When choosing the best subwoofer that will fit your needs, you have to ask yourself, “What kind of bass am I looking for?” Sometimes the best subwoofer isn't the biggest. Different sizes of subwoofers respond and produce different sound to different music and finding the right match for your music preferences is key. Let's talk about the different sizes of subwoofers and what kind of sound they emit.

8″ Subwoofers – The smaller the woofer the faster, more responsive and punchier it is. An 8″ woofer can keep up with faster paced music like heavy rock, double bass and fast paced electronic. It's a great choice for those who enjoy soft and light bass. An 8″ subwoofer is one that compliments a system rather than overwhelms.

10″ Subwoofers – 10's are very common. They are the most well-rounded and safest choice for a subwoofer on the market. The 10″ can keep up with fast paced music while creating a respectable amount of bass. They are better for fast paced music, and also good with heavier bass music such as rap and club music. But if you're looking for big bass, you may have to double up with the 10″ to achieve what you are looking for or bump it up to a 12″ sub.

12″ Subwoofers – If you listen to a big variety of music but enjoy heavy bass then a 12″ subwoofer is for you. The 12″ sub is the most common in the marketplace today, mainly because they are so universal. They're great for any genre of music, produce a heavy bass and cover a deeper range of frequencies than an 8″ or 10″ sub. It may not keep up with fast paced music such as heavy rock or metal as well as the 10″ (in most cases you won't notice this though). It will sound great for all varieties of music, especially rap, electronic, club and pop.

15″ Subwoofers – If you are looking for ear bleeding bass then you are in the right category.

So to sum up, when choosing the best subwoofer to fit your application you need to take into consideration the level of music you want to listen to, the type of music, as well as the confinements of the location. 8″ subwoofers are great for leveling out a sound system while a 15″ will wake the neighbors. Your safest bet is the 10″ or 12″ subwoofer.

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