Chuanganzhuo 4.3″ Mirror Backup Camera

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Super Night Vision

Built-in 7 infrared lights automatically turns on when it detect dark environment which effectively help you park even during the night.

Easy to Install

  1. Attach camera to license plate.
  2. Get power to camera:
    1. Connect Red wire of the camera power wire to reverse light(+) and black wire to any metal ground screw or reverse light(-).
  3. Attach red wire of video cable to same power source(reverse light+) as in step 2.
  4. Plug video cable into camera and route it to front of car and up onto dash.
  5. Clip the monitor on the original mirror, plug video cable into white AV2 video connector(support reversing priority), plug power cable into it.
  6. Get power to monitor:
    1. Attach red monitor power wire to red wire on video cable attach black monitor power wire to ground.
  7. Test system.

Tips: The red wires on the long video (yellow) cable are extra power wires runs inside the video cable.It's purpose is- if you power easily in the rear from the reverse lights, you can get you power from the rear and use this to bring it to the front.Conversely, you also can get you power in the front and use this to bring it to the rear.

Package Content:

  • 1 x 4.3” TFT LCD Mirror Monitor
  • 1 x Rear View Camera
  • 1 x Video Cable(6M/18FT)
  • 2 x Power Wire(1.5M/4.5FT)
  • 1 x Welcome Guide


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