Robin Electronics Premium Quality 4 Light System

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Robin Electronics Premium Quality 4 Light System

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  • Capacitive Touch Truck Bed Lighting Kit with Automotive Style Plug-N-Play Harness
  • High quality aftermarket truck bed lighting solution available. Designed for Truck owners that want an OEM quality solution, similar to what is available on the Ford F150 and Dodge RAM. You'll receive factory quality materials and your truck will have a Bed Lighting system that has the professional look of something that came from the factory.
  • High quality LEDs and advanced lens design produce the perfect amount of bright, glare free light. system requires ONLY 4 LAMPS, each with 2 LEDs, to provide light coverage equal to our competitors products. Draws only minimal power from your truck. While others advertise the performance of their systems, most include as many as 48 LEDs which draw more power, take up more room and create a distracting halo effect that interferes with vision.
  • Capacitive touch truck bed lighting system is manufactured from UV stable, thickened polycarbonate, making them seemingly indestructible in the back of your truck. With our IP67 dust and waterproof rating, you can be confident our system will stand up to the elements. Utilizing genuine automotive spec wiring and sealed connector systems, our product means NO mess, NO exposed low grade wiring connections and NO clunky looking LED PODS.
  • Standard 2 light system will provide plenty of light to illuminate your entire truck bed. The 2 light kit is designed for truck owners seeking a bed light sytstem comparible to what is currently offered by GM, Ford & Dodge. 4 light system is perfect for truck owners that want MEGA light in their truck bed. The 4 Light Kit offers similar easy DIY Installation.
  • System does NOT require you to install a clunky switch on your truck! Simply touch the lens of any of the connected lamps to operate. The AUTO OFF feature will automatically turn off your bed lights after 60 minutes or when your engine is cranked. Eengineered to ignore false triggers such as rain, dust, snow, etc. Also included an extra wire in the event you wanted to wire a secondary switch or connect to your trucks dome light circuit.

1 review for Robin Electronics Premium Quality 4 Light System

  1. John Thomas

    One BURNED UP and melted luckily not my truck and I can’t find any support

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