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Best Rear Seat Car Baby Monitors in 2024

Best Rear Seat Car Baby Monitors in 2024

In this article: We will list out our top 5 pick car baby camera and monitor products on the market, give you a few pointers and quick reviews, and explain how they work.

What is a Car Baby Monitor and Why Do You Need One?

A rear seat car baby monitor is a great way that parents can easily monitor their child while driving without the distraction of having to turn around and look at their child in the rear seat. A camera is mounted and pointed at the child to provide a perfect view at all times – much better than the traditional baby car mirror. 

Good car baby monitors provide a clear image in bright light or dim conditions. They are easy to install in minutes, and don’t require any permanent modifications to the vehicle. They’re universal and quick to move from one car to another, or to adjust between front-facing and rear-facing car seats. The ideal camera will connect to a wireless screen that you can mount on the dash, windshield, or other convenient place in view so you can easily see your baby without having to take your eyes off the road.

What is the difference between a baby monitor and a three-channel dash cam?

One of the questions that we’ve seen across the web and have been asked is whether a three-channel dash camera can be used as a baby camera/monitor. The biggest difference between a three-channel dash cam and a dedicated baby camera is the use of the front screen for live monitoring. While a three-channel dash cam will record what happens in the back seat, they are not designed for live viewing. The baby camera for the rear seat solves this problem because it is meant to connect to a dedicated monitor. 

With an infant and a toddler in our own vehicle, we went on the hunt to find and test out the best quality cameras on the market, what features they offer, and which ones will provide you with optimal safety to make sure your baby is safe and secure while you drive without having to turn around and be distracted. The goal was to ditch the mirrors while maintaining a clear view of our children in the back seat without removing our eyes from the road.

Here Are Our Best Pick Car Baby Monitors in 2024

  1. Overall Car Baby Monitor Pick: Yada Digital Tiny Traveler
  2. Runner Up, Best Overall Car Baby Camera: LuckView BM1
  3. Editor's Pick: Itomoro Baby Camera
  4. Budget Friendly Car Baby Camera: ShyBaby Backseat Camera
  5. Value Car Baby Monitor: DoHonest V33

Best Overall Car Baby Monitor

Yada BT53901F-2
Yada BT53901F-2 mounted headrest
Yada BT53901F-2 mounted rear

Yada Digital Tiny Traveler

Yada Digital Tiny Traveler Video Review

Join us for an exclusive unbox and first look at the Yada Digital Tiny Traveler Car Baby Monitor in our latest video. We'll walk through the key features that make this camera/monitor combo a great choice.

Why We Picked It

The Yada Digital Tiny Traveler is our top pick for a rear-seat baby monitor. This backseat camera system is one of the easiest to set up. True wireless technology means that you won’t have to connect the camera to the monitor, eliminating the need to run a wire to the front in order for the monitor to connect to the camera feed. Both the camera and the monitor require a 12v ACC plug for power. The monitor and camera come out of the box paired, so setup is as simple as plugging it in and turning it on. Great for moms and dads alike – even if you’re electronically illiterate. 

The monitor measures 4.3”. We found that it was an ideal size to quickly keep an eye on the baby in the rear seat without taking up too much of your view on the dash or windshield. The monitor provides a standard HD image with plenty of resolution to see your child clearly in the rear seat. In most conditions, the screen clarity is just fine, but there was some evidence of color washout in bright light. Glare will be a challenge on any camera and screen in the right light though.

The camera has three options for mounting – a headrest strap, a single-pole headrest clamp, and a reusable suction cup to attach the camera to the window. The options make it simple to use in any car, truck, or SUV. It even works on your boat if you’d like. IR diodes provide exceptionally clear images in near total darkness as well so you can keep an eye out on your baby while driving in the dark too.

Key Features

  • Wireless monitor and camera connection
  • Three-way mounting for camera
  • Windshield or dash mount for 4.3” monitor
  • IR diodes for automatic night vision
  • Fast and easy setup procedure
Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent quality of construction and technology makes this camera reliable and simple to use
  • Numerous mounting options make the system compatible with any car, truck, or SUV
Reasons Not to Buy
  • High price for standard HD resolution
  • Automatic night vision can cause screen stuttering when driving in deep shade

Runner Up, Best Overall Car Baby Camera

Luckview BM1
Luckview BM1 install

LuckView BM1

Why We Picked It

The LuckView BM1 is another great option if you have the room for a 5” monitor on your dash. It provides 1080p HD resolution that is smooth and clear. The big monitor and high resolution makes this a great choice for larger dash spaces – suburbans, expeditions, sequoias, trucks. The camera even offers a 3x zoom feature for when you need to take a closer look. 

The monitor includes a bracket and reusable suction cup mounting system that attaches to the windshield or the dash. The monitor requires a 12v ACC port, but the camera is wired to the monitor, so while you will need to run a cable from the monitor to the camera, there is no need to run an additional power cable to the rear camera. This installation is a little more messy than a wireless signal like our top pick, but offers improved image stability and flawless performance.

The rear camera includes IR diodes that provide night vision without the annoying glare of LED light cameras. The system also includes a velcro strap to attach the camera to the headrest or a suction cup to attach to the window. We like that the cables are clearly labeled and that the installation is very simple.

Key Features

  • 5” IPS monitor w/1080p resolution
  • Rear camera with two mounting options
  • Built-in IR diodes for night vision
  • Simple setup and removal process
Reasons to Buy
  • This is an affordable way to add 1080p resolution rear seat camera images to any vehicle   
  • The monitor is better than expected and night vision is excellent
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Some color wash during daylight hours
  • The included monitor mount doesn’t always stick to the windshield or dash
  • You will need to wire the monitor to the camera making the installation a little more timely. Especially for those who don’t want to see wire along their dash

Editor's Pick

Itomoro Car Baby Camera
Itomoro Car Baby Camera features

Itomoro Baby Camera

Why We Picked It

The thing that made this system stand out to us was the design of the monitor. It has a built-in shade that improves visibility during the day. The mount is very well designed as well and allows you to easily adjust the monitor’s angle. The oversize 5” display offers 1080p resolution and has a fast frame rate to prevent stutter too.

The baby camera is mounted on a pivoting ball joint, which allows you to point the camera in virtually any direction you need it to. It uses built-in IR diodes that give you very clear images in near darkness. The camera has an extremely wide 149-degree viewing angle too, which makes this practical for viewing two kids at once. To mount the camera, use the included velcro strap to attach the camera to the back side of your headrest.

We found the camera package to be easy to install using the included wiring kit. Power is from a 12v ACC port to the monitor with a single cable to the rear camera that handles video feed and power. So this is not a wireless camera.

Key Features

  • 5” monitor w/ 1080p display
  • Adjustable rear HD camera 
  • Includes strap mount for headrest
  • Built-in IR for night vision capabilities
  • 149-degree wide-angle lens
Reasons to Buy
  • The adjustable monitor bracket and suction cup are some of the better designs we have tried
  • Very impressive night vision capabilities
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Zoom feature has been noted by reviewers to be unreliable. We did not experience this problem
  • Adjustable camera lens sticks out from bracket and might be tempting for older kids to mess with
  • The camera is wired so you’ll need to have a wire between your monitor and the camera

Budget Friendly Car Baby Camera

Shybaby BM-802BCM
Shybaby BM-802BCM features

ShyBaby Backseat Baby Camera

Why We Picked It

The 4.3” monitor this system includes has a sleek design despite the price point. The rounded edges and the bezel give the monitor a factory-type appearance, and the monitor offers a resolution of 1080p. Between the smaller size of the monitor and the HD resolution, it creates excellent quality video feed. This camera had less wash out than some higher-priced models too, which we found to be a surprise.

The rear camera uses straps to secure it to a headrest. An eight-piece IR diode system provides high-quality resolution at night as well. The lens is positioned on a swivel ball to make it simple to adjust exactly where the camera points.

The one thing that we were on the fence on was the viewing angle. We found the 170-degree viewing angle to be a little too much for our liking. Image width of this size tends to cause the edges of the image to get a fishbowl effect that compromises visibility. That said, for parents who want a wider field of view to keep an eye on multiple kids this might actually play to your benefit. Like the other wired camera options on this list, the ShyBaby camera requires you to wire directly to the monitor for power and the video feed.

Key Features

  • 4.3” monitor with windshield bracket
  • 1080p resolution
  • HD adjustable camera with headrest straps
  • Flexible and adjustable installation options
  • Automatic night vision with built-in IR lights
  • 170-degree rear view angle
Reasons to Buy
  • Simple installation procedure that takes just minutes
  • Really good night vision capabilities
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Extremely sensitive IR automatic switching can be annoying
  • Wide view causes some fishbowl effect
  • Wired option that requires you to connect the camera directly to the monitor

Best Value Car Baby Monitor

DoHonest V33
DoHonest V33 features
DoHonest V33 install

DoHonest V33

Why We Picked It

When it comes to budget cameras, we have gotten used to being disappointed. It’s one of the reasons that this camera is so impressive to us. Seriously, we thought the image quality would be terrible, but it is actually pretty good. The 1080p resolution is good, and the 5” monitor does an excellent job of giving drivers a clear view of the back seat. 

The rear camera mounts easily, using a headrest strap. A 150-degree viewing angle provides a clear view of the entire seat without creating a fishbowl view. The built-in IR diodes work well for night vision, though not as clear as some higher-priced options. In all, the camera is surprisingly good. 

The monitor uses a suction cup mount that is not one of our favorite designs – it is somewhat bulky and does not prevent vibration very well. The mount tends to release suction on hot days too. Nonetheless, another great pick for a budget friendly baby monitor for your car.

Key Features

  • 5” monitor w/ 1080p resolution 
  • Rear camera mounts to headrest
  • 150-degree viewing angle
  • Brightness/color/contrast adjustment
  • Adjustable camera mount design
Reasons to Buy
  • The price is rock-bottom, but the quality is quite good
  • Upgraded night vision looks excellent
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Issues with the monitor mount include suspect weakness and failed suction cups
  • May not be a reliable long-term solution

Features to Look For

Camera & Screen Quality

In our opinion, the most important thing that you should look for when shopping for a back seat camera for your baby is camera and screen quality – a high-resolution camera and screen. You’ll notice that all of the products on our list offer 1080p resolution. In our experience, this is the lowest resolution that will give you a clear image of your baby at all times. Lower quality cameras and screens are granular, and their images can take you longer to decipher whether your child is in distress or not, which is a possible distraction for the driver.

Mounting & Installation

Mounting options are also very important, and may determine which product you choose for your vehicle. Many products have multiple ways to mount the camera. Among them – suction cups, straps, and even magnets. Most of the products on our list use a strap-mount system, which provides the most flexible way to position the camera for either front-facing or rear-facing car seats.


The overwhelming majority of baby monitors for cars leverage a 12v DC connection. This is preferable, since your vehicle’s accessories, stereo, etc typically also run on 12v power. The connection is typically done through a 12v ACC receptacle – what we used to call a cigarette lighter but if your vehicle has a USB port this will typically suffice as well. Make sure that the product you purchase has a power cable both compatible and long enough to reach your 12v power receptacle, whether it’s a ‘cigarette lighter’ style or USB.

Night Vision

Night vision is vital for a baby cam. It is only a matter of time before you will be driving in the dark and need to monitor your baby. Taking your eyes off the road at night is even more dangerous than during the day. Most cameras will use LED lights or IR sensors to produce a vivid image in near-total darkness. 

Monitor Size

One final consideration is the size of the monitor. Larger monitors are easier to see, but can also present problems if the monitor blocks your view of the road or makes it more difficult to access buttons on the dash. Smaller monitors are less expensive and might even offer a better-looking image due to the density of pixels. The monitor will need to mount somewhere that you can easily see it, so look for a design that has a mount that will work. Many use suction cups or velcro to attach temporarily to the dash or windshield. 

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