In this article: We'll list out 10 great categories of car enthusiast gifts for the holidays to help you find a unique, budget friendly present for your car loving friends or family.

Picking out the perfect gift for car lovers and enthusiasts gets more complicated every year. If you have a friend or loved one who is a car nut like us, you've come to the right spot. We've compiled a list of the best gifts for the year. We look around for the kinds of gifts we would want to get ourselves, and find the neatest, highest-quality and most awesome things any car enthusiast would love to get. And we update them throughout the year, every year to keep them fresh.

We found ten categories of ideas that are sure to cover the bases for all your gift-giving challenges. Some of these gifts make great stocking stuffers, secret Santa gifts, or quick and easy presents for anyone you know. Some are a little more pricy while others are great for budget gift giving. No matter what the preference, budget, gender – you'll find something for everyone here.

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Best Gifts for Car Lovers and Enthusiasts

Tire Pressure Gauges

Tire pressure is a safety issue. Every car owner should have at least one pressure gauge – one that lives in the trunk or glovebox and one for the garage.

Analog Tire pressure gauges have a circular dial that’s swept by a needle. They don’t need a battery so they’re always ready to use. One advantage of digital gauges is the ability to switch between different units of pressure, (which might be useful on an imported vehicle.)

Tire pressure gauges come with or without a hose. Those with no hose fit straight onto the top of the valve. A hose gives more flexibility in where to put the display or readout. Readout accuracy depends in part on the increments displayed. Some gauges read to 0.5psi while others go to 0.1. Gauge accuracy is also indicated by conformance to the ANSI B40.1 standard.

Also look for a pressure lock/release button. This holds the gauge at the reading until you’ve had a chance to look at it.

Jump Starters

This is one of those car-related products that may not seem like an impressive gift until the person goes to start their car in a torrential rainstorm, are late to work, only to discover a dead battery. It’s during those unexpected (worst) times that of these battery boosters is a lifesaver and you'll earn endless thanks.

A jump box is a portable battery you use to kick your car's engine into life. Most also include ports for charging cellphones as well as some kind of flashlight. A jump box is a great gift for a new driver or someone who travels on their own a lot. Even if they never need to use it, just having it in the car provides peace-of-mind, (for driver and anxious parents/spouse alike!)

Jump boxes are specified in terms of capacity and peak amps. Capacity (the amount of energy stored,) is indicated in Amp-hours (Ah) or sometimes milliamp-hours. More capacity means more engine starts or devices charged.

Peak amps (A) indicates how much electrical current can be delivered and relates to size of engine started. 500A is enough for most engines but you'll need more for engines larger than 5 liters. You should also know that diesel engines need more amps to start, (500A will turn over a 3 liter diesel.) Starting in very low temperatures also needs more peak amps.

Here’s a few great options for jump starters, but you can also find more on our Best Portable Jump Starter list.

Detailing Kits

Real car enthusiasts like nothing more than getting to work with a wash mitt and a big bucket of suds. That’s why it’s hard to go wrong with a gift set of car cleaning essentials. There’s a host to choose from: we’ve picked three that will appeal to the most ardent gearhead.

Emergency Roadside Kit

There probably isn't a worse feeling than having your car break down on you. And when the problem is something simple you can fix; you need to have the proper tools on hand. An emergency roadside kit makes a great gift for any driver, and it's a great way to show your love.

Phone Cradles & Holders

A phone cradle is necessary for safe, distraction-free driving. While there are thousands of cradles on the market, many of them are plain junk. The ones listed here are among the best, most reliable, and easy to use cradles you'll ever find, and they make a wonderful gift for any driver who needs to use their phone in the car, and let's be honest, who doesn't these days? Be sure to also take a look at our list of Best Wireless Charging Phone Mounts for a comprehensive list.

Bling for Drivers

Some drivers just simply have every tool they'll ever need. Don't get discouraged trying to find the perfect gift, any car enthusiast would love to get a little bling for themselves. These gift ideas are a great way to show your favorite driver how much you care about them.

Bling for Your Ride

These gifts are perfect for that driver who wants to customize everything about their car. With so many cars being so similar in style these days, fun little gadgets to bling out a ride are a great way to let drivers set their car apart from the crowd.

Car Organizers

How many of you have junk just tossed around in your trunk and center console? Yeah, me too. But the solution couldn't be easier. A car organizer makes a great gift for drivers that need to be able to securely store things like a laptop, paperwork, and all sorts of other items.


Working on cars is dirty work. Whether the task is exterior detailing, or it's time to change out that noisy pinion gear in the rear axle, every job comes with its own mess. Just like having the right tool to fix a problem is important, having the right clothing matters, also. If you've got a gear head on your list, these are some great gift options.

Tech Gadgets

Gift-Giving for Car Enthusiast's Couldn't be Easier

The ideas we put out for you today are great options for gifts. Any car enthusiast will be happy getting anything on this list. From detailing supplies, to trick gadgets, to kits to keep drivers safe, finding the perfect gift is easier when you know the best products on the market. Our site is a great way to get the best information about the top technology. If you want to know more about any of these products, please take a look at our “best of” lists where we explain the features and functions of top-notch car audio products.