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Marine Audio & Video

For the boat lovers, check out a variety of marine rated audio, video, lighting equipment and more for harsh environment and marine applications. There’s a huge variety of upgrades on the market that will make you grin on the water.  We brought in a ton of marine products from the marketplace with price comparisons across multiple vendors to help you find great products to upgrade your boat at the best prices.

For example, upgrading your boat’s tower speakers could add a whole new level of entertainment for wakesurfers, skiiers and wakeboarders while they’re on the water. Or, if you’re looking to enhance the look of your boat at night time, and maybe even do some late-evening watersports, an underwater LED light will bring light to a dark night and let the party carry on!

But what would a stereo on the water be without a subwoofer! Add some bass to your boat with one of our top rated marine grade subwoofer. Or, need to add bluetooth or wireless connectivity to stream your favorite music? We got that too! Check out our recommended boat stereos for the latest and greatest head units that are built just for the marine application. Protection Status      © 2023