Last updated on April 16th, 2019 at 08:18 pm

If you don't know the difference of component or coaxial speakers here is a brief overview to help you determine which is best for your setup.

Component Speakers are typically a pair of tweeters and mid-bass drivers (speakers) that are matched with a crossover that limits the frequency range each speaker reproduces. You can tell if your car has components if you have more than one speaker for each channel, or if the tweeter is separate from the mid-bass driver. Usually component sets are in the front of the vehicle.


Coaxial Speakers have the tweeter, mid-bass driver and the crossover mounted together in one space saving speaker. They are very popular because they are much easier to install and don't take up as much space as the component set. Coaxial speakers are usually found in the rear of the vehicle.

Example of Coaxial speakers

Component or coaxial speakers, in most car audio installations matching your aftermarket speakers with the OEM speakers is the easiest and best choice. Ie: Components in the front and coaxials in the rear, however, you can always do some small modifications to add components to the rear as well or run coaxials in the front and disregard the oem component tweeter.