When looking for a flipdown monitor that will best meet your needs and wants, you'll want to make sure you know what you're looking for. We have selected our top criteria for our list of the best car DVD player, and they are:

High-Quality Screen – A great flip down car monitor with player should have high resolution. High resolution refers to the number of pixels used to create the image. Monitors with higher resolution mean the image is sharper. However, the size of the screen, color representation and brightness has to be taken into consideration as well.  The screen size is important when looking at the resolution because if the resolution is too high, the images on the screen tend to look smaller. Thus, there is a delicate balance to consider when selecting the screen size, resolution and pairing it with the quality of the video.

Format Compatibility – This refers to the DVD format the player can work with. Some players can only run DVD-Rs but not files in CD or MP3 format. Ideally, the more formats a player is compatible with, the better it is because it gives you a lot of options.

Audio and Video Inputs – The more, the merrier! The best overhead DVD player should have flexibility so you can source your audio and video files from a USB, SD plus be compatible with wireless devices.

User-Friendliness –Not only should the best car DVD player be easy to install, but it should also be adult and kid-friendly. For most buyers, the monitor will be for family use – or to keep the children entertained while traveling by land. By “friendly” we don’t only refer to ease of use but also sturdiness and being easy to maintain and clean.

Viewing Angle – DVD players have a viewing angle range of 25 to 50 inches and the ones we have chosen can tilt for comfortable viewing. The choice should depend on your situation. For example, if you plan on having at least two people use the player at the same time, you should aim for a larger screen with a wide viewing angle.

Accessories – Must-have accessories include a remote control and battery pack, so you don’t drain the vehicle’s battery.  However, it would also be nice to have headphones, gaming, and wireless connectivity.  Keep in mind though that the more accessories a DVD come with, the more expensive it becomes.

Appearance – An excellent choice would also have to be in the right colors to match your interior. Thankfully, almost all in-car entertainment DVD players are in neutral shades of tan, black, or grey.