A touch screen car stereo can significantly upgrade the appearance of your dash and give you a ton of new options for listening to your favorite music the way you want to hear it. They're the new norm when it comes to audio and multimedia in your car. Some even allow you to watch video and DVDs to entertain yourself and your passengers.

There are dozens of advantages to buying a touchscreen for your car. But not all touchscreen car stereos are a good buy. There are hundreds of different head units on the market at an array of prices, so picking the best touch screen car stereo can be an overwhelming challenge.

CarAudioNow.com has done the hard work for you and narrowed the best touch screen car stereos down to this list. Each head unit we discuss below has been thoroughly researched, tested, and compared against rival head units. We have read through thousands of customer reviews, spoken directly with the manufacturers, and checked the specs of these stereos to determine which ones are the best. We've additionally tested many of these first hand. This list will definitely help you find something you like and can trust. We're committed to updating our buyer's guides and keeping our information relevant and new.

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Best Overall Touch Screen Car Stereo

Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX

Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX with carplay apps on screen
Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX angle view with media playing
Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX with turn by turn instructions on screen
Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX rear view with screen and chassis
Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX with chassis and screen separated

Key Features

  • 8″ LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Power Output: 22W (RMS) and 50W (Peak)
  • 6-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, sub)

Latest Prices

Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX Quick Review

Pioneer has been an industry leader in automotive audio equipment for decades. Leadership requires innovation, and the DMH-C5500NEX is among the most innovative touchscreen head units on the market today.

Many modern car owners have problems installing an aftermarket stereo because of limited space behind the factory head unit. Pioneer has solved every problem in the book with the C5500. The 1” thick capacitive touchscreen is wired to a “black box” that can be located where space allows. It can even be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The screen is a hefty beast. Measuring at eight inches, it gives you plenty of room to view Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on most smartphones and tablets. WebLink provides access to YouTube and many other apps. The screen can be controlled with gestures and swipes for a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Pioneer managed to get plenty of power into the C5500NEX, too. With an RMS of 22 watts per channel and a peak of 50 watts per channel, the C5500 is ready to rock. Three pairs of 4V preouts offer adaptability for subwoofers and amplifiers.

  • Separate, oversize 8″ screen that allows for custom installation in virtually any vehicle
  • Highly responsive touchscreen
  • Intuitive user interface featuring Pioneers exclusive NEX technology
  • Remote chassis mounting can require additional wiring not included with the head unit

Best Touchscreen Head Unit for Video & Multimedia

Sony XAV-AX8100

Sony XAV-AX8100 Home
Sony XAV-AX8100 side view of screen and chassis
Sony XAV-AX8100 HDMI In with video playing on screen
Sony XAV-AX8100 HDMI input on the bottom of the screen
Sony XAV-AX8100 plugged in to iphone
Sony XAV-AX8100 rear view

Key Features

  • 8.95″ LCD Resistive Touch Screen
  • Power Output: 20W (RMS), 55W (Peak)
  • 5-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, mono sub)
  • HDMI video input

Latest Prices

Sony XAV-AX8100 Quick Review

When you need the ultimate in real estate, look no further than the Sony XAV-AX8100. Last year, its sister model, the AX8000, made this list but since then there have been even more improvements. First off, this unit has a massive 8.95” touchscreen, yet it fits a single DIN 2” opening. The clever design allows this massive monster to fit in so many more vehicles than a traditional 2 DIN opening. It is an outstanding upgrade for older vehicles once thought to be limited on touch screen stereo upgrades.

The biggest difference to highlight between the AX8100 and its predecessor, the AX8000 is that the 8100 now comes with an HDMI input. This allows you to simply plug in ANY multimedia device that you want and play video directly on the head unit. Xbox, Playstation, Switch, or even your iPhone with an HDMI adapter – this HDMI input is a HUGE upgrade and really opens this unit up as a super powerful multimedia head unit. Additionally, it is also preloaded with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for a seamless music experience.  It has one of the lowest glare screens we have ever tested as well. Simple, easily understandable icons help drivers stay focused on the road and not on searching for features they want.

The nearly 9” touch sensitive screen appears to hover above your dash when installed. The screen can be tilted to accommodate different angles and to provide a comfortable viewing angle for the driver. The simple, matte-finish look blends in nicely with many different vehicle interiors and gives a true high-end feel to any car or truck. The AX8000 is an instant upgrade for almost any car on the road today.

The AX8100 features a peak of 55 watts per channel and has five, 4V pre outs for even more expandability. The unit is factory-prepared for a single backup camera. A single rear USB port can be used for wired connections and provides a 1.5a charging point for your smartphone.

We did a full installation and review of the XAV-AX8100 and loved the unit. Check out the full review.

  • Single-DIN chassis makes installation easy in most vehicles
  • HDMI input for any multimedia and video device
  • Huge, glare-free screen
  • Very flexible screen adjustments to fit any dash
  • Plenty of power
  • Only one USB output
  • Chassis is not designed to mount in vehicles with 1.5 or 2-DIN openings. Adapters will be required
  • Could have more visual customization features to match vehicle interior colors

Best Touscreen Car Stereo for High Performance Audio

Alpine ILX-W650

Alpine ILX-W650 with apple carplay apps on screen
iLX-W650 screen with apps
Alpine ILX-W650 with android auto apps on screen
Alpine ILX-W650 with maps on screen
Alpine ILX-W650 side view of chassis and screen
Alpine ILX-W650 rear view of stereo

Key Features

  • 7″ Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Power Output: 16W (RMS) and 45W (Peak)
  • 6-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, sub)

Latest Prices

Alpine ILX-W650 Quick Review

Alpine always puts out a solid product. We recently did a full review and feature demo of the iLX-W650 and really loved it. The ILX-W650 gives you a beautiful capacitive touchscreen measuring 7 inches. At only 2.4” deep, the ILX-W650 can be installed in virtually any vehicle with a double-DIN dash opening. It's great for shallow dashes that have little room behind the unit. Very few head units with this size screen will allow for such flexibility.

Alpine provides a trick two-finger ‘swipe’ feature that can be used to quickly access apps and functions with minimal interaction. In fact, the ease of the swipe reduces the need for drivers to take their eyes off the road to select options.

Icons are displayed in bright, vivid colors and are easy to quickly understand. Built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be connected via USB to compatible smartphones and tablets. Alpine loaded the ILX-W650 up with the apps you need the most, like Waze, Google Maps, Pandora, and Sirius XM.

Power output is good, coming in at 40 watts peak with 16 watts per channel RMS. If you have the space, the ILX-W650 is designed to mount the Alpine KTA-450 amplifier. This amp will add 50 watts per channel and mounts to the rear of the head unit. Overall size is roughly that of a standard double-DIN head unit when connected to the Alpine iLX-W650

Overall, this is a really great product for a mid-range price. If you're not looking to spend $500 but want the latest features like Apple CarPlay, and also want the reassurance of a top quality brand this is the best choice for you.

  • Shallow depth eases installation
  • User interface and controls are simple and easy to use
  • Dual camera connections
  • Screen can exhibit bad glare at some angles
  • Icons and graphics lack flashiness

Best Bluetooth Touchscreen Head Unit


JVC KW-M75BT with CarPlay apps on screen
JVC KW-M75BT angle view of homescreen
JVC KW-M75BT maps on screen
JVC KW-M75BT side view of chassis
JVC KW-M75BT rear view of chassis

Key Features

  • 6.8″ Clear Resistive Touch Screen
  • Power Output: 22W (RMS) and 50W (Peak)
  • 6-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, sub)

Latest Prices

Buy on Amazon.com $499.95
Buy on Crutchfield.com
Last Amazon price update was: June 30, 2022 8:23 am

JVC KW-M75BT Quick Review

The newest touchscreen head unit from JVC brings together the best connectivity options on a 6.8” double-DIN unit. Built-in bluetooth hands-free calling and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto means you can listen to the music you want, whenever and wherever you may be.

Many of the best touchscreen head units available are wonderful, but do not feature interesting icons and wallpapers. This JVC unit allows for live wallpapers and has one of the most dynamic and colorful displays around.

This is more than just a pretty head unit from JVC. It is also a powerhouse of features and options. With a peak 50 watts on hand and numerous levels of sound customization, your music has never sounded so good. JVC enables the KW-M75BT to adjust for speaker size, location, and the interior size of your car or truck to digitally enhance your experience. The unit is factory-prepped for iDatalink Maestro adapters, making it simple to install the stereo and retain your factory controls.

Dual USB connections provide options to connect up to two phones directly. Using a paired bluetooth connection the KW-M75BT can sync up to five devices simultaneously using the streaming DJ feature. This innovative app allows songs to be played from your friends and families phones. No more having to claim the next song on road trips, then fumble around to get the music playing. All of your favorite music selections will be playing seamlessly.

  • Excellent connectivity options
  • Live wallpapers and dynamic images
  • Excellent price point
  • iDatalink enabled
  • Smaller screen than some competitors
  • Only fits Double-DIN openings

Best Value Touch Screen Car Stereo

Jensen CAR1000

Jensen CAR1000 front view screen with maps

Key Features

  • 10.1″ Touch Screen
  • Power Output: N/A
  • 6-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, sub)

Latest Prices

Buy on Amazon.com $449.99
Buy on eBay $499.95
Last Amazon price update was: June 30, 2022 9:24 am

Jensen CAR1000 Quick Review

This is the newest touchscreen head unit on the market. The first units began shipping around Christmas, 2019. We got an opportunity to check the CAR1000 out, and to say we were impressed is an understatement. When you sit down in a vehicle with a 10” touchscreen, it has the look of a high-dollar set-up, regardless of the type of car it is installed in. The typical rule of thumb for touchscreen head units is that the larger the screen, the more expensive the product.

Sit down for this – Jensen’s suggested MSRP comes in at $399.99. That makes it one of the most affordable units on this list! And don’t think Jensen cheated you on features or quality, either. The massive screen has HD-level optics with a screen resolution of 1024×600 and can be tilt-adjusted for comfortable viewing.

Of course, it’s ready to go for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and features wireless Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls and voice control options. The CAR1000 is Siri-enabled to integrate your home-auto smart system.

A peak output of 50 watts per channel and three pairs of pre outs keep this head unit flexible so you can add subwoofers and amplifiers to get big music to go along with that giant screen.

  • Excellent connectivity options
  • Live wallpapers and dynamic images
  • Excellent price point
  • iDatalink enabled
  • Smaller screen than some competitors
  • Only fits Double-DIN openings

Best Touchscreen Head Unit if Money Weren't a Thing

Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309

Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 vehicle controls and accessory switches
Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 apple carplay apps on screen
Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 android auto apps on screen
Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 making a phone call
Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 vehicle data with tire pressure and voltage on screen
Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 music playing
Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 side tilted with single din casing

Key Features

  • 9″ Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Power Output: 18W (RMS), 50W (Peak)
  • 6-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, sub)

Latest Prices

Buy on Amazon.com $1,752.39
Buy on Crutchfield.com
Buy on eBay $949.00
Last Amazon price update was: July 2, 2022 12:23 pm

Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 Quick Review

Also ranked on our list of Best iDataLink Head Units, the Alpine Halo9 was among the very best looking 9” screens available. It is bright, clear, and super responsive. To make it even easier to install, the chassis is a single-DIN size. This makes for an easy installation in almost any car or truck.

The massive screen is easily controlled with taps and swipe gestures in an intuitive layout that makes the Halo9 user friendly and distraction-reducing. Plus, the ultra-modern design gives tons of status to any interior.

A beautiful screen is useless if it isn’t backed up by terrific performance, and Alpine left no box unchecked with the Halo9. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay both work flawlessly, while Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling and Siri Eyes Free. The Halo9 is ready-to-run with Pandora, Waze, and numerous other apps already loaded.

The Halo9 can even control aftermarket light kits and other devices right on screen. Adjustable angles for the screen are -20, 0, 20, and 40 degrees. Alpine advertises a peak of 50 watts x four channels of power output.

  • Highly flexible installation
  • Stunning touch screen display
  • Excellent, easy to use user interface
  • Price is significantly higher than competitors (thus the lower rank)
  • Some users found maps and CarPlay difficult to navigate

Best Cheap Touchscreen Car Stereo

Pumpkin 7″ Flip-Out Single DIN (AA0341B)

PUMPKIN AA0341B android apps on screen
PUMPKIN AA0341B radio on screen
PUMPKIN AA0341B Front main image

Key Features

  • 7″ Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Power Output: 18W (RMS), 45W (Peak)
  • 5-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, sub)

Latest Prices

Buy on Amazon.com
Last Amazon price update was: June 30, 2022 9:24 am

Pumpkin 7″ Flip-out Quick Review

If you want a touchscreen but have a car with a single-DIN opening and controls that would be blocked by one of the fixed-screen units, the engineers at PumpkinAuto have got you covered. This single-DIN chassis has a mechanized flip-out 7” touchscreen that gives you all the best options without the permanent screen. The head unit even allows you to open the screen, start your music, and then tuck the screen away again for clutter-free and distraction-reduced driving.

The impressive-looking 7” touchscreen offers HD resolution of 1024×600 and can play videos in 1080P. Multiple points of contact allow a wide range of control options, like swipe to change, drag to pause and other combinations. Fixed buttons and a dial control offer even more flexibility to play your music.

The unit is powered by a quad-core CPU and runs native Android 9.0. Screen mirroring and touchscreen control of your phone are possible, but users of Apple products will find many features not supported. It's important to note an USB dongle allows iOS users to experience the great features of this head unit, but it must be purchased separately. The head unit includes Android Auto. Bluetooth connectivity allows hands-free calls and text, along with the ability to control your music files without taking your eyes off the road ahead.

Unlike most head units at this price point, the Pumpkin Auto head unit includes a built-in GPS transmitter for the ultimate in GPS navigation accuracy. Dual USB connections, front and rear AUX input, and RCA connections for expanding your subwoofer and amplifier system are also provided.

Pumpkin Auto has been one of the best touchscreen manufacturers since 2014 and is incredibly popular in Europe. Their Android-based systems are easy to use with vehicles from Ford, VW, and many others that are factory-designed to use Android OS. In fact, the company is an industry leader in true factory-replacement units. Many of their products are vehicle specific for a seamless installation.

  • Flip-out screen allows cramped cockpits to have a touchscreen
  • Easy connectivity and lots of features for a great price
  • Easy connections to steering wheel controls
  • Apple users will face some lack of functionality
  • Requires WiFi or mobile hotspot for tethering
  • User interface is more difficult to use