Since an early age, Kameron has been fascinated with electronics and cars. Growing up, he'd pull electronics apart to see how they worked just to find out later that it wasn't as easy to put them back together.In his late teens and early twenties, he started his own mobile audio company in Orange County, California while working to obtain his degree from California State University - Fullerton. Besides car stereos, engine and drivetrain swaps on his personal and friend's cars were a common thing. Among his favorite was a 2007 STI swap on a 2001 GC8 and a SR20 swap on his buddy's S14.In 2010, Kameron founded CarAudioNow as a place to express his opinion in a way that would reach people everywhere. He began assembling lists of products that he saw popular, testing products in his garage in order to give people easy access to car audio and electronics equipment so that you don't have to spend hours researching something like a car speaker.Today, he still assembles lists and writes articles along with the few members of CarAudioNow's experts that he trusts .