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Lets face it, a speeding ticket can happen to anyone at any time. Whether it's on an everyday commute to work, or if it's on a long distance road trip, police could be hiding anywhere. But what if you could prevent one, two or more speeding tickets? That's where one of the best radar detectors comes in handy. A radar detector is a tool used to notify drivers of a police officer who is using radar or laser equipment. It will sound an alarm to slow down, preventing you from getting a ticket for exceeding the speed limit. A worthy investment, it only takes one prevented ticket to pay itself off. But, even though it may be a very useful tool, we don't condone speeding anywhere or anytime. But a top reviewed radar detector may prevent the hassle of a ticket.

Here's a list of the top rated radar detectors of 2019 to help you find the best products for your car. Click a detector to go to the full review, or just scroll down to view all of the reviews:

Our RankRadar DetectorDetectionFalse Alert FilteringPOP Mode Detection
1.Valentine OneKa-Band | K-Band | X-Band | LaserYesYes
2.Escort Passport MaxKa-Band | K-Band | X-Band | LaserYesYes
3.Beltronics Pro 500Ka-Band | K-Band | X-Band | LaserYesYes
4.Escort RedlineKa-Band | K-Band | X-Band | LaserNoYes
5.Cobra SPX 7800BTKa-Band | K-Band | X-Band | LaserYesYes

How We Tested

We've combined reviews across the industry with first-hand tests to compile a list of our top rated detectors. There are many criteria that we consider when rating and reviewing each radar detector, including:

  • False Alarms – Having a radar detector that detects false k or ka band signals can get annoying, especially on a long road trip. You'll need a detector that you can be confident in when it does sound an alarm.
  • Speed Reader Types – There are many types of bands and methods that are used to read your speed. The more bands that the radar detector can detect, the better it can protect you.
  • Consumer Reviews – What do people like and hate about these radar detectors. First-hand feedback is key when searching for the best of any product.
  • Price – C'mon, we all know this is a huge factor in the decision process.
  • First-Hand Testing – We've tested many radar detectors ourselves and have noted their flaws and successes.
  • Features & User Friendliness – Buttons, lights, alarms, smartphone integration, etc. Small features can make a big difference in the way you use and ultimately identify a police officer or camera that is using a speed-reader.

The result from our combination of sources and testing is a list of the top rated and reviewed radar detectors. And in addition to our compilation of products, we provide price comparisons from vendors to try to get you the best price for all of your products. Take a look through and find the detector that fits your needs.

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Best Radar Detector List

Quick Stats

  • Radar Detector/Locator
  • Detects All Bands of Radar, and Laser
  • Two Radar Antennas (Front and Rear)
  • Continual Software Updates

Price Comparison

Buy on $279.49
Buy on $549.00
Last Amazon price update was: November 25, 2020 4:12 am

Valentine One Quick Review

The Valentine One is probably the most noted radar detectors on the market. It has two radar antennas that give it an industry leading range and laser detection. And perhaps its greatest feature is its ability to give directional notifications of upcoming radar signals. Almost every other radar detector in the industry can give a proximity notification of a detected radar signal, but the Valentine One gives you the direction that it's actually coming from using a front and rear antenna to calculate and display the direction. This feature, combined with it's range, set it apart from other radar detectors on the market and give it the accuracy you want when attempting to keep your record clean.

Quick Stats

  • Radar Detector/Locator
  • 360 Degree Detection
  • OLED Display
  • Pop and Laser Protection

Price Comparison

Buy on $331.95
Buy on $375.00
Last Amazon price update was: November 22, 2020 2:12 pm


Escort Passport Max Quick Review

The Escort Passport Max comes with tons of modern features, making it incredibly customizable and advanced in comparison to most detectors on the market. One of the most noted features is its digital processing speed, which is nearly 50x the Escort 9500IX. In addition, the Passport Max is incredibly equipped to cancel out false positives and features what's called Traffic Sensor Rejection software, enabling it to detect if the radar is being emitted from wireless traffic sensors that are on highways, decreasing the number of false alerts. Another great feature that sets it apart from the Valentine One is it's GPS chip, which will eliminate even more false alerts by taking repeated alerts in a given area over time (like a static speed sign) and cancel them out automatically so that you don't get the notification. Overall, the Passport Max is an incredible unit, but also comes at a pretty high price.

Quick Stats

  • Radar Detector w/ GPS Location
  • 360 Degree Detection
  • 280 LED Matrix Text Display
  • Traffic Signal Rejection
  • Pop and Laser Protection

Price Comparison

Buy on $375.00
Buy on $189.99
Last Amazon price update was: November 25, 2020 4:13 am

Beltronics Pro 500 Quick Review

The Beltronics Pro 500 is another radar detector that combines powerful GPS tracking and radar detection, resulting in long-range radar and laser sensors with incredible accuracy. Its GPS technology can mark targeted areas and camera locations to identify similar signals and ultimately prevent further false alarms. A proprietary Traffic Signal Rejection software eliminates strong K-band signals that are emitted by common highway traffic flow sensors. And if you add EscortLive service, you can track real-time radar threats in your area using your Bluetooth smartphone and the free EscortLive app. The Pro 500 is one of the flagship models from Beltronics (a subsidiary company of Escort) and combines the latest technology like GPS and smartphone integration with legacy radar and laser detection technology to give you an incredible detection device.

Quick Stats

  • Radar Detector
  • Dual Antennas
  • 280 LED Text Display
  • All Band Radar/Laser/LIDAR Detector
  • Pop and Laser Protection
  • 5-optical Laser sensors

Price Comparison

Buy on $579.99
Buy on
Buy on $519.95
Last Amazon price update was: November 22, 2020 4:12 pm

Escort Redline Quick Review

Escort's Redline radar detector is another highly reviewed and rated unit that offers multiple features combined with an incredible range to produce yet another incredible device. It features twin antennas that are tuned for X, K, Ka, and POP radar bands. In addition, it features multiple laser sensors, like a dedicated rear laser port, that detects laser signals from behind your vehicle in addition to front detection. It can detect and separate SWS and other emergency channels to prevent false alarms and keep you up to date on road hazards and is compatible with EscortLive service, giving you the ability to track real-time radar threats in your area using your Bluetooth smartphone with the free Live app installed. All these features are combined with an 11+ mile radar detection rating, giving you the features you want with the accuracy you need.

Quick Stats

  • Radar & Laser Detector
  • 360 Degree Detection
  • Red light and Speed Camera Detection
  • OLED Color Display
  • Pop and Laser Protection

Price Comparison

Buy on $350.00
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Buy on
Last Amazon price update was: November 22, 2020 7:12 pm

Cobra SPX 7800BT Quick Review

The SPX 7800BT is one of Cobra's flagship radar detectors. It's packed with their latest technology and features, including a 1.25 color OLED screen, 360 degree laser detection, Intellimute (adjusts alert volume based on RPM), smartphone integration and more. A key separating feature that Cobra offers in many of its units is the ability to tap into a crowd surfing app, that combines real-time feedback from Cobra radar detector users into a user friendly application (similar to Waze) to notify you of potential threats in your area. It's a great feature, and as the Cobra community continues to grow it will only improve in accuracy. Conservatively priced, the SPX 7800BT is one of the few radar detectors that won't break the bank. But one notable pitfall to this unit is the number of false alerts that it gives – considerably higher than the first four detectors on this list. Overall though, another great detector.