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In this article: We'll review 8 of our best pick monoblock subwoofer amplifiers that'll make your subwoofer slam, with quick reviews, photos and price comparisons of each to help you save money.

When you are ready to add thunderous bass to your car audio system, it’s time to invest in a monoblock amplifier to power your subwoofers. A monoblock amp meets the specific requirements of a subwoofer without compromise. The circuitry of a mono amp creates power for low frequencies. A good mono amplifier can handle all the power without overheating.

The most challenging part of buying a new mono amplifier is sifting through the dozens of products on the market today. It can be hard to distinguish between quality amplifiers and those which are just marketing hype. When you buy an amp for your subs, you need power and performance, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We put this list of top performing monoblock amplifiers to help you focus your search and find the right product for your system.

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Best Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifiers

Each of these amplifiers make a good choice. Often, the final decision will come down to the particular audio setup you have in mind.

1. Best Overall Pick: Rockford Fosgate Prime Series Amplifiers

Rockford Fosgate PRIME Series Amplifier Review

The Rockford Fosgate PRIME-series of amplifiers continues to improve year after year. The series includes amplifiers pushing 1200 w, 750 w, 500 w, and 250 w. All are Class-D for maximum efficiency and low operating temperature.

Rockford Fosgate engineers these amps to handle low-frequency with plenty of power. The circuitry is specially designed to ease gain setting and provide big bass. In fact, RF says the design produces three times the bass of competitor models due to the integrated Punch EQ. Remote level control and an infrasonic filter make it simple to get the sound you want.

Our pick for a great setup is the Rockford Fosgate PRIME R2-500X1. Each amplifier from RF includes a “birth certificate” demonstrating the actual power output of each amp. These amplifiers regularly exceed the rated power significantly.

Key Features
  • Class-D Amplifier
  • 1200, 750, 500, and 250 watt variations
  • Switchable 4 ohm, 2 ohm, 1 ohm
  • C.L.E.A.N. circuitry
  • P.O.W.E.R. supply generator
  • Overheat, overload, and short protected
  • Frequency Response: 20-250 Hz
  • Durable amp
  • Options to meet the needs of any system
  • Low operating temperature
  • Frequently sold out

2. Hifonics Brutus Gamma BG-Series

Hifonics Brutus Gamma Series Monoblock amplifiers

Hifonics Brutus Gamma BG Series Amplifier Review

Clever marketing often hides garbage products, so with a slogan like “Power From the Gods,” it’d be easy to not take Hifonics seriously. What a mistake that would be, because the Brutus Gamma BG-series of monoblock amplifiers are some of the best you will find. The series is available with power ratings of 3300 watts, 2500 watts, 2200 watts, 1900 watts, and 1300 watts. All are Super Class-D amplifiers offering superior efficiency and power.

Hifonics intends these amps to be run at 1 ohm, so they built them tough and efficient. Even after hours of use, the chassis is cool to the touch. If you need a durable amp, pick up a Hifonics Brutus BG-Series.

Most people will find the BG-1300 to be excellent for everyday use, but most modern cars with high-output alternators should be able to run the BG-1900 for even higher levels of power.

Key Features
  • Super Class-D amplifier
  • Simpatico Coil Design for constant voltage protection
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Short and overload protection
  • Wired remote
  • Frequency: 10-500 Hz
  • Durable amplifier
  • Exceeds advertised power in many cases
  • Some quality control issues reported

3. Skar Audio RP Series Amplifier

Skar Audio RP Series Amps

Skar Audio RP Series Amplifier Review

Florida-based Skar Audio has a reputation for building tough car audio equipment. If you are looking for a potent amplifier that won’t break the bank, the RP-series will get you the power you need. These amplifiers are all Class-D rated for efficient power use. The RP-Series of monoblock amplifiers are available in numerous power ratings including wattages of 350, 800, 1,200, 1,500, 2,000, 3,500, and 4,500. That’s enough options to get tremendous power for any system.

The Skar Audio RP-1200 makes an ideal daily driver amplifier for pumping up the bass. At 1 Ohm, this amp will peak around 1,600 watts. That’s plenty of power to drive a big single or two moderately-sized subs. The RP-1200 uses a MOSFET power supply for voltage stability and four-way circuit protection to prevent damage from shorts, overheating, and other faults.

Key Features
  • Class-D amplifier
  • Wide range of wattage
  • MOSFET power supply
  • Frequency response: 20-250 Hz
  • 4 Gauge power and ground
  • Affordable and high-quality
  • 1 Ohm stable design
  • Doesn’t produce low frequencies well
  • Some users experienced premature failure

4. Taramps HD-Series Amplifiers

Taramps HD Series Amps

Taramps HD Series Amplifier Review

Taramps is a  Brazillian-based builder of some really fine quality amplifiers. The HD-Series are all Class-D amps and are available in 1 ohm, 2 ohm, and 4 ohm variations. Taramps amps are an excellent choice for providing tons of bass when you have an upgraded electrical system. These amps are power-hungry, and it’s essential to run 0 Gauge power to prevent starving the amp.

All of the HD-Series amps are rated at 3,000 watts when set to the appropriate load. Buy the amp that suits your needs the best, but also plan on upgrading wiring throughout your system. These are competition-level amps at entry level pricing, but to get the most out of a Taramps amp, you need to supply more than average power. A second battery or upgraded charging system may be necessary to get the sound you want.

Key Features
  • Class-D amplifier
  • 3,000 watts RMS@1 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 10-20k Hz
  • Short/ high or low voltage/ thermal protection
  • Thermostatic fan
  • Excellent power in a small package
  • 1, 2, 4 Ohm designs
  • Requires more than factory power
  • Needs oversized power and ground wiring to prevent overheating

5. Best for Tuning: Kicker KX Series Amplifiers

Kicker KX monoblock Amplifiers

Kicker KX Series Amplifier Review

When it comes to getting honest, full bass from your subwoofers, Kicker is a great option. The company is well-known for building durable sound equipment that gets you reliable power. The Kicker KX-Series of amplifiers includes 400 watt, 800 watt, 1,200 watt, 1,600 watt, and 2,400 watt monoblock units. All are Class-D amplifiers that are 1 Ohm stable.

The KX-Series gives you some options that are hard to find on other amps. One of the best and most unique features is a remote control that gives you control over virtually every amp setting. You can control clipping, bass boost, phase and gain using the remote control. Kicker even provides tuning tones specific to your head unit to ensure a perfect match. Another cool feature that's unique to these amps is their light-up gain controls on the control panel. These lights will tell you when the gains are set too high, simplifying the tuning process.

The Kicker KXA1200.1 is a great amp for most drivers. It produces enough power to get deep bass and will work well on most factory vehicles. Invest in high-quality power cables when you install this amp to make sure it get’s the juice it needs.

Key Features
  • Class-D amplifier
  • Light-up gain tuning control
  • One Ohm stable
  • Remote ready
  • FIT+ noise reduction
  • Durable amp with a proven track record
  • Models available for any system
  • Great tuning features that simplify the tuning process
  • Not as compact as some other designs on our list

6. Alpine S Series Amplifiers

Alpine S Series subwoofer Amplifiers

Alpine S Series Amplifier Review

Alpine borrowed tech from their premium line of amps to craft the S-Series. These amps are only budget on the price tag. You get a lot of amplifier for a great price, including alpine’s intelligent amplifier platform to ensure cool operation and protection from faults that destroy lower quality amps. The S-Series is engineered to work perfectly with matching S-Series subwoofers for a total sound package.

The Alpine S-A60M is the only monoblock amplifier in the line, but boy, is it a good one. Rated for a maximum of 600 watts RMS, this amplifier puts out tons of power for it’s miniscule size. Measuring around 8” square and only 2” tall, it can be mounted under seats or behind panels easily in most vehicles.

When you talk about cool tech that’s reserved for big-buck amps, the ability to adjust remotely is one of the biggest deals. Well, Alpine threw in a surprise with the S-Series and made them compatible with the remote tuning knob from the high-end R- and X-Series amps.

Key Features
  • Class-D Amplifier
  • 600 watts RMS@ 4 Ohm
  • Circuit protection
  • Remote bass knob-ready
  • High quality amp for a low price
  • Great features and a knob, too
  • Power heavy (not always a bad thing)

7. Rockford Fosgate POWER T Series

Rockford Fosgate Power T Series

Rockford Fosgate Power T Series Amplifier Review

Finding room for an amp is a frequent issue when installing a big system. When the Rockford Fosgate engineers set out to design the T-Series, they found innovative ways to cram all the power you could ever need into a case that will fit anywhere. And when we say anywhere, these amps can even be installed on motorcycles. How’s that for some boom?

There are lots of options in the T-Series. Choose from 2,500 watts, 1,500 watts, 1,000 watts, 750 watts, and one of two 500 watt amps. These amps are all Class-BD for the super-efficiency of a Class-D amp and the high-quality sound production of a Class-B. The T-Series take advantage of RFs unique Constant Power design that provides as much as 25% more power at the same load as other amps.

The Rockford Fosgate Power T1000-1 is a phenomenal amp for most drivers. This particular amp is fully capable of use in sound competition vehicles, but is an ideal amp for earth-shaking bass even in your daily sedan.

Key Features
  • Class-BD amp for sound quality and efficiency
  • MOSFET power supply and output
  • Punch Bass EQ
  • Compact design is easy to install
  • Consistently exceeds rated RMS power
  • Reliable, even when pushed hard
  • Price tag

8. Best Budget Monoblock: Soundstream Tarantula Series

Soundstream Tarantula Series Monoblock subwoofer amplifiers

Soundstream Tarantula Series Amplifier Review

Since 2015, the Tarantula-Series of amplifiers from Soundstream have been rocking audio systems all over. The Tarantula amps are built to handle abuse- there is even a model designed to provide stable power at .5 an Ohm without overheating. Soundstream has made an effort to make these amps more visually attractive by adding custom changeable lighting, but why you should buy this amp has nothing to do with looks. It’s tough, powerful, and affordable.

Soundstream produces a 4,000 watt peak power amplifier perfect for most daily drivers. Make sure to have upgraded wiring, at least a 1 gauge power wire, because this amp is going to need the power. Pair it up with a set of good-quality subwoofers and go on a sound rampage. A 6,000 watt monoblock amplifier is also available when you just simply need to go nuts.

Key Features
  • Class-D Monoblock amplifier
  • MOSFET power supply
  • PC board made from military grade materials
  • Customizable lighting
  • Tons of power
  • Great value
  • Requires modifications to factory charging system
  • Power does not exceed ratings like others on our list


Any of the amplifiers we detail here are a perfect compliment to your car audio system. It’s important to remember that bigger isn’t always better- you will be happier with your system by purchasing an amplifier that meets the demands of your subwoofers. Each of these amplifiers makes a great choice depending on how you want to design your system.