“The XS-AW8 unit adds a new product category to Sony’s already impressive car audio offerings.”

The XS-AW8 is a sleek and compact 8” powered subwoofer in a cast aluminum enclosure that includes a wired subwoofer remote. The XS-AW8 design will enable owners who have little room for bass speakers and amplifiers to punch up the tunes in a space-saving package. The XS-AW8 is expected to go on sale in December 2020.

The XS-AW8 starts out with a specially designed subwoofer featuring a rigid diaphragm and a low-resonance enclosure. An integrated heat sink protects the Class A/B amplifier and driver from overheating. The amplifier provides a total of 160 watts peak for car-filling bass. Single sided controls make installation a snap.

Sony provides connectivity to the AW8 even to head units that do not have preamp outputs. Installers will be able to connect the receivers speaker outputs to the high-level inputs on the unit. The powered amp is compatible with up to 5 volt pre-outs for clean audio signal.

The major benefit of this powered subwoofer setup is the diminutive size. At only 78 mm high, the enclosure can be installed under most seats or in other tight spots. By combining the speaker and amplifier into one small box, Sony makes it easy for anyone to get better sound.

The XS-AW8 is expected to carry an MSRP of $299 when it goes on sale in December.