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Voltage: 12, Amperage: 8mAh, Chemistry: AGM
Length: 5.430, Width: 3.390, Height: 3.980

Odyssey PC310
Odyssey PC310

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Odyssey Extreme PC310 100CCA Sealed AGM Powersport Battery YTX9-BS High Demand Applications The all new Odyssey Extreme batteries gies out twice the oerall power as conentional batteries! Some batteries offer enormous cranking power while others, deep cycle resere power. The Odyssey Extreme Series do both. This is possible due to the flat plate design used in eery Extreme battery. Compared to conentional models, Odyssey Extremes are made with 99.99% pure lead and not alloy. Pure lead plates are significantly thinner than lead alloy allowing more plates to fit within eery Extreme battery offering the Extreme juice you need. More plates equals more plate surface area equals more oerall power, twice as much as traditional options! Compared to spiral-wound designs, Odyssey Extreme Series has 15% more plate surface area that makes use of eery inch of space within the battery. The Odyssey Extreme Series is an incredible combination of power and endurance that makes them ideal for just about anything and anywhere. Emergency response – Police cruisers, fire trucks, and ambulances 4X4 Off-Road/Off-road ehicles – SUS, Light trucks Heay Duty/Commercial: Tractor trailers, Earth-moing construction equipment, Farm, and Lawn equipment. Cars and Motorcycles: ATS, Snowmobiles, Personal watercraft, Ultralight and Gyrocopter aircraft High Performance and Modified ehicles: Tuner cars, Race cars, Dragsters Sound and ideo Packages: Audio systems, ideo systems
Voltage: 12, Amperage: 8mAh, Chemistry: AGM
Length: 5.430, Width: 3.390, Height: 3.980
Sealed Lead Acid > 12V

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Catalog Number List Element: PC310

Hazardous Material Type
Item Dimensions

Height: 398, Length: 543, Weight: 590, Width: 339

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Package Dimensions

Height: 339, Length: 543, Weight: 590, Width: 398

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Automotive Parts and Accessories

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Odyssey PC310 Sealed AGM Powersport Battery 100CCA YTX9-BS


Limited 3 Year Full Replacement Warranty


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