Best 6.5″ Component Car Speakers in 2024

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Best Overall 6.5″ Component Car Speaker Pick:

Focal PS 165 FXE image for best 6 1/2 inch component car speakers list

Focal PS 165 FXE

Latest Prices

Focal PS 165 FXE Video Review

Join us for an exclusive unbox and first look at the Focal PS 165 FXE speakers in our latest video. We'll walk through the key features that make this speaker a great choice.

Focal PS 165 FXE Review

Focal is serious about creating high-fidelity sound in the car audio marketplace. Their newest 6.5-inch component set is the PS 165 FXE, which incorporates the French company's iconic use of flax fibers and some of the highest-end technology in the business to produce the best sounding component speakers in the world. We know these have a high price tag, but it's for a reason. Ask anyone in the stereo industry – home and automotive – and they'll know Focal. We did a first look and feature overview of this the PS 165 FXE and loved what we saw and heard.

Flax Woofer Cone and TMD Surround

The woofer cone is made of a sandwiched flax fiber core with glass layers. Flax is a highly rigid, lightweight, and hollow material that allows these speakers to be among the most rigid and responsive with very low harmonic distortion. It’s one of the features that’s unique to Focal’s lineup of speakers, including the PS 165 FXE. Focal says that the unique properties of flax give the speaker the ability to produce a more natural sound with rich midrange and clear bass.

The cone surround is another innovative design using ‘tuned mass damper’ technology. This is the same tech used to stabilize skyscrapers in earthquake-prone areas, so it is more than capable of handling all kinds of abuse without fail. The combination of a rigid cone and a balanced surround provide excellent response and a pure sound.

A central ogive surround allows for the natural dissipation of unwanted noise and helps to provide the full and rich sound you expect from Focal.

TAM Tweeters

Focal uses a unique “M” profile tweeter that offers a wide diffusion area. In other words, you don’t have to be as precise when trying to directionally install them to still benefit from a directional speaker. The angle-mount tweeters are easy to install and are specifically designed to provide off-axis listening typical of an in-car environment. The inverted dome design allows for harmonic balance and clean treble.

Crossover Network

The bi-amplified design of these speakers allows you to configure your setup to take full advantage of the high-quality crossovers included in the kit. The crossovers direct the proper frequencies to the proper speakers, so you don’t have overlap and wasted energy when a speaker attempts to recreate a frequency that it can’t.

Power Handling and Frequency Response

Focal rates these components at an RMS of 80 watts and a peak of 160 watts. The bi-amp design performs best when power is amplified. The aluminum and magnesium frame stabilizes and balances the speaker to prevent distortion.

Key Features
ModelPS 165 FXE
Size6.5″ Component
Power (RMS)80 watts
Power (Peak)160 watts
Frequency Response55 – 28,000 Hz
Sensitivity90.5 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Natural and warm sound unlike anything else on the market
  • Audiophile grade stereo equipment
  • Flax cone looks incredible
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Somewhat deep mounting distance may not work in some factory locations

Runner Up, Best Overall 6 1/2 Component Car Speaker

Hertz CK 165 F component car speaker

Hertz CK 165 F

Latest Prices

Hertz CK 165 F Review

Proving that high-end sound doesn’t require a massive price tag like the Focals, this component set from Hertz provides crystal clear sound across a full range of frequencies. Not only are these speakers an excellent way to improve the sound quality in your car, they also feature a slim profile making it easy to install in a wide variety of cars. We’ve had a lot of experience with Hertz. All the way back to the early 2000s when the Hi Energy lineup was our pick for a quality, high performance speaker that wouldn’t completely break the bank. They’ve been featured on our lists for years. The CK 165 F is our latest recommendation from the lineup at Hertz.

Flat-Profile Woofer Cone

The secret to these speakers is the unique flat profile of the mica-infused, semi-pressed paper cone. It provides plenty of rigidity for lower frequencies while requiring only one and three-quarter inches to mount. The cone is a good compromise between rigidity and lightness to give you excellent, warm sound.

Tweeter Technologies

The tweeter uses unique faceplate geometry to reproduce sound accurately in an off-axis environment common to your car. Like the Focals, this gives it a wider dispersion area. Hertz uses Finite Element Modeling to generate the perfect range of sounds to enhance your experience. It is a soft-dome fiber design measuring one inch in diameter.


The included crossovers make it simple to wire your speakers to get the ideal frequencies directed at the proper speaker. Low-loss capacitors and low resistance inductors use pure copper connections for the best sound and frequency response. The crossovers offer a tweeter balance switch for properly tuning the treble for your application. In our experience, this is necessary to prevent super harsh highs in most vehicles.

Power Handling and Frequency Response

Hertz designs these speakers to handle plenty of power but adding a car amplifier is almost always needed to get the most out of them. Hertz rates the woofers at an RMS of 90 watts with a peak of 270 watts. The speakers are intended to cover frequencies ranging from 65 Hz to 22.5k Hz.

Key Features
ModelCK 165 F
Size6.5″ Component
Power (RMS)90 watts
Power (Peak)270 watts
Frequency Response65 – 22,500 Hz
Sensitivity93 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent at providing good bass response
  • Very good frequency response with low distortion at all volumes
  • Clear tweeter audio that’s not too bright
Reasons Not to Buy
  • A little bass-heavy for some systems
  • Cone material may not be as long-lasting as a poly or flax material

Best Hybrid 6.5″ Car Speaker

JL Audio C3-650 how to install tweeter in speaker
JL Audio C3-650 speaker set
JL Audio C3-650 coaxial tweeter installed
JL Audio C3-650 coaxial removed
JL Audio C3-650 component front view

JL Audio C3-650

Latest Prices

JL Audio C3-650 Review

A component system is ideal when you want to elevate the treble of your music and separate it from the midrange and bass frequencies. Coaxial speakers are more practical from an installation perspective and when keeping the high-frequency tones close to the midrange frequencies is necessary.

The unique feature of this system that we love, and one of the main reasons why it’s on this list is the ability to convert from a coaxial design to a component design with ease. The tweeter can easily be located on the center of the woofer or removed and placed elsewhere for the perfect tuning. When mounting the tweeter as a component, an included phase plug balances the sound and frequencies out.

Woofer Design

JL Audio uses a tried-and-proven mica-injected polypropylene woofer cone that is rigid and lightweight to produce deep percussion notes accurately. The basket is specially designed to absorb vibration and prevent unwanted distortion.

Optimized Motor

Back in the 1990’s, JL Audio began experimenting with new dynamic modeling maps to produce a more enhanced listening experience. They called the technology Dynamic Motor Analysis, or DMA, and it produces a more stable and accurate frequency response. The process allows the sound engineers to significantly reduce distortion and improve overall performance, particularly when a speaker is driven hard and at higher volumes.

Cool Air Vented Frame

The C3-650 uses a patented extruded aluminum frame design that features air channels cast into the body direct air across the voice coil windings and into the spider cavity. The action of the spider helps to push air through the voice coil windings to keep everything cool.

Key Features:
MakeJL Audio
Size6.5″ Convertible Component
Power (RMS)75 watts
Power (Peak)150 watts
Frequency Response48 – 25,000 Hz
Sensitivity90 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Convertible design is one of the most versatile systems you’ll find
  • Accurate and powerful frequency response is ideal for an amplified system
  • Low distortion characteristics
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Some reviewers have mentioned harsh highs, however this can be eliminated via tuning in most applications.
  • May require additional components for mounting tweeters

Best High Resolution 6 1/2 Car Speaker

Sony XS-162ES component car speakers
Sony XS-162ES driver and tweeter
Sony XS-162ES crossover

Sony XS-162ES

Latest Prices

Sony XS-162ES Review

We recently did an in-depth review and installation of the recently released audiophile-grade speakers from Sony, upgrading a MK7.5 GTI stereo with all of the latest Sony equipment. The 162ES is the component version that uses the same cutting-edge technology and adds the flexibility of a remote tweeter. This line has become one of our favorites because it offers excellent performance at a reasonable price. They look great too.

Aramid Woofer Cone

Sony builds these speakers starting with an aramid fiber matrix that is filled with injected mica. The design allows for an incredibly lightweight surface that is also highly rigid. This material is known to produce more natural and deeper low frequencies while virtually eliminating distortion from unwanted vibrations.

A unique notched surround adds to the stability of the woofer cone and adds to the excursion abilities, giving the 162ES plenty of ability to power through even the most aggressive music with ease. A progressive rate height spider adds stability to the cone and ensures accurate woofer movement to further perfect the sound.

Tweeter Details

The tweeters are 1-inch synthetic fabric tweeters that are audiophile-grade. They produce frequencies beyond that of the human ear, so you’ll get every possible frequency from your music. You’ll particularly notice how clean and crisp the tweeters are when playing music with fine instrumentation.

Specialized Frame Technology

Sony is using a newly designed five-beam frame with the ES series that’s engineered to eliminate flex. Like many other features on this speaker, this helps to prevent unwanted distortion. The unique frame adds a ton of strength without adding bulk, so these speakers will still fit in most factory stock locations without modification.

Size6.5″ Component
Power (RMS)90 watts
Power (Peak)270 watts
Frequency Response40 – 40,000 Hz
Sensitivity89 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Among the best sounding speakers on the market at the price point
  • Very low distortion even with maximum amplification and volume
  • More compact than some designs
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Instructions for hooking up the crossover network are poorly explained
  • Requires amplification to get the most from the speakers

Best 6.5″ Car Speaker for Bass

Rockford Fosgate T2652-S with tweeters, woofers and crossovers
Rockford Fosgate T2652-S woofer no grille
Rockford Fosgate T2652-S woofer with grille
Rockford Fosgate T2652-S tweeter
Rockford Fosgate T2652-S crossover

Rockford Fosgate T2652-S

Latest Prices

Rockford Fosgate T2652-S Quick Review

Rockford Fosgate's T2652-S is our top pick 6 1/2 component speaker for bass. Now, 6.5in speakers aren't exactly known for bass reproduction, but this component set features Rockford’s legendary VAST technology which allows the woofer cone to be up to 25% larger than other speakers. The larger the cone, the more efficient it covers lower frequencies and bass. Numerous other fun features set these carbon fiber poly cone woofers apart too, including the machined aluminum phase plug that improves dispersion while looking cool.

Tweeters are aluminum-dome and are somewhat oversized from factory component tweeters. The component kit includes a crossover network to allow bi-amplification. The entire package is supported from a billet aluminum frame that resists distortion while reducing weight.

Key Features
MakeRockford Fosgate
Size6.5″ Component
Power (RMS)100 watts
Power (Peak)200 watts
Frequency Response55 – 22,000 Hz
Sensitivity89 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent option for bass response
  • Phase plug design is unique and very cool
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Tweeters can be too bright
  • May require modification to install in some vehicles
  • Crossovers are somewhat bulky

Best Factory Replacement 6.5″ Car Speaker

Infinity REF-6530cx 6 1/2 car speaker

Infinity REF-6530cx

Latest Prices

Infinity REF-6530cx Quick Review

The Reference-series from Infinity are among the most popular choices on our list for replacing factory components. They offer an unbelievably good sound for a mid-price speaker while offering excellent, natural treble that isn’t washed out or harsh. On top of all that, they have a high-end appearance that steps up any interior space if you're planning on showing them off.

These speakers feature a polypropylene woofer cone and a high-roll surround that allows tremendous excursion while keeping the cone stable. Edge-driven tweeters are responsible for the unmistakable Reference sound. True 3-ohm speakers mean you’ll get the most out of a factory head unit while making them ideal for a custom installation as well.

Key Features
Size6.5″ Component
Power (RMS)90 watts
Power (Peak)270 watts
Frequency Response53 – 21,000 Hz
Sensitivity93 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent sound quality for the price
  • Natural sounding tweeters
  • Great factory speaker upgrade or replacement choice
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Not as broad of a frequency response as some options

Best All Weather 6 1/2 inch Car Speakers

Polk Audio DB6502
Polk Audio DB6502 woofer with grille
Polk Audio DB6502 woofer only

Polk Audio DB6502

Latest Prices

Polk Audio DB6502 Quick Review

Rich, clean, full-range – these are some of the terms that are describing Polk's DB6502 speakers across the web. Superseding their prior model, the DB6501 (who happened to be on our list prior), they come from a line of great performing components. What really stands out about this set in our opinion is their versatility. Polk made them to perform well in all environments. Whether you own a Jeep and like to play in the mud with the top off, or if you have a daily driver that just needs a great upgrade to the OEM speakers. They're an excellent performing set of speakers that are perfect for almost any application.

Did we mention that they're also water resistant too? With waterproof inner and outer surrounds, they have an IP55 rating, making them both dirt and water resistant. A polypropylene UV tolerant cone also makes it a great choice for outdoor use. We'd recommend these speakers for boats and cars alike. And for price tag, the DB6502 is by far one of the best value speakers on our list.

Couple key features worth noting:

  • Water resistant – Marine IP55 certified
  • Polypropylene UV tolerant cone
  • Waterproof inner and outer sounds
  • Non corrosive plastic speaker grilles included
MakePolk Audio
Size6.5″ Component
Power (RMS)100 watts
Power (Peak)300 watts
Frequency Response35 – 23,000 Hz
Sensitivity92 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • The speakers feature waterproof inner and outer surrounds
  • Perfect for outdoor use and we recommend them for use on cars and boats alike
  • Price tag is on the affordable end
  • Great sound quality
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Might be a little more difficult to install than others
  • Highs are a bit harsh

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