Hertz HX 250D


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Last updated on November 15, 2018 10:43 am


Diameter: 250 mm
Power handling: 450W RMS / 900W MaxImpedanz: 2 x 4 OhmFrequenzbereich: 34 Hz 800 Hz
Efficiency: 88 dB SPL
Outside diameter: 268 mm
Installation diameter: 234 mmMagnetdurchmesser: 170 mm
The coil diameter: 65 mm
Total depth: 178 mm
Depth: 150 mm
Subwoofer weight: 9.5 kg

Dario's new Hertz HX 250 Subwoofer *full excursion*

Hertz HX 250 @ Impulse SD 500 playing "Put on" and "System check"

SQ Car Audio Project Update Hertz Speakers!

Back for some updates for my SQ Car Audio project. This time it's a major update as I'll be replacing all of my speakers with new Hertz Hi-Energy HV 165 XL ...

Hertz HX250-D

Hertz HX 250D 450W Rms paired with Pioneer GM D9601 500W Rms. Mid/High Focal PS 165 front; Focal PS 165-V15 rear paired with MTX 4004.

Hertz Hx 250 @ 850 Watt RMS

Hx250 @ 4 Ohm 22,5L Chasis Steg 220.2 Audisson BSF13 Powercap.


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