In this article: We install a variety of exterior and interior lighting upgrades for a 2021-2024 Ford F150. This will be an ongoing and frequently updated article as new lighting product come onto the market for this generation of truck so keep checking back for the latest upgrades for your F150.

The 2021 F150 was a serious upgrade over the 2020 and previous year models. From the exterior design, engine specs and 10 speed transmission to the refreshed dash, tech packages and interior. It's a great looking truck from the factory. Naturally, the first thing I did when I brought my truck home from the dealer was start to look for upgrades. I figured I'd start to document the products I chose and tested on my own truck and throw in some of my thoughts, opinions and experience with the products to help you decide what upgrades you might want for your truck. So in this article, I'll document the products I found and installed on my F150 and give you my opinion of the product, installation and more. This list will grow over time as I find new products and install them so keep checking back for more cool upgrades for your truck.

2021 Ford F150

These products were installed on a 2021 Ford F150 XLT with the 302A tech package. This tech package means it has the upgraded headlights with DRLs and upgraded screen (among other things). Some trucks may differ slightly but for the products on this list, you should be able to install them on almost any 2021+ F150.

2021 Ford F150 Front view of the truck before installing bakflip mx4 tonneau cover

Interior Lighting Upgrades

I like my interior to be clean, and the lighting to flow well with the factory colors and lights. It's important to me that the lighting doesn't catch your eye while driving but at the same time looks modern, stylish and unique. Here's a list of products that I chose to enhance the interior lighting of my F150.

F150LEDs Interior Console Accent Lighting

f150 center console with accent light dark

Installation difficulty: Easy
Time to install: 30min

One of the first interior lighting upgrades that caught my eye was a subtle accent lighting that outlines the center console. F150LEDs offers an easy to install console accent light strip kit that basically wedges itself in between the plastic trim pieces of your console. They offer it in 7 color options, but I chose Aqua to best match the rest of the interior of the truck.

What I really like about this kit is that one it's cheap, and two it's a really straight forward, easy to install upgrade that doesn't require you to customize anything. Out of the box, the products from F150LEDs look really nice. They're neatly packaged in custom packaging and labeled. I really liked how they spent the time and effort with making their products organized and well-packaged.

All in all It took all but about 30 minutes to install using a plastic pry tool and a 10mm socket. Essentially all you do to install these is take a plastic pry tool and wedge the led rope in between the two panels. You'll wire the power down into the center console where it meets a power supply that will hook to both led strips. The power supply will be wired along the passenger side trim panels and directly to the fuse panel in the passenger kick panel via a fuse plug that's provided. Here's a few photos of the installation.

This was a super straight forward and elegant upgrade. It adds a great accent along the console at night time and doesn't stick out at all during the day time. It was just bright enough to look great but dim enough to not catch your eye too much while driving. Any brighter and I would have had an issue of it. Here's some photos before and after.

Before Installation

After Installation

Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Similar to my view on interior lighting, I like the exterior lighting simple, clean and sleek. The more low profile a light product is, the better in my opinion. That extends to any offroad lighting or LED Lightbars that are typically obtrusive and bulky. Here's a few options for exterior lighting that I chose for lighting up the exterior of my truck, both aesthetically and functionally. It's worth noting again that this list is going to be a work in progress so as I throw new products on the truck I'll be adding them to the list! It might be a bit light for now.

F150LEDs Side Vent LED Lighting

Installation difficulty: Easy
Time to install: 30min (without dry time)

When I was looking at some interior lighting on, I came across a cool and subtle accent light for the side vents. The lights come in 5 different color options, so if you're going for a themed look they're perfect. For me, I chose simple white. The trailer that I tow has white accents and white-lit logos so at night I wanted it all to match. I really loved how much attention to detail F150LEDs had with their packaging and shipping. Very neat and organized and the products looked like they were made from quality materials.

The kit comes with two LED strips that you adhere to the inside of the vent out of sight, along with the necessary wire taps, alcohol cleaning pads and silicon to glue the LEDs into your vent. Installation was pretty easy – you basically feed the LED wire through the vent to the headlight on each side and use the wire taps to tap into power and ground. The instructions will tell you which wires to tap into. I thought the wiring was very simple and straight forward. But a note for the folks who choose to purchase this product, you'll want to use something to put pressure on the LED strips as you're adhering them to the inside of the vent. I personally shoved microfibers in the vents while the silicon dried. Worked for me, but positioning and glueing the led strips was the hardest part of this installation in my opinion. Keep a couple microfibers handy to clean off any silicon residue that might get on your truck too. Here's a few photos of the installation.

Overall, I was really happy with the outcome. The only thing I didn't like so much was the adhesion method they used during the installation. The lights are subtle, but also light enough to stand out and make the vents pop at night. A great little way to make your truck stand out from the rest in 30 min.

Before Installation

After Installation

Stay tuned for some more lighting upgrades for your Ford F150. If you have something you'd like for us to check out, please leave a comment for us!