Researching, finding and installing your own car speakers is a rewarding experience. You can save tons of money by doing it yourself instead of paying a shop to do it. The first step to upgrading and replacing your speakers is to find the true size of your car's speakers. To simplify your search process, we've assembled our very own database of speakers sizes for thousands of models.

It's easy – simply search for your vehicle below. In our list, you'll find sizes for each location in your car. This includes front door, rear door, side panels, rear panels and more so that you can easily find the size for each speaker location on your vehicle and replace/upgrade with the correct size.

Once you've found the speaker size you're looking for, check out our list of best speakers on the market. Our editors are constantly updating these with our top picks.

Car Speaker Sizes: What Fits My Car?

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*All speaker sizes are in inches