Python PS5000 Smart Start

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Last updated on April 23, 2019 3:11 pm


Last updated on May 9th, 2019 at 09:05 am

  • security, keyless entry, and remote start system
  • controllable by iPhone, Android, and select Blackberry models through GSM cellphone networks
  • controllable by iPod touch® and iPad® when both car and device are on the same LAN
  • Remote Start function is for fuel injected, diesel, and hybrid vehicles only
  • one-way remote control included
  • requires SmartStart Secure service plan — call for details

What's In The Box

  • Python Model 5103 Remote Start and Security system module
  • Directed DSM200 SmartStart module with attached 5″ harness (terminates into 2-pin and 4-pin plugs)
  • 514N Soft-chirp siren
  • 474T 4-button 1-way remote transmitter (with installed CR2032 coin cell battery)
  • Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
  • 2′ Shock Sensor harness (4-pin connectors on both ends)
  • 4.5′ H1 Main harness (12-pin connector with 10A fuse on white wire and 15A fuse on red wire)
  • Extreme Capacity Relay Satellite (XCRS) with 2′ 8-wire heavy gauge harness (30A fuses on the red pink and pink/white wires)
  • 18″ H2 harness (6-pin connector)
  • 8′ H3 Remote Start harness (5-pin connector)
  • 2′ Remote Start ribbon harness (7-pin connectors on both ends)
  • 6″ Relay satellite harness (4-pin connector)
  • 5′ Door Lock harness (3-pin connector)
  • 4″ H4 Aux 4/Horn harness (2-pin connector)
  • Antenna/receiver (with dual-sided adhesive)
  • 10′ Antenna/receiver harness (4-pin connectors on both ends)
  • Valet button with 6′ harness (2-pin plug)
  • Blue LED with attached 5′ harness (2-pin connector)
  • Shutdown toggle switch with 18″ two-wire harness
  • 3′ SmartStart power/ground harness (2-pin plug with 3A fuse on red wire)
  • 3′ SmartStart ESP harness (black 4-pin and brown 3-pin plugs)
  • Spring-loaded hood pin switch (with a male 0.25″ quick slide)
  • 0.25″ Female quick slide
  • Security and Remote Start System Owner's Guide
  • Security and Remote Start System Quick Reference Install Guide
  • SmartStart module Quick Reference User's Guide
  • SmartStart module Quick Reference Install Guide
  • Product Registration card
  • Quality by Design card
  • 2 Python window stickers
  • Warning sticker

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