Signature Series 3 Fusion Speakers Set Sights on Changing the, Industry One Shade at a Time

Los Angeles, Calif.- Fusion, a Garmin brand well-known for its marine speakers, has introduced the Signature Series 3 tower speakers, providing boaters with advanced visual and sound options for making waves. The Signature Series 3 provides industrial-level toughness with industry-leading lighting elements and professional sound quality you expect from Fusion.

Fusion Signature Series 3 Tower Speaker Technology

Cool White and Warm White

The thing that sets the Signature Series 3 speakers apart from all the other products out there is the introduction of cool and warm white in a marine speaker. Adding these tones allows for thousands of variations in color. Other speakers give you the reds, greens, and blues – but Fusion gives you vibrant CRGBW colors to create vibrant neons and pastels that drive a new level of dimension. Through the addition of cool and warm white, Fusion's new tower speakers can produce a nearly unlimited color palate

“The Signature Series 3 Wake Tower Speakers create an unparalleled audio entertainment experience for boaters, wakeboarders, or anyone riding in tow,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “These speakers take the action of the ride to a whole new level as they deliver powerful, crystal-clear audio behind a wide range of wake and ski boats for an unforgettable experience on the water.”

Power to Match Performance

Fusion is introducing three speaker sizes in the Signature Series 3 lineup:  8.8”, 7.7”, and 6.5”. The engineering behind these tower speakers is next-level with precisely calculated enclosures optimized for free-air and infinite-baffle setups. Fusion-exclusive CURV technology provides superior sound definition. Silk dome tweeters round out the package to provide a full-range of frequencies from your speakers.

The 8.8” tower speakers are rated at 330 watts peak with an RMS of 130 watts. The all-new 7.7” design can handle 280 watts peak with an RMS of 100 watts. The 6.5” tower speaker is also a new size and design for Fusion and carries a rated peak of 230 watts and an RMS of 75 watts. Each size is engineered for maximum clarity and volume with an impedance of 4 ohms.

Superior Marine-Grade Technology You Need

Boat speakers can’t just be okay at resisting the elements. You don’t want to spend good money on a speaker that degrades in just a season or two. The Signature Series 3 tower speakers are designed to perform without damage from salt, spray, fog, and all that splashy fun that eats inferior products alive. Fully sealed crossover components prevent the most critical parts from damage, and the entire speaker is specifically tailored to handle the elements on board.

The Signature Series 3 lineup is IP65 rated, which provides protection from occasional low-volume splashes and spray. They are designed to operate at temperatures between 32 and 122 degrees F (0-50 degrees C). They carry a 3-year warranty against damage.

Introducing the Latest Must-Have for Your Wake Boat

Fusion's Signature Series 3 tower speakers provide boaters with a new level of color entertainment yet to be seen in wakeboard speakers. And the power handling and water-proofing technology ensure season after season of enjoyment!

Tune back in for more information about these new speakers, we hope to get our hands on a pair of these for an in depth review!