Finding the best car battery is not exactly a fun job. But it can be extremely frustrating to experience a dead battery and the best way to avoid this is by learning about car battery performance, quality and other battery features.

Let’s start with the basics. Car batteries come in a variety of weight, lengths, height, cold cranking amps (CCA), and amp-hour. The average life span of car batteries is around 3 to 5 years but this isn’t to say an excellent brand can churn out one that will last up to 10 years. On the other hand, its life span can be shorter if you have poor driving habits or live in extreme weather conditions. According to Battery University, factory defects is a low 7% of the total number of car batteries manufactured which suggests that if a car battery stops working or does not work at all, it’s most likely either a bad fit or human error in picking the right one.

Of all the factors that were considered in reviewing the best car batteries, we put the most emphasis on performance. Your car battery should consistently perform at optimum level regardless of the number of car accessories. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your high performing car stereo, it‘s important to consider battery performance because there is a chance of draining the battery with the wrong choice, especially with an upgraded stereo or other accessories.

Here's a list of the top rated car batteries of 2019. Click a battery series to go to the full review, or just scroll down to view all of the reviews:

Our RankCar BatteryCold Cranking AmpsCapacityVoltsPrice
1.Optima Red Top720 - 80044 - 50 Ah6 - 12v$$
2.XS Power D190 - 170035 - 140 Ah12V$$$
3.Odyssey Extreme100 - 8507- 55 AH12V$$
4.AC Delco Professional630 - 92560 - 95 Ah12V$$
5.Exide Edge AGM440- 77045 - 68 Ah12V$$

Choosing the Right Battery

The factors that were considered for this review include: performance, power, safety and maintenance, price, type, special features, warranty, and customer feedback. Even though we placed a heavy emphasis on performance, it is important to consider these other factors as well while researching the best battery for your car.

Best Car Batteries List

1. Optima Red Top Series Batteries

Optima Red Top Batteries

Optima Red Top Battery Review

The Optima Red Top Series is a 6 cell AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) type with 800 CCA that uses 99.99% pure lead. This allows electricity to flow faster because there are no impurities and is capable of holding voltage longer.  Compared to conventional car batteries, this battery has much more internal surface area and a stronger structure that is completely sealed and able to hold its shape no matter what the conditions are.
Other impressive facts to note about the Optima Red Top Series include:

  • Zero leaks
  • Maintenance free
  • 2x longer life
  • All weather resistance
  • 5 second starting power
  • High vibration resistance

The Optima Red Top car batteries have a 3 year warranty and are well known for holding voltage. But they need to be charged soon after starting the engine because they are not meant for deep cycling. This battery consistently gets high ratings for performance and reliability. It is also known to extend far beyond the 5 year battery life experts say is the maximum life span for car batteries. This means huge savings!
On the downside, the battery cannot be left idle for long periods and requires a special charger (like a trickle charger), which is sold separately. Also, if you buy your Optima battery from a non-accredited dealer, you will not be allowed to claim warranty.

2. XS Power D Series Batteries

XS Power Series batteries front view three batteries

XS Power D Series Battery Review

Another of CarAudioNow’s best automotive battery series is the AGM XS Power D Series, also called “audio batteries” as compared to the S Series which is their “racing battery.”  The D Series batteries have 1,000 CCA and low internal resistance which means it offers outstanding power even if you have ton of energy-hungry electronics and accessories feeding on the battery. Although it is more for open hood, it works just fine under the hood and in almost all positions.  The XS Power D Series batteries are very universal as well, and can be used on all types of vehicles from classics to the latest models.

Other features of this car battery include:

  • Heavy duty, pure lead
  • Leak proof, no spill
  • Maintenance free, valve regulated
  • Vibration and shock resistant with reinforced plastic
  • 3 years warranty

On the downside, you will need to purchase an AGM charger and possibly, terminal posts. There have also been feedbacks about problems in performance in warm climates.

3. Odyssey Extreme Series

Odyssey Extreme Series Batteries three pc680 front view

Odyssey Extreme Series Battery Review

Two of the reasons why the Odyssey Extreme Series is in our list of best auto batteries is: 1. High recharge efficiency and 2. Cranking power. This car battery series also has deep cycle reserve power and can work under even the coldest temperatures. It is known to reach over 2250 amps in 5 seconds which is more than double that of ordinary batteries.

Also made with pure lead, this AGM series has more plate surface area and uses AGM technology for 15% more power. It has a charging time of about 4 to 6.

Some additional notes about the Odyssey Extreme Series:

  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Limited 2 to 4 year limited warranty
  • Mounting flexibility
  • Corrosion resistant, flame retardant

On the downside, this car battery series may need a little adjustment to fit perfectly since it is on the thin side compared to other brands.

4. AC Delco Professional Series

AC Delco Professional AGM Series Batteries batteries 34agm and 47agm front view and top view of car battery

AC Delco Pro Series Battery Review

The AC Delco Pro Series is another of the top rated car batteries because it is made with high density negative paste that increases battery life and allows silver calcium for outstanding performance and low resistance.  Because it has an envelope separator with a puncture-resistant back, you get better acid circulation that allows the battery to stay cool.
Other features of this AGM best auto battery include:

  • No acid leaks
  • Tested 100% for electrical short
  • Minimum of 18 months free replacement warranty up to 42 months
  • Maintenance free

On the downside, you will have to make sure what you order will fit your needs because there have been some noted issues about fitting not just in size but in battery output.

5. Exide Edge AGM Series Batteries

Exide Edge Series Automotive batteries front view of three batteries for car

Exide Edge AGM Battery Review

The Exide Edge AGM series is distinct because it has the SureLife Graphite technology (similar to the spiral cell technology of Optima), which maximizes the available energy so your car enjoys high performance level even with prolonged use. The Exide Edge AGM comes with a battery failure and extended warranty of up to 48 months.  This battery remains low profile but has performed consistently in test labs and actual driving conditions.
It has the following notable features:

  • No leak, fully sealed
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to mount
  • High CCA across the board