An LED light bar is one of the most important offroading accessories for trucks, jeeps, and ATVs if you plan on heading out after sun down. OEM headlights just don't cut it at night. A light bar provides tremendous amounts of light when you need it most. The best LED light bar setups are rugged, bright, easy to install, and dependable. There’s a huge difference in price between budget light bars and the top-quality products, so finding the perfect combination of value and quality is solely up to you.

We'll break down our top pick light bars for a variety of applications and show you several products from different price ranges to illustrate why some light bars are significantly more expensive than others. You’ll be able to select the perfect product for your needs without spending hours digging through reviews and untrustworthy marketing hype.

The Best High End LED Light Bars | Price Range: High

These light bars are on the high end of the price range, but for good reason. They are designed to take tons of abuse and provide the brightest light possible. When you're deciding on a light bar, you should consider that brighter lights also require more power. If you are planning on running massive accessory lighting including these light bars, you may want to upgrade your alternator and/or batteries to ensure you have enough power when you need it most.

1. KC HiLites Gravity Pro6

KC HiLites Gravity Pro6 angle view
KC HiLites Gravity Pro6
KC HiLites Gravity Pro6 side profile
KC HiLites Gravity Pro6 curve of light
KC HiLites Gravity Pro6 on jeep rubicon

Key Features

  • Modular, round LED Lights, Curved Bar
  • 18,400 Raw Lumen Output
  • 160 Watt/ 13.04 Amp draw (8 Lights)
  • Infinity Ring mounting provides width and beam adjustment for each light
  • IP68-rated
  • lifetime limited warranty (defects only)

Latest Prices

KC Hilites Gravity Pro6 Quick Review

This light bar combines impressive technical features with built-in durability and stunning good looks. Unlike most LED light bars on the market today, KC designs these to mimic the classic “Rally Light” look that is popular on pre-runner and Baja vehicles since the 1960s. You’ll pay a premium for these lights, but you’ll get some of the brightest offroad lights possible.

KC HiLiTES advertises this light bar with an output of 18,400 raw lumens for one of the brightest packages possible. That’s the kind of illumination you need on a moonless night as you crawl through the wilderness. A gentle curve to the mounting bracket ensures you’ll see more than just what is right in front of you. In fact, KC says this bar illuminates out to 1,600 meters.

Bright light is only part of what you need when installing an LED light bar. This bar is IP68-rated, providing near complete water- and dust-resistance. The bar is also tested to take vibration and impact without problem, so you know this bar will take a beating in the rain and sand, no matter how hard you slam around, and when you need extra illumination, you’ll be able to light up the night.

The modular design allows you to add lights as needed. It’s available as single lights up to 57-inches. Some Toyota, Jeep, Ford, and Can-Am vehicles also have vehicle specific solutions in the KC HiLiTES Gravity G6 product line. This is the perfect lighting solution for hard-core offroad adventure.

  • Incredibly bright offroad lights
  • Visually appealing no matter what you drive
  • Infinity Ring allows unprecedented flexibility when installing and adjusting lights for specific driving conditions
  • Expensive
  • Pull a good amount of power

2. Vision X XPR-S

Vision X XPR-S 45in
Vision X XPR-S 45in rear

Key Features

  • Single-row LED light bar, Straight Bar
  • 25,896 Raw Lumen, 18,127 Effective Lumen
  • 240 Watt/ 20 Amp draw (45-inch Bar)
  • IRIS Reflector technology for enhanced distance illumination
  • Extended Warranty

Latest Prices

Vision X XPR-S Quick Review

Vision X has been on the cutting edge of LED light bar design for many years. Their products originated from mining equipment, so you know they take reliability and durability seriously. The new XPR-S light bar uses the brightest LED diodes on the market to produce dazzling illumination you can count on, even if you find yourself underground.

The raw lumen output of the XPR-S series hits 25,896 lumens with a usable output of 18,127. Vision X uses the most powerful 10 watt LED diodes on the market to ensure you see what’s in front of you. This bar uses a straight design with a single row of LED lights with a spotlight focus. All that lighting comes at a cost- this LED bar draws a lot of power.

Not only is this an ideal solution for offroad trucks and Jeeps, it’s also a great solution for snowmobiles and boats in need of the ultimate in durable, bright light. It’s available in lengths from six-inches to 51-inches. You can also choose the HALO version that adds backlit LED lighting for style.

  • The brightest LED Lights on the market
  • Numerous available sizes to fit anything, even boats
  • Draws a lot of power- may require charging system upgrades for many applications

The Best LED Light Bars | Price: Mid-Range

These light bars are a little less pricey and tend to be most companies’ middle-of-the-road products offering good lighting and decent durability. These are among the most popular LED bars around because of the intersection of quality and price.

1. Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0

Black Oak LED Pro Series 2 30in
Black Oak LED Pro Series 2 30in front
Black Oak LED Pro Series 2 30in brightness
Black Oak LED Pro Series 2 30in sizes

Key Features

  • Two-row LED light bar, Straight Bar
  • 18,660 lm (180 W)/ 33,000 lm (300 W)
  • 12.3 Amp (180 W), 12.7 Amp (300 W) draw
  • IP69K-rating
  • Ceramic Coating, Powder coat finish
  • Includes heavy-duty mounting brackets and fasteners
  • Lifetime Warranty

Latest Prices

Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 Quick Review

This product is at the top-end of the mid-price list, and larger models from the brand can bump against the most expensive products on the market. You’ll see this light bar has some great features that make it an ideal choice for numerous applications that require a bright, durable, and compact design. This is a good looking, dual-row LED bar that just so happens to hold an industry-leading IP69-rating.

This light bar is built to achieve the ultimate in durability. The exclusive Dynamax case is finished in a ceramic coating proven to reduce friction and DuPont powder-coated for UV protection and corrosion resistance. Double gaskets at every seal gives you redundancy from moisture and dust. This light bar was tested by hitting it with a baseball bat, throwing it in the air, and using it as a ramp for a truck. It’s so tough, it passes US Military durability testing.

Two versions are available in numerous sizes to meet any application. The versions are 300 watt and 180 watts. The 300 watt bar produces 33,000 raw lumens, while the 180 watt variant produces 18,660 lumens. There is a huge difference in the available light with the upgrade model, but it comes at a significant power cost.

The Black Oak LED bar is a great buy when you need the toughest light possible. You can select these lights with either spotlights, flood lights, or a combination of the two. Intensely bright and extremely durable make this a fantastic mid-range option that’ll take a beating.

  • May be the most durable light bar on the planet
  • Lots of options for size, beam, and power at reasonable prices
  • Military-grade lighting for the average driver
  • The most powerful model uses a lot of power that may require upgrades to your alternator or battery

2. Rigid Radiance+

Rigid Radiance+ 30in
Rigid Radiance+ 30in dimensions
Rigid Industries Radiance Backlight Light Bar

Key Features

  • Single Row LED light bar, Straight Bar
  • 11,880 Raw Lumens
  • 11.07 Amp draw/ 155 Watts
  • IP68-rating
  • Broad-Spot bulb technology

Latest Prices

Rigid Radiance+ Quick Review

Rigid is legendary among accessory manufacturers, and this mid-range light bar is an example of why. The custom design creates a low-profile light bar with excellent output. It blends in with modern designs giving your vehicle a sleek and muscular appearance.

Light output for this bar comes in at 11,880 raw lumens. Despite a lower illumination value, the LED light bar provides a tremendous amount of forward light while lighting up the sides of the path. The low-draw lights can easily be added to any vehicle without the need for extensive modifications. They even have built-in LED backlighting in a variety of colors to add a little drama to your setup.

The Radiance+ line has recently been updated and produces 35% more light output than the previous model. These lights feature the same housing as the top-of-the-line E-Series lights. This case gives these lights an excellent degree of strength and weather resistance. The series has earned an IP68-rating, so you can count on these lights working when you need them, no matter where you go.

This is an excellent light option for vehicles that need a really bright light on the back roads. It carries an IP68 rating, so you can count on it in snow, rain, and fog. The modified beam path is ideal for seeing both at-a-distance and nearby without compromise. This light is perfect for drivers who need to see deer and other wildlife on the road in time to stop, and also makes an excellent light bar for ATVs and sand rails.

  • Great looking light bar with cool back light features
  • Low-draw light bar is easy to install on factory vehicles
  • Ideal for road-driven vehicles and durable enough for off-road use
  • Not as much light output (by rating) than some competitors
  • Style may not suit everyone

The Mid-Range LED Light Bars | Price Range: Lower Mid-Range

When it comes to LED light bars, there seem to be a few price thresholds that separate the types of products. A lot of this is due to the cost of manufacturing high-end LED diodes. Lower-cost LED diodes are not as efficient or consistent as high-end ones. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a really good LED light bar for a decent, lower mid-range price, though.

1. Westin B-Force 09-12212-80C

Westin B-Force 09-12212-80C
Westin B-Force 09-12212-80C w hardware
Westin B-Force 09-12212-80C mounting
Westin B-Force 09-12212-80C led
Westin B-Force 09-12212-80C dimensions

Key Features

  • Dual-row LED light bar, Straight Bar
  • 21,600 Raw Lumens
  • 1,103 m illumination
  • 200 Watt, 15.9 Amp draw (40”)
  • Available with Spot or Combo lighting

Latest Prices

Westin B-Force 09-12212-80C Quick Review

Westin is one of the most respected LED light bar companies around and they are well-known for their affordable light bars. This dual-row light bar is the top-of-the-line model and features the combination of sporty good looks, durability, and excellent lighting efficiency. Plus, the unique diamond plate nameplates give your light bar a menacing black-out look.

The 40-inch light bar puts out a total of 21,600 raw lumens, providing plenty of intensity for your next adventure in the dark. This light bar uses 80 3 watt Cree LED diodes to produce pure, direct light. It has a visibility rating of 1,103 meters. This 200 watt light can use your factory charging system without trouble.

The extruded aluminum case has cast ends for durability and good looks. The lens is a moisture and dust-resistant acrylic material that can handle rock strikes and other abuse. The light bar includes a wiring pigtail and brackets for installation.

This is an ideal light bar for casual use, but it also makes a great addition to trucks and Jeeps that need some added light without a huge price tag. It lacks an IP-rating, so there’s no way to tell how well it’ll handle the elements, but it does have a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Tremendous light output for a great price
  • Black-out looks cool no matter what color your truck is
  • Unproven durability and lack of easily identified information about testing casts some doubt on longevity

2. Tusk Curved LED Light Bar

Tusk Curved LED Light Bar angle
Tusk Curved LED Light Bar
Tusk Curved LED Light Bar components and hardware
Tusk Curved LED Light Bar led closeup
Tusk Curved LED Light Bar on razr

Key Features

  • Single row LED light bar, Curved Bar
  • 11,250 raw lumens
  • 180 watts
  • IP67-rating
  • Combo lighting
  • 180-degree illumination

Latest Prices

Tusk Curved LED Light Bar Quick Review

The curved LED light bar from Tusk is perfect for smaller trucks, SUVs, and ATVs. At 30-inches in length, to provide ample light in a focus beam ideal for seeing obstacles in time to correct. The curve does more than make this LED light bar look awesome; it helps to project light to the sides and forward. That enhances the driver's view forward even in the darkest conditions.

The light bar features 11,250 raw lumens at only 180 watts. The low draw means it’s easy to install in vehicles with smaller charging capacity without worrying about taxing the charging system. Rubber mounts on the included L-brackets help isolate vibration. A plug-and-play wiring harness helps make installation a snap.

This light bar has some features that are important for quads, buggies, and smaller SUVs. It’s generous light output comes from a narrow profile that may look out-of-place on some larger vehicles. It has an IP67 rating, so it’ll handle some spray, splashing, and dust- but it won’t take being submerged.

  • Excellent option for small SUVs or ATVs
  • Curved bar looks great with some vehicles and provides excellent side lighting
  • Simple wiring installation
  • Not as resistant to moisture and dust as some other models
  • May look out of place on some larger vehicles

The Budget LED Light Bars | Price Range: Low

These light bars are good products, but they aren’t going to have the same quality of light, intensity of light output, or durability as many of the more expensive products. These budget LED light bars show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality product.

1. RigidHorse LED Light Bar

Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar
Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar heat dissipation
Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar p8
Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar stainless

Key Features

  • Single row LED light bar, Straight Bar
  • 30000 lumens (advertised) 11,200 lumens (tested)
  • 310 watts (advertised) 120 watts (tested)
  • 9.7 Amp draw (tested)
  • Low profile design
  • Aluminum case
  • Shatterproof lens

Latest Prices

RigidHorse LED Light Bar Quick Review

This is a solid, inexpensive light bar option. It isn’t fancy and doesn’t have a bunch of features, but it provides a bright white 6000K light spectrum that does a great job of illuminating directly in front of you. The housing is a simple cast aluminum unit with an acrylic lens. While this unit claims an IP67 rating, several users have identified that there is no lens gasket and therefore not moisture proof.

What’s nice about this light bar is that it’s easy to install. The light bar requires 120 watts and produces around 11,000 lumens, though the manufacturer's information has shown to be inaccurate in at home testing. Regardless, this is a great light when you just need an inexpensive solution to seeing in the dark.

This would be a good one to mount on your SUV or AWD wagon when you go on trips to the mountains or out in desolate areas. It works perfectly for augmenting headlights when you are in seriously dark conditions.

  • Low-cost option for getting immediate bright light
  • Light bar is durable when well-cared for
  • Ideal for behind-the-grill installations
  • Advertising is a bit misleading
  • Some users report fogging lens from moisture entering the housing
  • May not take a rough off-roading weekend

2. NiLight 71013C-A

NiLight 71013C-A
NiLight 71013C-A dimensions
NiLight 71013C-A reflective led cups
NiLight 71013C-A adjustable angle

Key Features

  • Single row LED Light Bar, Curved Bar
  • 11,675 raw lumens
  • 6k-6.5k color spectrum
  • Aluminum housing
  • Flood and spot combo lighting
  • 180 watts

Latest Prices

NiLight Light Bar Quick Review

This is a budget option for adding a curved LED light bar. This particular model is attractive and replicates some of the features you find on higher-end models. This light bar doesn’t have the capability of producing the kind of powerful illumination of more expensive models, but it does provide a nice boost of extra light when you need it for a rock-bottom price.

The curved LED light bar produces 11,675 raw lumens and requires 180 watts of power. The beam is spot-focused, which takes full advantage of the lower lumens to produce a better view. These LED lights produce a 6k-6.5k color spectrum similar to that of daylight, so you get more illumination than you would expect for the lower power requirements of this light bar.

  • Inexpensive lighting option
  • Easy to install and it looks good
  • Numerous reviewers write that a bead of RTV sealant is recommended to prevent moisture from destroying the light bar
  • Mounting hardware isn’t as corrosion-resistant as others on this list

LED Light Bar Buyers Guide: What You Need to Know

Before you rush out and buy the most expensive lighting system on the market or decide that a low-cost option is all you need, you should think about how to get the most bang for your buck. Often, when you are designing a lighting system, you’ll want to factor in a few things before spending money.

  • Where will the light mount?
    • This is important because of the narrow, focused beam LED light bars produce. A roof-mount light is going to dissipate sooner than a bumper mount. With that said, a roof mount light may provide better distance. You’ll want a more powerful light the higher up you mount.
  • How will you use the light?
    • There is a big difference between needing a light bar in the middle of nowhere miles from any road and wanting a little extra illumination on dark backroads. When you are needing a light for extreme adventure, you should find the most powerful and durable light bar you can. You don’t want a system that is critical to fail when you are counting on it. Backroads drivers are going to get more use from a lower lumen light bar used as additional lighting on dark roads without the need to tax their charging system by going too big. This is also important if you are shopping lights for boats, heavy equipment, and tractors. Use a light that provides the intensity of light in the best manner for your task.
  • How much power do you have available?
    • Some of the high capacity lights on this list will seriously impact your charging systems ability to handle the load. Coupled with the typical lower speeds involved in driving in the dark, a big light system can quickly drain your battery beyond the ability of the alternator to recharge. You should plan ahead: if your intention is to install a massive lighting system, you should upgrade your charging system first and consider one of our best battery picks.


An LED light bar makes an indispensable accessory on off-road vehicles, boats, tractors, and heavy equipment that operate at night. While there are lots of products on the market, many are inferior and can’t hold up to the claims of the manufacturer. One of the lights on this list is like that, but it still turns out to be a decent product despite not meeting its ratings.

The good news is that buying the perfect LED lighting bar for your solution doesn’t have to be a huge expense. There are many products out there to meet every need. Any of the lighting systems on this list are great choices that will improve your safety when off road driving at night.