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Kameron Scott

Back in 2008, Kameron decided to dive headfirst into the world of car and marine audio, and by 2010, CarAudioNow was born. With his roots in the industry running SC Autosound in Orange County, California, he began compiling lists of standout products, crafting helpful how-to guides, and much more. He wasn't just an armchair expert though – he got his hands dirty, testing products in the garage and installing them in hundreds of customers' vehicles. With CarAudioNow, his mission was crystal clear: to simplify the process of finding top-quality car audio and tech gear, so that you wouldn't have to spend countless hours on research. Between 2015 and 2018, he worked as a Digital Product Manager at Motor Trend. During that time, he collaborated closely with renowned editorial figures like Mike Floyd and Ed Loh, creating web experiences tailored to automotive enthusiasts. Fast forward to today, and he's still going strong. With a group of trusted editors, he continues to curate expert lists, rigorously test products, and write informative articles. As the founder, he's not just a figurehead; he's also the primary editor and contributor, ensuring that CarAudioNow remains a trusted resource for everything related to car and marine audio. Protection Status      © 2024