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Car Subwoofers

Adding or upgrading your car stereo with an aftermarket car subwoofer is hands down the best way to round out and add some bass to your system. Even though car speakers like 6x9s, 5x7s or 6.5s can produce some bass, they aren’t engineered to be bass producing speakers. Subwoofers are specifically engineered for bass and cover the lower frequencies better than any 6×9, 6.5 inch or other speaker.

But with so many subwoofers on the market, we know it’s tough to find the one that will best fit your needs. So, to help you find the right subwoofer and better understand some of the fundamentals, we’ve created a few articles that we recommend reading before you choose. This includes things like:

We’ve also compiled some great buying guides with the most current recommended subwoofers, broken down by subwoofer type. You can always check these buying guides out to find our Editorial picks for subs: Protection Status      © 2024