Picking the Best Wireless Charging Phone Mount Simplified

Searching through all the wireless windshield mounts for cars online is a daunting task. Dozens of very similar products are available at a wide range of prices. Instead of letting you waste your life searching through thousands of websites, we have compiled this helpful list of the best wireless charging windshield mounts on the market for 2019.

What are Wireless Charging Dashboard & Windshield Mounts?

An ingenious solution to one of life’s most annoying problems, a wireless charging mount securely cradles your phone in your car while charging it wirelessly. Then, all you have to worry about is driving, no more fumbling with cords when your battery light comes on or dropping your phone between the seats.

Mounts come in many different styles and sizes. Many windshield mounts are also capable of mounting on the dash, or any smooth surface in your car. 

A word of caution: never use a suction cup mount on an infotainment system with a touch screen. The force of suction can crack the delicate layer that responds to touch.

Most mounts have cradles or clips along the flat, charging surface that hold your phone securely while you are driving. Some mounts actually use the force of magnets to hold your phone in place without any obstructions to the sides of your phone.

There are two, basic designs of wireless mounts. One uses a flexible arm called a goose neck. The other design has an articulated arm that allows for adjustment of your phone, making it easy to tailor the angle of the screen to your particular car.

The arm assembly can be temporarily mounted to windshields, cup holders, 12v accessory plugs, and even AC vents.

How do they work?

Wireless charging mounts work using magnetic coils, just like your phone has. Qi-enabled phones (pronounced CHEE) are capable of wireless charging. More modern phones, like the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung S10 are capable of wireless fast charging.

A wireless charging mount will still need to be plugged in, but usually you can route the wires to keep the clutter to a minimum.

Best Wireless Charging Phone Mounts for Your Car

Why are these the best wireless charging mounts?

We combed the depths of the internet, from review sites, shopping apps, and consumer reports. We even read reviewer comments and other professional critiques.

These mounts are all good options, depending on what type of mount a person needs, the phones they use most often, and the type of driving they do.

1. Best Automatic Charging Windshield Mount: VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount

VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount front angle view with no phone

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VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount Quick Review

The VANMASS wireless charging mount is available with suction cup or AC vent clips. This gives the user a great amount of versatility and makes it easy to move the wireless charging mount from one vehicle to another without damaging anything.

The charging mount pad features automatic clips, so you can just slide your phone in and go. The mount magnetically holds the phone in place while the clips simply keep it from moving. This wireless charging mount automatically grips your phone when you place it against the charging pad. To release, just press the button on the side and your phone can be removed effortlessly.

The versatile mount options are a reason why this wireless mount for cars is a top pick. The arm that’s used with the suction cup mount is sturdy and provides excellent articulation and range of motion, so you can set your screen just where you want it. It can raise and lower 270 degrees and extends from 5.5” to 7.5”.

The mount is secure and stable, even with heavy phones like the Samsung Note 9. The charging pad works in landscape or portrait position. The arm is well made and feels durable.

This wireless charger automatically supports up to 10-Watt charging using a Quick Charge 3.0 charger. For newer iPhone users, the wireless charger is capable of 7.5 W charging power. It also charges older Qi-enabled phones like the Samsung Note 5 at 5 W.

Reasons to Buy
  • Automatically switches wattage
  • Automatically holds and releases
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Retaining clips are small when used on large phones with bulky cases

2. Most Powerful Mount: CNSL Wireless Phone Holder 3-in-1

CNSL Wireless Car Charger Mount with sample iphone in and arm extended

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CNSL Wireless Car Charger Mount Quick Review

CNSL patented the automatic holding technology that secures a phone to the charging pad. Today, CNSL offers one of the most powerful wireless charging mounts.

The CNSL wireless charging holder is one of the first on the market to offer up to 15-Watt charging power for the future phones that will use that high of a charging wattage. This promises to speed up wireless charging, which on phones equipped with fast charge technology can be significantly slower than a plugged-in connection.

Most wireless charging mounts struggle to charge phones with thick cases. Not the CNSL holder. It’s third generation inductive charging technology can reach your phone, a huge advantage for people who use protective cases like Otterbox.

The CNSL wireless charging pad can be swiveled 360 degrees, allowing view in landscape or portrait mode, and nearly infinite adjustment of angle to optimize comfortable views.

The CNSL wireless charging mount is designed to work on windshields, dashes, or AC vents, making it perfect for switching between different vehicles. Interchangeable mounts on the back of the charging pad make it simple to switch from suction cup to AC vent.

A key feature of the CNSL charger is the built-in overcharge protection that prevents phones from overheating and frying the battery. The wireless charger will trickle charge once the phone has reached 95 percent charge. This allows saturation of charge and a longer battery life.

Reasons to Buy
  • Powerful wireless charge that works with heavy duty cases
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Can get very hot during use
  • Not recommended for long-term windshield attachment

3. Most Stable Mount: iOttie One Touch Wireless Qi-Enabled Charger

iOttie One Touch Wireless Qi-Enabled Charger Mount Quick Review

This semi-permanent mount from iOttie is super stable, even with really heavy phones. The reason it is so stable is because instead of a suction cup that can come loose, it uses a pad that glues to the dash. The mount is then much more secure and won’t pop off when going around a corner like some of the suction cup mounts will do.

The iOttie features one touch technology, just press your phone to the pad, and it stays. Press the side clips together and the phone is instantly released.

This wireless charger will accommodate phones up to 3.5” wide and can rotate 360 degrees and raise and lower 225 degrees. It is ideal for use in compact spaces and oddly shaped dashboards where a traditional suction cup-type mount won’t work.

Reviewers with either small phones, like the iPhone XS, or large phones, like the Samsung Note 9 experienced fitment issues with this mount. The bottom clip is not adjustable, meaning large phones can be difficult to keep in just the right position. Small phone users found the spring tension too high on the retaining clips, and a number of buyers had arms break off from the force of closing on their phones.

Overall, this iOttie One Touch wireless charging holder is a “best buy” on Amazon. With over 800 reviews and 57 percent are 4 or five star reviews, this holder is popular and adaptable.

Reasons to Buy
  • Super-stable base and simple design
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Can only be mounted in one vehicle

4. Best Compact Mount: Scoche MagicMount Pro Charge

SCOSCHE MPQ2WD-XTSP MagicMount Pro Charge mounted with no phone

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Scoche MagicMount Pro Charge Quick Review

Wireless charging windshield mounts that use an adjustable arm can take up a lot of space. This semi-permanent wireless charging mount from Scosche uses a sophisticated and elegant fixed arm with a swivel charging pad that takes up hardly any room.

This is a great option if you live in a state like California that restricts the size of objects blocking the windshield. The charging pad uses neodymium magnets instead of clips for a clean, clutter free appearance.

This wireless charging mount is no-nonsense and simple to use. Most user reviews found the magnets to be plenty strong to hold cellphones and even tablet users were able to charge and hold devices with the Scosche MagicMount Pro.

Reasons to Buy
  • Basic, rugged design
  • Takes up minimal space
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Struggles with large, bulky phones

5. Best Vent Clip Mount: Kenu AirFrame Qi-Enabled Mount

Kenu AirFrame Qi-Enabled Mount display for best vent mounts

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Kenu AirFrame Quick Review

So simple, it's like it isn't even there. The Kenu AirFrame is a vent clip type wireless charging mount that is sleek and simple. It uses adjustable side clamps and can clip into any car's air vent with interchangeable mounts.

An advantage of a vent clip mount is the ability to turn on the air conditioner to cool the charging pad and phone. When charging, heat can build up, and some wireless mounts have a hard time operating when they get too hot. This one puts the phone right in front of the best place to keep it cool.

The mount securely holds large, heavy phones and safely charges devices with heavy protective cases. The wireless charging mount features a secondary USB connector to allow simultaneous charging of two devices.

Reasons to Buy
  • Does not block curved screens
  • Places phone in front of air vent for added cooling
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Struggles to hang onto large phones on bumpy roads
  • Might block your air from cooling the driver or passenger depending on which vent it's mounted to

6. Best Cordless and Wireless Mount: SOAIY 3-in-One

SOAIY 3-in-1 Car Mount Charger with no phone or wires to show product on best car phone mounts

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SOAIY 3-in-One Quick Review

For the ultimate in clean, slick installs, the SOAIY wireless charging mount plugs into your 12V accessory socket without any cables getting in the way. The rubberized plug holds securely and the charging pad features a magnetic, cradle free design to improve the simple design.

This wireless charging mount has a flexible gooseneck arm that can easily be bent for the optimal angle of view. The flexible neck makes it easy to quickly adapt the location of the screen if it gets in the sun. It’s also handy when a passenger is helping navigate or needs to look something up on the internet.

A trick feature of this wireless charging mount is that the plug has two additional USB ports to permit charging of additional devices up to 3.1A.

The SOAIY 3-in-One is popular with road warriors because the flexible design and minimal cords keep everything clean and simple.

The 12V accessory plug fits very tight and has a rubber securing ring to keep it all in place. Some reviewers found the plug to be too tight for their 12V sockets, but most reviewers had few problems with it becoming loose and swiveling.

Reasons to Buy
  • The ultimate in flexibility
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Can struggle to hold and charge large phones with thick cases

7. Fastest Wireless Charging Mount: Anker PowerWave Car Charger Mount

Anker PowerWave Car Charger Mount with mount and clip - what you get

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Anker PowerWave Quick Review

Anker through every possible option into this mount. It features interchangeable mounts to adapt to dash, AC vent, even your desk at work or your couch at home.

The best thing about the Anker PowerWave Fast Charger is the technology that permits optimal high-speed charging wirelessly. Wattage output automatically adjusts to the power level needed for each phone. A protective circuit prevents overcharging.

The cradle-type clips are secure and hold phones in the right place to keep phones charging constantly. The PowerWave can keep phones charged even when running GPS or streaming music.

Reasons to Buy
  • Charges faster than its competitors
Reasons Not to Buy
  • Vent mounts can be bulky and difficult to mount
  • Most expensive mount on our list

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