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Emergency tools that include a window breaker and seat belt cutter have been around for many years. The problem with existing emergency tools is that after a while, you forget where it is. We found that many emergency tools become lost or are not within arm's reach during an accident. The Stinger is a one of a kind, patented emergency escape tool that can be integrated into everyday life.


The STINGER is an escape tool that is designed to avoid entrapment within a vehicle after experiencing a car accident. The spring loaded punch works easily and quickly to give you the best chance for escaping your vehicle. You don't have to be strong to use it, the spring loaded design does all the work for you.

Our approach for this new type of emergency tool combines a few different functions into a small and useful package. You no longer have to worry about losing or misplacing this useful emergency tool. Since it serves an everyday function, you always know where it is if you are ever in an emergency.

The Stinger will only break tempered glass. It is not designed to break windshields or laminated glass.


The emergency escape tool comes with a razor sharp blade to help you cut your seat belt if you find yourself unable to release it normally. We tested our blade on a 5000 lbs towing strap so you can be sure it works if you are in an emergency.


Our unique innovation doubles as a dual USB port charger, which plugs into your car charger for high speed charging. It features an intelligent circuit design to protect against short circuiting, over-heating, over-currents and over-charging.


Other emergency tools are usually stored in a side pocket, attached to a keychain, locked in a glove box, or in the trunk of a car. If an accident were to occur, these tools may not be reachable during an accident.
Our multifunctional design keeps the emergency tool within reasonable reach when needed. It serves an everyday function, so if there is a critical situation, it will always be easily accessible to you.

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