In this Article: We take a deep look at the award-winning Alpine R-series subwoofers and give you all the details you need to know about so that you can see why this is such a great choice.

Alpine R-series Product Overview

Alpine updated the R-series subwoofers in 2022, giving them a refresh and overhaul in several key areas. The R-series have always been among our top pick car subwoofers and the Next Generation design makes these some of the most desirable subwoofers on the market today. On top of all the cool tech that Alpine incorporates to get the deep, clean bass, the new lineup includes a variety of options that give you ample choices to build the system you want. In our opinion, these are also some of the more affordable subs you’ll find with performance that rivals much more expensive offerings.

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Woofer Cone and Surround

Alpine R Series Cone Design

Alpine figured the best way to make a bulletproof subwoofer was to use bulletproof materials. While the woofer cone won’t stop a bullet, it does feature a unique Kevlar reinforced paper pulp structure. The unique blend of materials allows the woofer cone to be light and rigid – ideal for recreating the deepest bass notes that put the cone under load. The cone also uses a special poly ceramic dust cap that further improves the cone’s rigidity and prevents distortion while keeping the motor structure clean as a whistle.

Alpine R Series HAMR Surround

The subwoofer surround is what ensures the woofer cone moves in a singular, straight motion. Conventional half roll surrounds tend to wrinkle and cause distortion while under heavy load. Alpine’s HAMR design means you’ll get increased excursion from the folded surround design without distortion that’s created from wrinkling.

Voice Coils and Motor Structure

Alpine R Series 2nd Gen Double Stack Magnet

The R-series subs are available in two ohm and four-ohm dual voice coil (DVC) designs. That means you’ll have no trouble setting up the perfect system no matter what car amplifier you would like to run or how you’d like to wire it. Just make sure that the amp subwoofer combo that you do choose offer matching ohm specs, as the difference in resistance between an amp and a subwoofer can cause damaging results. Something that you don’t see in every subwoofer (even the premier lineups) is an included jumper wiring system though, so that you can configure the subwoofer appropriately for your system to align with your amplifier.

Another one of the key differences between the previous R-series and the new Next Gen R-series is a new double stacked magnet system. The stronger the magnet, the more force and better control the motor must produce bass. This magnet structure is both larger and more powerful than the previous model. This means you’ll get cleaner, tighter bass at high volumes.

And, using their patented Compound Radius Curve Pole Geometry design, Alpine has developed this subwoofer to be a workhorse, even when you’ve got tons of juice headed its way. The compound design helps eliminate hot air while creating pathways for cooling air to flow, making sure the subwoofer doesn’t overheat.

Progressive Roll Spider

Alpine R Progressive Spider

One of the less visible but equally important aspects of a subwoofer and how it performs is the spider design. Larger excursion speakers require special spider designs that allow for the movement of the cone while preventing the leads from causing distortion and interference. One of the most notable and overlooked aspects of the new R-series subwoofers is the creative way the Alpine engineers protect the tinsel leads from damage while ensuring smooth and accurate bass.

Key Features

  • 8”, 10”, 12” designs
  • Dual and single voice coil designs, two or four ohm
  • Kevlar-reinforced pulp cone
  • Polypropylene and ceramic composite dust cap
  • HAMR Santoprene surround
  • Progressive roll spider
  • Double-stacked motor structure
  • Speaker clips for up to 8 AWG bare wire
  • Removable grill and trim ring assembly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the new model and the previous?

The primary difference is in the dual-stack magnet structure and the advancements made in the surround and woofer cone construction. The new models are bolder with better bass control than the previous design.

Why are there different options for ohms?

Alpine wanted to cover as many custom applications as possible and the only way to do that was to make this series available in three sizes with multiple voice coil and resistance options. When you buy your subs, you’ll be able to dial in the perfect speaker to compliment your amplifier.

Will the R-Series work in a compact space?

The Alpine R-series of subwoofers are intended for compact boxes but not free air applications. The minimum box size for the 12” sub is 0.65 cubic feet, while a sealed box with a capacity of 0.83 cubic feet is ideal. Take a look at our best shallow series subwoofers or free air subwoofers if you're interested in subwoofers designed for those applications.

What People are Saying

It is hard to find anyone who has a negative thing to say about the new Next Generation Alpine R-series subwoofers. While they haven’t been on the market long, the few people who have written about them say that the speakers are hard-hitting and produce clean, clear bass. They come from a long line of respected subwoofers and the 2nd-Gen R Series is only an improvement on their predecessors in our opinion.


The Alpine R-Series are among our favorite subwoofers right now because the combine excellent features and technology at a price point that is totally reasonable. Having run the previous R-series – and the Type R before that – we can say that this is a great improvement over what we always thought was an excellent product.