wrong. (BTW: I didn’t do this! Lol probably previous owner) i was about to give up when I found this out & decided to try wiring correctly WITH correct size fuses & all my problems were solved! I have a theory why but most don’t believe me so I won’t waste time saying. But maybe this will help someone else out?

  315. paddy says :Reply

    just bought DEH-P9400BH from states will the radio work here in england some fitters r saying no maybe scaremongering

    1. CarAudioNow says :Reply

      Wiring is all the same, pin configuration might be different. But the dash kits and adapting wire harness (eg. Metra) will not adapt

      1. BIG B says :Reply

        I have a 2000 Civic. I have put in 2 aftermarket decks. The first deck, had power, was all lit up but I couldnt turn up or down the volume or change the source. NO BUTTONS worked at all. I thought it was an internal problem with the unit, so i changed it. I put in a Sony Xplode that i had from one of my other cars. Worked great until today! when i was driving home from work, i turned up the volume a bit and it kept increasing. I couldnt turn it down. I couldnt change the source. NOTHING so i popped out face plate. I hit the reset button. I unpluged it all and tried again. Same thing. Something is leading me to believe that its on the car side. I just dont know how two completely different decks could have the exact same symptoms.

        PLEASE HELP!

        1. casey says :Reply

          a 2005 gmc sierra slt with bose/onstar. im looking for a trustworthy wire diagram to get aftermarket deck hooked up so nothing gets messed up. what/where the best places to wire aftermarket kenwood touch unit up to

        2. gary says :Reply

          sounds like your pop out face is binding put a backstrap on it or iso mount it. Or wrong face plate all together. also check your buttons they could be sticking or binding.

          1. nina cole says :

            I have a pioneer pop out radio when connected back in it just constantly beeps no buttons work

        3. levi123 says :Reply

          I have a 1000w kenwood amp running to 2 10″ subs. Started my car sounded great. Drove home was still working fine. The next time i went out, there was no power to the subs but the amp was still on. What could be wrong?? Oh yea. I didnt fry the amp or the subs they never smoked, smelled, or nothing.

    2. Tom Hemopo says :Reply

      My radio a jvc rd406 go’s at low volume But nothing works even the volume nothing

      1. David Cleckler says :Reply

        I have a similar problem with my 2012 Silverado. Low volume and all buttons won’t work! Used Gm adapter to install.

    3. richard says :Reply

      I wired my cd/DVD player in my car and only have a blue screen that says car and has a sideways triangle with a minus sign in it can someone help please???

      1. richard says :Reply

        I have no sound either you can here the beep when you open and power on and off as well

        1. corey says :Reply

          I have a 2002 dodge ram and am trying to install a deh 23ub. Everythimg is connected and Ive checked power.connections with a light meter in which they showed to have power, but i am getting NOTHING from my speakers. The deck lights on, I can change source, and even control volume from deck. It just isnt making sound…..

        2. chris busen says :Reply

          when that’s happened to me its been because the speakers weren’t wired correctly. I’d make sure each speaker is getting a – and + and just to cover all the bases see if your speakers have a preference for where each goes, some do, some don’t and check the terminals leaving the radio itself, hopefully that’s all your problem is

      2. Rob Fall says :Reply

        Dvd stereos have to be connected to a parking switch. This means you can only watch dvd when parked. However it’s possible to bypass by just earthing the park sw wire.

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