When you’re relaxing outdoors you want to enjoy the music you’re playing. A good subwoofer gives you clearer and deeper bass notes, but that’s not the only benefit. By removing the burden of bass reproduction from the other speakers, it lets them perform better too. In our guide to marine subwoofers we explain what features to look for. That helps you pick the unit that’s right for you. And don’t forget that these aren’t just for boats. A marine subwoofer is one that’s been engineered to handle the rigors of outdoor life. Intense UV rays break down regular plastics while dirt and moisture play havoc with delicate moving components. Regular car audio components just won’t survive long on your jet ski, ATV or boat. Like their car equivalents, marine subwoofers come in a range of sizes and power outputs. A bigger subwoofer gives the bass more punch, but these units tend to act more slowly. As result, choice of subwoofer size depends in part on the style of music you anticipate listening to. Subwoofer enclosures is something else to consider. You can get them with their own enclosures and you can get “infinite baffle” subwoofers for mounting in large spaces on your boat. (In an enclosure air surrounding a subwoofer acts like a damper, restricting movement. This doesn’t happen to subwoofers mounted in the sidewall of a boat, so they are engineered differently.) Our guide to the best boat and marine subwoofers takes you through the options and what’s available. That way you can choose the best marine subwoofer for your pocketbook and application.