I had to create a quick post about this. A friend of mine has Toyota RAV4 with the black plastic panels around the front and rear bumpers. It was starting to get the dreaded plastic fade, and pretty badly. I did a writeup about Applying Ceramic Coating to walk through how you apply it to your paint but if you're looking to permanently get your black or dark gray and faded plastic on your vehicle back to an original looking state, I would highly recommend ceramic coating to do this.

I've read articles about folks using this stuff for everything and I'm starting to follow suit. It's turning into my Frank's Hot Sauce – “I'll put that sh*t on anything”. But seriously. I used some of the left over ceramic coating to apply it to the starting-to-fade plastic door handles on my 2014 Ram 1500 about 3 months ago as a test. It brought them back to life, and 3 months later they were perfect. I figured they were a good test on a small area.

A few days ago, I applied this to my friends bumpers and side panels. Really any plastic piece on the car. The results were the same – immediately back to black. And they're still perfect.

Where the “back to black” products dry and immediately start to fade or fade after the first or second wash, the ceramic coating is semi permanent and stays put. I'd recommend looking into it!

Here's a before and after picture of the RAV 4 bumper with the ceramic coating applied. Worth noting that there is no greasy or glossy looking finish on it. It looks brand new now and has restored it's original look.

Toyota rav 4 before and after ceramic coating bumper