In this article: We'll review 6 of our best pick high performing and high end 6 1/2 inch component speakers for your car, truck or vehicle.

Budget may not be a concern for everyone. You may want the best of the best in your vehicle and don't care how much it costs. When you're looking at this level of speakers, there's truly a difference in terms of quality (both construction and sound) and how they might be powered, tuned and installed. Keep this in mind when you're looking at these speakers – you'll want the amplifiers and other components with matching quality to really get the most out of these types of speakers.

So for those who are looking for the ultimate 6.5″ component speaker upgrade to their vehicle's stereo, here is a list of speakers that truly redefine the meaning of quality sound reproduction. A list assembled from only the very best speakers, this is for the individual who's not afraid to spend top dollar for the absolute best products on the market.

But before you choose a speaker for your system, consider learning more about Component Car Speakers. And if you're not 100% positive your car will fit a 6 1/2″ speaker, check out our car speaker fitment guide to confirm the speaker sizes for your year, make and model.

Looking for a different type of speaker? Check out these lists!

Best High End 6 1/2 Inch Component Car Speakers List

1. Morel Supremo 602

Morel Supremo 602 speakers, tweeters and crossovers
Morel Supremo 602 closeup of woofer tweeter and crossover
Morel Supremo 602 woofer image closeup on carbon fiber
Morel Supremo 602 tweeter view only

Key Features

  • 2 way 6.5″ component system
  • Frequency Range: 30 – 15k Hz
  • Power handling (RMS): 140W

Latest Prices

Morel Supremo 602 Quick Review

A recipient of the 2012 CEA Innovation award, the Morel Supremo 602 is Morel's flagship component speaker for the automotive market. These components create precise, linear, dynamic sound with a wide frequency range. And with crossovers that are engineered to meet the most challenging acoustic conditions of a car, you can expect positive phase, sharp roll-off and resistor-free signal paths to create total sound integration between the Supremo components to recreate a realistic three-dimensional sound.

2. FOCAL Utopia BE KIT Nº 6

FOCAL Utopia BE KIT Nº 6 Best High End Component Car Speaker
FOCAL Utopia BE KIT woofer view
FOCAL Utopia BE KIT woofer with grille view

Key Features

  • 2 way 6.75″ (fits in 6.5″ openings) component system
  • Frequency Range: 66 – 40k Hz
  • Power handling (RMS): 100W

Latest Prices

FOCAL Utopia BE Kit Nº 6 Quick Review

The focal of all Focal's, the Utopia Be Kit N°6 Active. At Focal, sound quality is religion and the Utopia Be Kit N°6 Active demonstrates their passion for quality and high-performing speakers. Enjoy extraordinary sound reproduction with these 6.5″ components, and redefine the acoustic experience.

3. FOCAL 165 KRX2

FOCAL 165 KRX2 with woofers, tweeters and crossovers
FOCAL 165 KRX2 half grille view of woofer
FOCAL 165 KRX2 with grille over woofer
FOCAL 165 KRX2 crossover view

Key Features

  • 2 way 6.75″ (fits 6.5″ openings) component system
  • Frequency Range: 70 – 20k Hz
  • Power handling (RMS): 100W

Latest Prices

Focal 165KRX2 Quick Review

The Focal K2 Power 165KRX2 are made with incredibly agile woofers, built from aramid and glass fibers that give the accuracy that's needed to reproduce any musical preference, including classical. Bass? No problem for these components, they handle the power needed to play even your bass-heavy music with precision. And with high quality baskets made from non-magnetic sturdy zinc-aluminum alloy, they won't interfere with the internal electronics of the speaker.

4. Hertz ML 1600

Hertz ML 1600 woofer angle and back view
Hertz ML 1600 angle view of woofer
Hertz ML 1600 front woofer view
Hertz ML 1600 broken down of inside of speakers

Key Features

  • 2 way 6.5″ component system
  • Frequency Range: 70 – 40k Hz
  • Power handling (RMS): 100W

Latest Prices

Hertz ML 1600 Quick Review

The ML 1600 is a 6.5″ component woofer with extraordinary features and capability. Its pressed-pulp V-Cone® is combined with cotton fibers, while the surround features a smooth profile, adding to its overall natural and accurate sound. Its versatility allows the ML 1600 to offer the highest potential in two-way systems and it easily as it reproduces, without compromise, the mid-bass frequency in multi-way systems at the highest level.

5. Rockford Fosgate T5652-S

Rockford Fosgate T5652-S front with woofers, tweeters and crossover
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S whole component car speaker system
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S crossover front view
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S crossover inputs and outputs
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S woofer only
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S woofer with grille
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S side view of speaker
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S back view of casing and magnet
Rockford Fosgate T5652-S tweeter view

Key Features

  • 2 way 6.5″ component system
  • Frequency Range: 45 – 40k Hz
  • Power handling (RMS): 150W

Latest Prices

Rockford Fosgate T5652-S Quick Review

The T5652-S is Rockford Fosgate's pinnacle component car speaker. High grade materials combined with extensive research, design and testing, these components were engineer to be the best sound producing speakers on the market, and are most definitely among them. Featuring a cast aluminum frames with liquid crystal polymer (LCP) fiber trilaminate cones, you get a high quality and incredibly precise speaker that performs.

6. Hertz HSK 165XL

Hertz HSK 165XL woofer, tweeter and crossover

Key Features

  • 2 way 6.5″ component system
  • Frequency Range: 40 – 22k Hz
  • Power handling (RMS): 150W

Latest Prices

Hertz HSK 165XL Quick Review

The Hertz HSK 165XL inherits several aspects, including the design and material selection and performance of the MLK 165. All of this with an increase of 2db increase throughout its frequency range. A damped XL Mesh Fibre Cone for extended bandwidth and smooth response and Aerodynamic die-cast aluminum baskets that eliminating rear wave reflections, the High-Energy line of products from Hertz is synonymous with quality and high performance and is increasingly popular.