In this Article: We will take a close look at one of the biggest and baddest subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate, the Power T1 series. This article will give you every detail you could hope to find when strategically comparing subwoofers.

Rockford Fosgate Power T1-series Subwoofer Overview

The Rockford Fosgate T1 series of subwoofers are intended to provide you with the hardest-hitting, most beastly bass possible. When you are looking to rock the block, the Power T1 is the solution. Designed from the ground up to get you the optimal strength and power, the T1 is the subwoofer you want when you are aiming for huge bass.

Woofer Cone and Surround

The Kevlar reinforced aluminized woofer cone is lightweight and durable, optimally designed to recreate deep, low-frequency sound. Paired with the proprietary high excursion thermo-rubber surround, the cone and surround design allow these subwoofers to function with the power you’d expect from a larger speaker. Rockford Fosgate uses a high and narrow roll design that increases the woofer cone area up to 25 percent. Not only does this allow the sub to hit the very lowest of frequencies, but the oversized cone also ensures maximum power handling capabilities.

The aluminized dust cap is bonded to the cone in such a way as to create a triangular shape, referred to as Parabolic Triangular Cone Geometry Support System. This design ensures that the cone and surround are always in the optimal position to handle lots of excursion without any unwanted cone distortion.

Dual Spiders and Support Ring

Rockford Fosgate uses a tear-resistant mirror image dual spider design that provides linear stability and optimal cooling to the voice coil. The addition of a dedicated spun-lace Nomex support ring bonded to the spider ensures that the subs can handle lots and lots of power without fatiguing these hard-wearing areas to produce excellent durability.

Periodic stitching of the tinsel lead wire reduces one of the bigger wear points in a subwoofer and prevents distortion caused by the tinsel leads contacting inside the subwoofer.

Voice Coils and Magnets

The dual voice coils that Rockford Fosgate uses are aluminum and case-hardened, then spun in copper wire to ensure that the coils can handle heat and power. A hard-anodized finish on the voice coil formers ensures that there is no distortion or deflection under high loads and over long periods of time. This design makes the T1 a very durable subwoofer that will hold up to lots of abuse.

The T1 uses massive 120 mm dual stacked magnets that ensure proper magnetic fields at all angles of excursion to produce optimal sound under lots of load.

Basket Design & Trim Ring

The Power T1 uses an aluminum alloy cast basket that not only looks cool, it keeps the subwoofer stable at all power levels and provides pathways for cooling air to the spider and voice coil to ensure that the subwoofer doesn’t overheat when running at high volume levels.

It also features what Rockford calls a slot mounted frame design, allowing you to fine tune the position of the subwoofer once you've loosely mounted it via slots in the frame (compared to simple screw holes). Once you have installed the subwoofer into an appropriate ported or sealed subwoofer box, an included trim ring snaps in place to cover the mounting screws and provide a clean, finished appearance.

Proper Amplification

To get the deep, hard-hitting bass you want, you’ll need a good quality amplifier. Rockford Fosgate designed the Power T1 series of subwoofers to work flawlessly with the company’s Power series amplifiers, ensuring that you’ll get the results you want without having to try out a bunch of different amplifiers.

Key Features

  • 10”, 12”, and 15” designs available
  • Both standard and slim designs available
  • Dual 2 ohm or four ohm voice coils
  • Aluminized kevlar-reinforced woofer cone
  • High-roll surround
  • Aluminized dust cap
  • Anodized voice coil and formers
  • Dual spider design with integral securing ring
  • Dual stacked magnets
  • Includes trim ring
  • Slot-loaded terminals, up to 8 AWG
  • Aluminum alloy basket
Will the T1 work in a compact box?

The Power T1 series are optimized for larger subwoofer boxes depending on the size of the speaker. The 12” and 10” subs are available as a slim line, making them appropriate for compact under-seat boxes.

What subwoofer was replaced by the Power T1?

The Power T1 is an all-new design that slots in with other Power speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers by Rockford Fosgate.

Are the slim-line subwoofers as loud as the standard size designs?

There is a slight drop in power handling with the slimline speakers and a resulting difference in the overall excursion, but the difference is minimal enough that you probably won’t notice.

What Others Are Saying

Like several of the subs on our best subwoofer list today, it is awfully hard to find someone with something negative to say about this subwoofer. Most installers were looking for hair-raising bass, and that is exactly what they got with these. Many installers noted that they are forced to turn down the power to these subs because they are so loud that they could even cause hearing damage.


When you are looking for big, big bass, this is the way to go. We recommend using a head unit and amplifier that can be remotely controlled to hear the full availability of power from these subwoofers. The combination of technologies and Rockford Fosgate’s dedication to producing the bass head bass you want make this a fantastic option.