The factory speakers that come with your car are typically made from low quality, inexpensive components and low-grade materials. Even “Premium” audio packages often include subpar speakers. Compressed paper cones, steel baskets, and other low-grade materials are usually what you'll find in your OEM car speakers. But quality car speakers will typically use proprietary, high grade materials that ultimately will last longer and produce cleaner, quality sound.

For enthusiasts who enjoy their music and want more from their car audio system, replacing bland OEM speakers with quality aftermarket 5×7 speakers will change the personality of your car.

Upgrading your 5×7” speakers will add clearer, louder and fuller sound to meet your need for better sounding music. Upgrading your factory speakers to powerful aftermarket units will give you an immersive experience that can be upgraded by adding more power.

Pair your new speakers up with one of the Best Car Stereos on the market, and our recommended list of Best Car Amplifiers, and you'll find yourself reluctant to leave your car when a good tune is playing.

And if you're not 100% positive your car will fit a 5″ x 7″ speaker, check out our car speaker fitment guide to confirm the speaker sizes for your year, make and model.

Looking for a different type of speaker? Check out these lists!

Best 5×7 Inch Car Speakers List

1. Best Overall 5×7 Speaker Pick: JL Audio C5-570X

JL Audio C5-570X
JL Audio C5-570X angle
JL Audio C5-570X side view of speaker
JL Audio C5-570X crossover front view

Key Features

  • 5×7″ two-way coaxial car speaker system
  • Mineral-filled polypropylene cone
  • 75W RMS per speaker up to 450W peak for the pair
  • Silk dome tweeters
  • Operating frequency: 48Hz-25kHz
  • 90.8dB sensitivity
  • 4-ohm impedance

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JL Audio C5-570X Quick Review

We are going to start this list off on the right foot and show you an ultimate upgrade to your car audio system. This package isn’t cheap, but you’ll get what you pay for in terms of performance. This package includes a pair of the newest Evolution-series JL Audio 5×7” coaxial speakers and a pair of adjustable crossovers.

JL Audio engineers carefully tune these speakers to provide a depth and richness you won’t find in comparable round speakers while enhancing the entire sound spectrum by using premium components. The cone is mica-injected polypropylene which provides excellent rigidity with the addition of vibration dampening that improves midrange frequencies.

These coaxials include three-quarter inch silk dome tweeters perfectly matched to the deep, rich sound of the woofers. The included crossover network provides 4 tweeter attenuation levels and three midrange presence adjustment. Dial your system in and enjoy the cleanest sound you’ve ever heard from a 5×7” speaker.

  • Excellent sound quality, particularly in midrange frequencies
  • No distortion or buzzing even at high volumes
  • Included crossovers are high-quality and compact
  • Expensive way to replace your speakers
  • Works best when provided additional amplification
  • Requires wiring of a separate crossover

2. Runner Up, Overall Pick: Focal ICU 570

Focal ICU 570 front angle and side view
Focal ICU 570 side view of speaker
Focal ICU 570 rear view

Key Features

  • 5×7”two-way coaxial speakers
  • Inverted dome tweeter
  • Crossover switch to increase tweeter range
  • Shallow depth design
  • Polyglass Cone, Butyl Rubber surround
  • 60W RMS per speaker/ 120W Peak
  • Frequency range: 60Hz-21K Hz
  • 94dB sensitivity
  • 4-ohm impedance

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Focal ICU 570 Quick Review

These speakers provide a warm and natural sound that is uniquely Focal. This 5×7” design is compact so that it fits almost any vehicle. If you are seeking a bass-focused speaker, this is not the one for you. This speaker is all about creating a realistic, audiophile-quality sound environment.

These speakers use a polyglass woofer and butyl rubber surround to handle midrange tones. This combination provides plenty of excursion with low distortion and high sensitivity. The inverted dome magnesium/aluminum tweeter features a built-in two-position adjuster. This increases the level of high frequencies to sound better in low mounting locations, like doors.

  • Natural, uncolored sound
  • Easy to install in virtually any vehicle
  • Particularly good upgrade for amplified systems
  • We'd recommend amplifying these ones too if you can

3. Hertz Cento CX-570

Hertz CX 570
Hertz CX 570 side view
Hertz CX 570 rear angle view

Key Features

  • 5×7”two-way coaxial speakers
  • Semi-pressed paper and mica-injected cone
  • One inch Tetolon tweeter, adjustable direction
  • 70W RMS, 210W peak
  • Frequency range: 55Hz-22kHz
  • 93.5dB sensitivity
  • 4-ohm impedance

Latest Prices

Hertz Cento CX-570 Quick Review

This speaker set is ideal for upgrading factory equipment, particularly if you plan on adding an amplifier. Hertz engineers these speakers to produce true-to-life sounds you really have to hear to believe. The Cento series are ideal for getting the most out of your factory head unit and are a great way to begin building your system.

Hertz uses a paper and mica-injected cone to provide crisp midrange frequencies without bounce-back. The star of this speaker is the well-designed tweeter made from Tetolon fiber and ferrofluid cooled. This allows much more faithful sound reproduction at all volume levels. Hertz includes a rubber magnet damper to prevent unwanted vibrations that affect sound quality.

  • Highly detailed sound quality, particularly on acoustic tracks
  • Directional tweeter provides adjustability
  • High end components
  • Paper-mica injected cones are more fragile than other cone materials

4. Best for Harsh Environments: Polk Audio MM572

Polk Audio MM572 speakers front and angle view
Polk Audio MM572 front view woofer and tweeter
Polk Audio MM572 front angle view of woofer
Polk Audio MM572 rear view with magnet and casing
Polk Audio MM572 closeup of cone and tweeter

Key Features

  • 5×7  two-way coaxial speakers
  • One inch Terylene fabric tweeter
  • IP56-rated for water and dust resistance
  • Titanium-plated composite cone
  • Santoprene surround
  • Fiberglass baskets
  • 100W RMS per speaker/ 300W peak
  • Frequency range: 35Hz-40K Hz
  • 93dB sensitivity

Latest Prices

Polk Audio MM572 Quick Review

Manufacturers have found ways to squeeze speakers into just about anything these days. When it comes time to upgrade the speakers on your boat or ATV, you know that “normal” car speakers wont hold up. Polk Audio brought this excellent set of 5×7” speakers up to marine-grade specifications.

Some of the unique features you’ll find include a titanium-coated cone that resists corrosion, salt, fog, and grime. A Santoprene surround offers excellent UV protection along with excellent linear control. Even the basket is fiberglass to prevent the risk of corrosion. These speakers are clear and loud enough even for your noisiest vessel.

  • Water resistant and great for marine environments and boats
  • Great, balanced sound
  • Durable
  • Lacks a little bass when compared to other speakers on our list

5. Best Volume: Alpine S-S57

Alpine S-S57
Alpine S-S57 closeup of cone and tweeter
Alpine S-S57 side view
Alpine S-S57 rear view of speaker

Key Features

  • 5×7” two-way coaxial speakers
  • One inch silk dome tweeter
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic cone
  • 75W RMS, 230W peak
  • Frequency range: 75Hz-22kHz
  • 88dB sensitivity
  • 4-ohm impedance

Latest Prices

Alpine S-S57 Quick Review

The new S-series from Alpine carries on this company’s reputation for excellent quality sound equipment. These speakers make an excellent factory replacement and are strong enough to handle high-power aftermarket head units and amps. You want these speakers for balancing the midranges more than adding bass.

A carbon-fiber and plastic cone and special rubber surround provide excellent frequency response in the midrange with low distortion at high volumes. A one-inch silk dome tweeter provides the high frequencies without tinniness or buzzing. You will get a smooth and rich listening experience from these speakers.

  • Affordable pricing and an immediate upgrade over most factory speakers
  • Excellent midrange performance that creates a natural sound
  • Great power handling and volume
  • Some buyers have complained about the highs being too ‘high'

6. Best Value Pick: Rockford Fosgate Power T1572

Rockford Fosgate Power T1572 front and angle view of speakers
Rockford Fosgate T1572 front view of woofer and tweeter
Rockford Fosgate T1572 side view of casing and magnet
Rockford Fosgate T1572 rear view of casing and magnet

Key Features

  • 5×7″ 2-way coaxial system
  • Frequency Range: 60 – 22k Hz
  • Power handling (RMS): 70W

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Rockford Fosgate Power T1572 Quick Review

The Rockford Fosgate Power T1572 encompasses Fosgate's latest and greatest innovations and technologies in design and performance. All of their Power series use only the highest grade materials, like the carbon fiber and polypropylene molded cone that makes up this speaker's woofer, and the aluminum dome tweeter, and the butyl rubber surround that surrounds the woofer. Everything about the Power T1572 screams quality and its performance reflects its grade of materials used. Lets not forget about the unique suspended tweeter design that gives this speaker a state-of-the art look. But don't its looks alone determine it's performance, listen yourself, this speaker will bring the concert to your car!

  • Good visual appeal
  • Powerful and rich sound
  • Well-suited for mounting in motorcycle saddlebags
  • Requires at least 21W RMS which is more than many factory stereos
  • Doesn’t hit as low of frequencies as competitor units

7. Great Value: JBL Stage3 8627

JBL Stage3 8627 pair
JBL Stage3 8627 front
JBL Stage3 8627 side view

Key Features

  • 5×7″ two-way coaxial speakers
  • Power handling: 50W RMS/ 250W Peak
  • Frequency Response: 65Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 3-ohms

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JBL Stage3 8627 Quick Review

The JBL Stage 3-series focus on proper fitment and performance in any vehicle. This speaker will fit 5×7” and 6×8” openings in a wide range of vehicles using the snap-off mounting system. You’ll save a lot of time when mounting this speaker system in vehicles with odd openings because you won’t have to make modifications.

A feature of this particular speaker that makes it an attractive upgrade is the lower 3-ohm impedance. This means you’ll get excellent performance from these speakers even with a wimpy factory head unit and no amplifier. Patented Plus One woofer cones ensure that when you add an amplifier, your speakers will be able to handle the extra power.

  • Versatile mounting design lets you fit this speaker into numerous openings
  • Lower impedance maximizes power availability
  • Not the highest quality speaker on our list

8. Great for Older Vehicles: RetroSound R-573N

RetroSound R-573N
RetroSound R-573N front view
RetroSound R-573N depth

Key Features

  • 5×7” three-way coaxial speaker
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Polished and flamed basket
  • Santoprene surround
  • Dual tweeters
  • 60W RMS, 120W peak
  • Frequency range: 43Hz-21kHz
  • 88dB sensitivity
  • 4-ohm resistance

Latest Prices

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Last Amazon price update was: July 2, 2022 10:23 pm

RetroSound R-573N Quick Review

RetroSound engineers numerous products for classic and vintage vehicles. This 5×7” speaker is the perfect replacement for that terrible dash speaker in many 1970s and 80s vehicles. It also makes an ideal buy when you only need one speaker, such as when you are dealing with an odd number of 5×7” units.

This speaker looks as cool as it performs. It is almost a shame to install it and hide the polished and flamed basket. It sports a modern Santoprene surround for smooth cone movement and dual tweeters to provide a three-way speaker that accurately reproduces stereo sound by itself.

  • Super-shallow basket
  • Excellent option for single-speaker locations
  • A little pricy for what you get

What to Look For When Buying 5×7” Speakers

Before you shell out all your dough on a brand-new set of 5×7” speakers, you should consider some factors to pay attention for when reading manufacturer listings. Some details may impact the particular speakers you decide to buy.

Most speakers will list a cutout hole size. This is your indication if this speaker will fit where you want to put it. You can use the Fitment Guide to determine if a speaker is likely to fit without extensive modification. It is common to find that aftermarket speakers will either require modifications like spacers or you will need to modify the mounting location to accommodate the speaker. Try to get the best idea of the actual size of the speaker before you buy to make sure it fits.

Many speakers have protruding tweeters that are often larger and longer than factory. Most of the speakers on this list do not include grills as they are intended to install behind factory panels. You may have clearance issues trying to mount some of the speakers on the market, so measuring your mounting location before buying is critical.

Power ratings are often a misleading method of selling speakers. Rather than looking exclusively for the highest wattage speakers, identify the frequencies you most want to replace with a new speaker. Some 5×7” speakers produce lower frequencies -hence more bass depth- often at the expense of high frequency reproduction.

If you are planning on mounting these speakers in low spots, like in the bottom of doors, a speaker that offers a rotating tweeter will give you better sound dispersion. You’ll be happier with speakers that don’t shoot high frequencies into your knees.

Installing high-powered aftermarket speakers on a system using a low power factory head unit can cause some problems. Often, some frequencies will sound hollow or muddy and you won’t get the best sound. You might consider adding an amplifier at the same time as your new speakers to get the most out of your factory head unit. Replacing the head unit at the same time gives you lots of options for designing a system to suit your needs but can get prohibitively expensive quite quickly.