Best 6X9 Car Speakers in 2024

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Best Overall 6×9 Car Speaker

Focal RCX-690

Focal RCX-690 Quick Review

French manufacturer Focal is known for its great speakers, but great speakers don't come cheap. The Auditor Series is meant to be an entry-level speaker that provides near-audiophile quality sound. The RCX-690 is a three-way design that uses an inverted mylar dome tweeter and an inverted dome super tweeter speaker to give you high-end quality without breaking the bank.

What We Like About the Focal RCX-690

This is simply a great set of 6×9 speakers that provides high-quality audio with low distortion and handles a variety of setups. Running a stock head unit with low-voltage output will still give you better sound, but this speaker set comes into its own when you add an amplifier. For the money, it's hard to find a better combination of performance, power, and good looks.

Technical Details

The Focal RSX-690 starts with a double-arm steel basket which efficiently dissipates fibration and keeps the speaker stable. The main woofer is made from polypropylene and uses a butyl rubber surround that gives these speakers excellent frequency response and low distortion. A one-inch voice coil gives a crisp and natural texture to vocals.

What Sets Focal RSX-690 Apart From the Rest

Where you will notice the difference between these speakers and other brands is in the authenticity of the sound. Snare drums are tight and sharp, vocals are smooth and natural, and bass is full. You'll get great sound from other brands, but you will not find a three-way speaker that sounds this good for a better price.

What Focal RSX-690 Replaces

The previous 6×9 from Focal was the Performance 690C. The new design uses better basket geometry and includes much better-looking grills. All technical specs and materials are equivalent, so it's important to note the main difference between the old and new design is simply the way they look.

Key Features
Size6×9 Coaxial
Power (RMS)80 watts
Power (Peak)160 watts
Frequency Response50 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity92 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Superb sound quality, particularly at high frequencies
  • Smooth sound and nice deep bass
  • Great performance at a low(er) end price
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Require slightly more installation depth than most other speakers

Best Three-Way 6×9 Car Speaker

JL Audio C2-690TX

JL Audio C2-690TX Quick Review

This is one of our favorite 6×9 options on the market. The JL Audio C2-690TXs are impressive sounding speakers that look great. You get premium-quality speakers with high-quality components including specially tuned tweeters that accurately reproduce natural sounds and a woofer that doesn’t disappoint bass enthusiasts.

What We Like About the JL Audio C2-690TX

We love the highs from these speakers. The tweeter and super tweeter produce beautiful true-to-life frequencies that have depth and feel to them. No matter what type of music we throw at these speakers, they give us consistently excellent range and tone. Running this speaker on a stock head unit will give you significantly more bass frequency, but the built-in crossover keeps everything clean. Add a modest amplifier to these speakers and they really rock.

Technical Details

The JL Audio C2-690TX is a three-way 6×9 speaker in the Evolution-series. The woofer cone is mica-injected and uses a special polyether foam surround. The tweeter takes advantage of a silk dome, and the midrange driver uses a mylar dome. The speakers will handle 15 to 70 watts RMS with a peak of 225 watts. The speakers are 4-ohm resistance and provide frequencies ranging from 53-22k Hz.

Key Features
MakeJL Audio
Size6×9 Coaxial
Power (RMS)70 watts
Power (Peak)225 watts
Frequency Response53 – 22,000 Hz
Sensitivity93 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Superb midrange and high frequency response with a natural sound
  • Good bass response particularly when using a modest amplifier
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Deep mounting depth with raised top makes tight installations difficult

Best 6×9 Car Speaker for Bass

Infinity REF-9633ix

Infinity REF-9633ix Quick Review

Infinity’s Reference-series of speakers are among the best performing and best value speakers on the market. The 9633ix is an updated version of the previous 9623ix which made our previous list for a few years straight. We’ve been installing them for years in high-end cars and performance truck audio setups because they provide the tight, clean frequency response you are looking for with a 6×9 while generating a bigger bass sound than a 6.5-inch speaker.

What We Like About the Infinity REF-9633ix

This speaker provides some of the best mid-range frequency response and highly detailed audio performance of any speaker we looked at for this list. Fixed angle on the tweeter allows you to refocus the direction of the sound when the speaker is mounted in the bottom of doors, kick panels, or on a package shelf. The addition of a decibel adjusting switch ensures you get the best sounding high- and mid-range frequencies.

Technical Details

The REF-9633IX is a three-way 6×9 speaker design. It uses an angled, edge-driven textile tweeter. Plus One+ woofer construction offers a durable cone and a high-roll rubber surround ensures that the speaker can push enough volume to create deep bass. The speakers feature a 3-ohm load that, when combined with thin factory speaker wire, provides an actual 4-ohm resistance. This means you’ll get more frequency response with lower power levels. A 100-watt RMS rating indicates these speakers will be best when combined with a good amplifier.

Key Features
Size6×9 Coaxial
Power (RMS)100 watts
Power (Peak)300 watts
Frequency Response46 – 30,000 Hz
Sensitivity94 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Great sound in the mid-range frequency band
  • Durable cone and surround design moves more air than other styles
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Top-mount limits installation options
  • Low-end frequency response isn’t as good as competitors

Best 6×9 Speaker for Clarity

Infinity Kappa 693M

Infinity Kappa 693M Quick Review

The newest 6×9″ speaker from Infinity is the Kappa 693M. Anyone who has installed a set of Infinity Kappa speakers knows the outstanding build quality and high-end looks. The 683M does not disappoint – its sleek, modern grill design will instantly upgrade even the most humdrum interior.

What We Like About the Infinity Kappa 693M

These 6×9″ speakers feature Plus One™ woofer surround technology that reproduces deep bass without distortion and provides clear highs through the integrated edge-driven textile tweeters. Infinity is regarded as one of the very best manufacturers of high-end automotive audio equipment, and the Kappa line is the pinnacle. This is a home theater-quality speaker for your car.

Technical Details

The 693M is a three-way design that has an available (optional) midrange bandpass to allow a full three-way switch using a crossover. This design lets you take control over the frequencies your speaker produces at an unprecedented level. The low(er) 3-ohm resistance uses every available watt to produce rich, natural sound. This resistance allows the speakers to attain high volume and clear sound even when using original, thin factory speaker wiring than that of a 4-ohm speaker.

What Sets the Infinity Kappa 693M Apart From the Rest

Good speakers can handle a lot of abuse. If that is the measurement of a good speaker, the 693M from Infinity is great. The glass fiber woofer cones can take a beating, but Infinity developed these speakers so customers would not have to drive their system excessively hard to get great sound. The Kappa 693M is rated to produce amazing sound with as little as 5 watts RMS and it will handle up to. The 693M produces sound within the 35-40k Hz range for excellent coverage.

What Kappa 693M Replaces

One of our favorite speakers over the last several years was the Kappa 93ix which was recently replaced with the 693M. There is very little difference between the two speakers. The new model has a slightly different grill design that omits the gold trim from the previous model. The tweeter no longer swivels and tilts like the previous model. The 693M is capable of hitting higher frequencies. Whereas the 93ix could get to 30k Hz, the new tweeter design of the 693M will attain 40k Hz to ensure you get the highest frequencies.

Key Features
ModelKappa 693M
Size6×9 Coaxial
Power (RMS)120 watts
Power (Peak)360 watts
Frequency Response35 – 40,000 Hz
Sensitivity94 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • As tough as they are good looking
  • High-end factory upgrade
  • Expandable for those who want to amplify
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Grill design is less attractive than the previous model
  • The ability to expand to a three-way system is too complicated for some people looking for a plug-and-play design

Best 6×9 Speaker for Volume

Alpine R-S69.2

Alpine R-S69.2 Quick Review

Alpine’s R-series are legendary for adding big bass response to car audio setups. The S69.2 will give you the thumping, big bass sound you crave while keeping the highs clean and crisp. This is a great way to add better sound quality to an established system. These really focus on highs and lows, leaving the midrange frequencies to other speakers.

What We Like About the Alpine R-S69.2

These are ideal deck or rear door speakers, and that’s where we really like to use them. The range of frequencies is somewhat limited by the two-way design, but in a rear position, you’ll compensate with midrange focus in your front door speakers. When setting up this type of system, you can get excellent sound quality without the overlapping frequencies that happen with three-way speakers. These 6x9s just sound really good and we can’t think of a better reason to like them than that.

Technical Details

Unlike most of the other products on this list, this is a two-way 6×9. The main woofer handles the lows while the tweeter handles extreme highs. With a frequency response rating of 60-40k Hz, this set of 6x9s operates in a different band than almost everything on this list. The extreme highs are beyond human hearing, so you won’t miss any of the rich details that get lost from speakers with lower high frequency range. The woofer cone is a unique carbon-fiber reinforced polypropylene design that offers superior rigidity.

Key Features
Size6×9 Coaxial
Power (RMS)100 watts
Power (Peak)300 watts
Frequency Response60 – 29,000 Hz
Sensitivity90 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Great for high-fidelity high range and deep bass response
  • Proven durability from years of practical experience with this design
  • One of the best sounding speakers on the market when turning the volume way up
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Lacks mid-range frequencies due to the lack of a mid-range driver
  • Most appropriate for use with an amplifier

Best Budget/Value 6×9 Car Speaker

Hertz DCX 690.3

Hertz DCX 690.3 Quick Review

You’re probably surprised to see a Hertz speaker as our budget pick. Sure, the price isn’t as rock-bottom as you’ll get from other brands, but this is the best bargain when it comes to overall sound quality for the money. This 6×9 may look and feel a lot like a factory unit, but the performance will blow you away.

Technical Details

The 690.3 is a three-way speaker design that takes advantage of some of the world’s best speaker tuning to provide a budget-friendly option that sounds high-end. Hertz saves money by using a less expensive pressed paper cone and polyurethane surround. They feature a PEI dome tweeter with an oversized motor to permit longer voice coil movement. A treated paper midrange/super tweeter rounds out the package. The speakers are rated to handle 90 watts RMS with a peak of 180 watts.

What Sets the Hertz DCX 690.3 Apart From the Rest

You can find lots of speakers out there that use similar construction methods at a lot lower cost -so why is this our budget pick? It's because of the incredible sound these speakers provide. Hertz takes the time to properly tune each speaker they build for optimal sound quality, and that philosophy guides how these speakers sound. They may look and feel like cheap factory speakers, but they outperform anything else in the price range.

What the DCX 690.3 Replaces

The Dieci series of speakers are a first-of-their-kind for Hertz, and there is no predecessor. This speaker was specifically designed to fill the niche of owners who want to replace a factory 6×8 or 6×9 speaker with something that fits, sounds great, and doesn't break the bank.

Key Features
ModelDCX 690.3
Size6×9 Coaxial
Power (RMS)90 watts
Power (Peak)180 watts
Frequency Response45 – 21,000 Hz
Sensitivity93 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent sound quality from a lightweight speaker
  • High-end technology in mid-priced speakers results in a bargain
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Deep magnet depth means you'll need to use spacers for most door installations
  • Only slightly less expensive than top-quality 6×9 speakers

Runner Up, Best Low Cost 6×9 Speaker


MTX THUNDER693 Quick Review

One of the biggest let-downs many people experience when installing most 6×9 speakers is the less-than-expected bass response. The Thunder693 is designed specifically to provide that low frequency response you want while also keeping mid and high frequencies present. Overall, this is a good sounding speaker at an entry-level price point.

What We Like About the MTX THUNDER693

Bass. That’s the thing we like the most about this speaker. It isn’t fancy, doesn’t use space-age materials, and its specs are fairly pedestrian. When you hook these speakers up and crank the volume, you get deep, full, booty-shakin’ bass like what you might expect from a subwoofer. The higher frequencies are reasonably clear.

Technical Details

The Thunder693 is a 6×9 three-way design. They don’t like to be overpowered at only 100 watts RMS, so a massive amp isn't necessary or desirable. The tuning of these speakers is responsible for providing deep and authoritative bass using a polypropylene woofer cone and a rubber surround. The silk dome tweeters provide good frequency response across the range.

Why These Are a Runner Up

We like bass just as much as the next person, but for most installations, these are pretty bass heavy. When they are combined with a full theater, they are a good option, but we noticed quite a bit of muddiness on mid and high frequencies when the volume was up. The price of these speakers is not far from the Focals and is significantly more than the Kenwoods. You will probably be happier adding a small amp and sub rather than trying to squeeze bass response from a 6×9 speaker.

Key Features
Size6×9 Coaxial
Power (RMS)100 watts
Power (Peak)200 watts
Frequency Response42 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity92 dB
Reasons to Buy
  • Good bass response compared to most other 6×9 speakers
  • Reasonable price for a good quality product
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Not as clear of sound as other speakers
  • Lower power rating makes these a poor choice for amplified systems

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