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Beltronics V940

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BELTRONICS “Vector 940 Radar/Laser Detector”. Dominates X/K/Ka radar sensitivity with full compliment of features and functions and a limited selection of digital voice messages. It has automatic or continuous audio alerts, digital voice or unique tones for radar/laser/safety warning systems, audio/visual scroll rate, ‘AutoScan' travel mode, inverted display option, normal start-up mode, modifications start-up mode, and quick start-up mode. Includes 8′ coiled power cord, quick release windshield and visor brackets, hook & loop fastener, 4 non-skid dash pads, and spare fuse.

Key Features:

  • The supported bands are; X, Super Wide Ka, K, and Ku.
  • This radar detector can detect laser threats, so it is more efficient in reducing the risk form a speeding ticket than similar radar detectors.
  • The LED display is ultra-bright, so it offers great visibility, even in a daylight.
  • DSP technology stands for Digital signal processing and it is a standard feature on this product.
  • It has several laser sensors, so the range is wider than on similar radar detectors.
  • The manufacturer managed to reduce the number of false alerts.
  • Cannot be detected by VG2 threats. This feature is mandatory if you live in an area where radar detectors are forbidden.
  • Comes with one year warranty.
  • The laser protection is 360 degrees, so you are 100% safe from these threats.
  • 60 voice messages, designed to alert you as soon as possible.
  • A highway and 2 city modes.
  • Muting can be done automatically or manually.
  • The audio levels can be fully adjusted.
  • Comes with a jack for earphones. This is a rare feature.
  • Has the signal strength bar.
  • SWS alert or safety warning system.

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