Hertz ESK-F165.5



  • EV F165.5 165mm (6.5″) Woofer
  • ET 26.5 26mm (1″) Neodymium Tweeter
  • CX 200.5 Crossover LP/HP at 3kHz – 6/12 dB
  • Grille and accessories included
  • Imedance: 4-ohm
  • Sensitivity 93.5 dB SPL

ET 26.5

  • Tetolon dome; extremely light and well damped for a smooth and extended high frequency response.
  • CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminum Wire) Ultra light ferrofluid-cooled mobile voice coil.
  • High energy neodymium magnet.
  • Low Carbon content plates for maximum magnetic permeability and high heat dissipation.
  • Damping material; controlling acoustic resonances insuring clear, high frequency tones.
  • Acoustic phase plug, optimizing SPL linearity and off-axis high frequency response.

EV F165.5

  • Shallow profile for an easy replacement of factory speakers.
  • V-cone® for best off-axis response and clear mid-high frequency detail.
  • Water-repellent treated paper cone, butyl rubber surround.
  • Pure copper voice coil, wound on aluminium former, for very good thermal and mechanical capacity.
  • Large motor assembly for excellent mobile voice coil control.
  • Low carbon content plates for maximum magnetic permeability and high heat dissipation.
  • DIN size basket coated with scratch-proof, corrosive-resistant material.
  • Tin-plated, high current terminals.
  • Silver-plated lead wires, for maximum reliability and conductivity.
  • Epoxy glue for basket and motor system provides perfect coupling.
  • Curve memory Nomex spider for consistent, reliable performance.
  • Mounting Depth: 1.7″

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