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If you’ve decided it’s time for better music quality in your car, speakers are a good starting point. In our car speaker buying guides, we explain why it makes sense to upgrade and what your options are. We discuss both coaxial and component speakers and the sizes they come in. If you’re adding an amplifier, or thinking of doing so, you’ll want to consider impedance as well as power, so that’s covered in each guide too.

Price is always a factor when buying car audio components, so we don’t limit our evaluations to top-of-the-line products. Instead, our guides cover the spectrum from good budget speakers to some of the best car speakers you can buy.

Factory speakers are commonly inexpensive drivers that deliver poor clarity. (If they were good quality who would buy the premium audio packages?) Plus, most factory speakers wear out quickly. That’s because the cheap foam mounts gradually lose elasticity and break down over time. So if you want better sound, start with the speakers.

Even if you’re upgrading the head unit, (the piece in the dashboard/center stack with the controls), start with the speakers. Surely a better head unit deserves better speakers anyway?

Probably the most common size for speakers is the 6.5” diameter. There’s a lot of choice here so our guides address budget 6.5” component speakers, high-end 6.5” speakers and the overall best 6.5” component speakers. We don’t overlook 6.5” coaxial speakers either (and they are easier to install!)

Another common size is the 6×8” oval speaker. You’ll find these in Fords, Mazdas and Chryslers. We cover these, along with 5×7” speakers and 5.25” component speakers. If you’re really after the best car speakers you can get, be sure to read our guide to 6×9” speakers – they’ll noticeably boost the bass notes! If you’re unsure of your speaker size, check out our speaker fitment guide.

Having decided it’s time to upgrade, you need to decide what to buy. Don’t assume the best car speakers are out of reach because it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Take a look through our in this section and find a great set of car speakers that meet all of your needs! We also recommend taking a glance at our choosing the right equipment and installation information sections for informative articles about all car stereo products.

And we’re always updating our buying guides with the latest speakers on the market. So be sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back the next time you’re looking for the latest and greatest! Protection Status      © 2021
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