Tview T921PL

Tview T921PL

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The Tview T921PL is a built-in headrest monitor for watching movies, television, and other entertainment. It's a great option for those who want to instantly plug in your media source on a road trip. The T921 features a 16:9 wide screen mobile theater display. Dual sensor IR transmitter has 2 free remotes included, enabling you to control things like volume, sources, settings, and other features directly from the remove. You can easily plug your DVD player, Blu-ray, or gaming device right into the screen as well. And for those who want quiet entertainment for the kids, a built-in transmitter to transmit an audio signal to any wireless headphones keeping the car nice and quiet and the passengers entertained.

The headrests arrive with the LCD screens pre-installed, making it great for the DIY folks who want a good weekend project. Simply remove the existing headrests and put these in the slots. All wiring is included, with power cables with (2) A/V RCA Inputs.

This unit is not compatible with motorized headrests. They are also not compatible with vehicles with rear seat airbags. These dark gray headrests fit with the upholstery of many different cars. They're a neutral color and will help to provide passengers with hours of entertainment during long road trips.

General Features:

  • 9″ TFT Monitors With Built in Car Headrest One Pair)
  • Built In IR Transmitter so it can work with wireless headphone
  • Crystal Clear picture quality: Resolution 480 x 3(RGB) X 234
  • Two Audio Inputs
  • Two Video Inputs so you can connect more monitors Protection Status      © 2024