Category: Accessories

If you spend a lot of time with your car or know someone who does, there are a host of great accessories to make those hours safer and more enjoyable. Our guides to the best car accessories cover five distinct categories:

  • OBD2 scanners and readers
  • Dashboard cameras
  • Car headphones
  • Car power inverters
  • iPhone accessories

With an ODB2 scanner or reader you can find out why the Check Engine light is on. A good scanner even tells you what to do about it. Our guide to the best ODB2 scanners and readers explains the difference between these two very similar tools and offers plenty of tips for deciding which to buy.

Ever wished you had a record of something that happened just in front of you? That’s what a dashboard camera provides. These devices capture several minutes of video, looping around and rewriting to avoid needing vast reserves of memory. Our guide to the best dashboard cameras goes through the various features available so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Car headphones are an essential addition to an in-car DVD player or for passengers who want to doze quietly in the back. They’re available both wired and wireless. Weight and comfort are the prime considerations but our guide to the best car headphones explains what else to look for.

A power inverter turns the 12V DC electricity used by your car into 120V AC. That’s useful when you want to charge a laptop or anything else that needs more than a USB cable. You’ll need to match the power an inverter provides with the device you’re plugging in, so our list of best car power inverts includes this essential information.

Why let your iPhone distract you by sliding around the interior? The are many useful accessories for holding it in place, charging it, and letting you use it hands-free. Our guide to the best iPhone accessories and gadgets list a number you might want in your car. They make great gift ideas too!


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