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Few 4×4 accessories offer as many advantages to off-roaders as readily available on-board air. Considered by 4×4 owners around the world to be a staple acce

Accessory for off road travel, an ARB 4×4 Air Compressor provides an immediate source of compressed air anywhere a 12 or 24 volt power source is available. Tires perform best when they are set at a pressure that is appropriate for the terrain. While highway use calls for a relatively high pressure rate, lowering your air pressure will dramatically improve your 4x4s traction in a range of off road environments. Compressed air allows you the freedom to adjust the tire inflation level of your truck to suit the conditions. An equally beneficial feature of on-board air is the ability to re-inflate tires that have been repaired – it is not unusual to get several punctures in one day when traveling in extreme off-road conditions. In this environment, the value of owning an air compressor is priceless. When coupled with good quality tire repair equipment, an ARB air compressor provides the off road traveler with independence and peace of mind. ARB 4×4 Air Compressors are individually leak tested, current draw tested and flow tested under load at the factory before packaging and come with a comprehensive 2 year warranty. And ARBs after-sales service is second to none with many of the compressor components readily available and easily sourced. Along with ARB Air Compressors, ARB also offers a range of tire accessories including tire deflators, tire inflators and tire repair kit. A perfect pairing with ARB Air Compressors.

ARB Air Compressor Review and Install for a Jeep Wrangler JK

After my Slime compressor died on the trail, I purchased ARB's CKMA 12 compressor and installed it under the hood of my Jeep Wrangler. I also got ARB's ...

ARB Air Compressors - 12 Volt | Morris 4x4 Center

Eric talks about the many different kinds of ARB Air Compressors such as the CKSA12, CKMA12, 10000010, CKMTP12, CKMTA12. CKSA12: ...

Onboard air ARB ckma12 compressor test, airing up a 35" tire

ARB onboard air ckma12 compressor test airing up a 35" tire from 15lb to 33lb. The video shows 31lbs on the dash but when I checked it with a manual gauge ...

Air Compressor Shoot Out - Tire Inflation Comparison

In this video we are going to put 4 different tire inflators to the test to see how fast they can fill up a 35” tire from 15 psi to 32 psi. Now it's probably pretty easy to ...


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