In the days before there were so many technological options, people had to look for their keys all on their own. If you lost your keys, you were just out of luck until you or someone else found them. But now, thanks to some great advances in technology, it's possible to find your keys more easily than ever before. It's often faster, too, so you're less likely to be late for work. Key finders are small devices, and they can be used for many different types of keys. Vehicles, boats, and motorcycles all come to mind.

If you have the key fob attached to your key ring, the key finder will tell you what it is. You can put any kind of keys on there, so you don't have to focus on whether your key finder will only work for a particular type of key or a specific application. That makes the key finder a great gift for people who lose keys often, and a great choice for your own needs if you're worried about misplacing things. It's easy to say you should just always put your keys in a particular spot, but we all know that life really doesn't work that way. Having a key finder takes the worry out of all of that.

So how do you know which key finder to consider? How can you decide which of the many options you should pick from? That's why we're here. Our list of the best key finders will give you the opportunity to choose what works for you, based on the pros, cons, features, and benefits you find most important. So you'll be able to find your keys fast and rely on the product you've chosen.

What to Look For In the Best Key Finder

In order to get the best key finder, there are several things to consider. You want to know that it's going to work right, every time, or there isn't much point to it. The biggest issues for most people when they look for a key finder are reliability, value, and range. Of course it makes sense that reliability is at the top of the list, because there's no reason to have a key finder at all if you can't trust it to routinely find your keys. If it doesn't work consistently it's just another gadget that you have to worry about, or one that ends up stuck in a drawer because it's not doing anything of value.

Value matters, as well, and that's about more than just the cost. When you have value, you have something that's significant to you and that you consider to be worth it for the cost you're being asked to pay. That's important to remember, because the least expensive item isn't always the worst one, and the most expensive option isn't always the best. It's about much more than that, including the features each item has, how long it lasts, how well it works, and whether it does what you really need it to do or not. So value is an important consideration for key finders.

Another thing you need to look for in the best key finder is the range. If your keys are stuck in the couch cushions and you're in the bedroom and it's not finding your keys, it's not very helpful to you. We don't expect you to be able to locate them if you left them at a store miles away, but any good key finder should do a decent job of locating keys around your house. Since the range is a big part of how well a key finder really works and how useful it's going to be to you, we took a careful look at that, as well.

For our reviews, we looked specifically at the following basics:

  • how reliable it is at actually finding your keys
  • the range it had, where it could detect the keys
  • the cost, for those who are budget-conscious
  • how long it lasted before it needed new batteries
  • what kind of warranty it offered

Ready? We won't keep you in suspense any longer. Here's our list of the best key finders today.

Best Key Finder Devices

1. FidgetKute

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FidgetKute Quick Review

This $23 key finder offers a transmitter and four receivers, so you can put a receiver on your keys, your spouse's keys, and a couple of other sets of keys, as well. It makes things easier, since you don't have to have a bunch of different transmitters lying around just to make sure you can find all the keys in your house. It only takes three volts to operate, so it's not going to use much energy. That should help it last for a long time, so you can rely on it when needed. It also comes with a plastic bracket, so you can store your transmitter and any unused receivers in a safe place where you can easily find them, every time. While this brand isn't as commonly seen as some others, it's a quality product that will work well for most people. With this key finder, you can expect:

  • 30M (about 98 feet) range
  • 3V energy usage
  • Four receivers
  • One transmitter
  • One plastic bracket
  • Low energy consumption
  • Priced right
  • Decent range
  • Batteries aren't included

2. Tile Sport

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Tile Sport Quick Review

Another popular key finder is the Tile Sport, which costs $20. The range on this key finder is 200 feet, which is twice as much as some of the other Tile key finders on the market today. It's also louder than the other Tiles, so it's easier to hear when the keys are located. For someone who works in a noisier environment or the hard of hearing, that can be especially helpful. It's a durable, waterproof device that you can also use to find your phone, and there's a Tile community to help. It's like having your own search party! You can expect:

  • 200 ft range
  • Waterproof and durable
  • A community to help you search
  • The ability to find your phone
  • Strong durability
  • Longer range
  • Louder sounds
  • More search options
  • Only one receiver
  • Shorter battery life than other options

3. TrackR Pixel

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TrackR Pixel Quick Review

This $19 key finder isn't the perfect choice for some people, but it's well worth the small investment required. One of the advantages to this option is that it shows the last few places your keys were left or located. Because of that, you can more easily retrace your steps along with using the finder to actually find the keys in their current location. That assumes they're in range, though, so having the “last places you left them” option can really help. You can change the battery in this key finder. Sure, it's a hassle. But you can do it, and most Bluetooth key finders don't give you that option at all. Instead, you just have to get a new one when the battery dies. With the TrackR Pixel, you can expect to get:

  • A crowd-sourcing feature to find your keys faster
  • Information on the last few places you left your keys
  • The option to change the battery, even though it's not that easy
  • An inexpensive tracker that works decently well
  • Option to change the battery
  • Last location information
  • Crowd sourcing for finding your keys
  • Priced right
  • Pairing with your phone can be difficult
  • Some user reviews have mentioned issues with reliability

4. Chipolo Classic

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Chipolo Quick Review

For $25, you can get the Chipolo. It's a flatter and more minimalist looking tracker than some of its counterparts, making it a popular choice for people who already have too many keys on their ring anyway. It's also a very reliable option, and it's another one that lets you change the battery. That's a remarkably easy thing to do with this tracker, which is definitely not common for any of the other key finders on the market today. Most won't let you change the battery at all, and the ones that will tend to make it somewhat of an adventure in patience. With a 200 ft range and a 92+ decibel noise when it finds what you're looking for, this tracker is a good choice for a lot of people. For your modest investment, you can expect to get:

  • Good range and sound
  • An option to change the battery
  • A minimalist look
  • Help from the Chipolo community
  • A dependable tracker you can rely on
  • Easy to change the battery
  • Solid and durable
  • Crowd sourcing to find your lost item
  • Last known time/location tracking
  • On the pricy side

5. Tile Mate

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Tile Mate Quick Review

The Tile Mate tracker touts itself as being the best selling option in the world. For $20, it's easy to see why so many people seem to like this tracker. It does everything you'd want in a key finder, and just a little bit extra to provide some more value. It's just the right size, and you can use Bluetooth and map tracking to find missing keys and any other item you've attached it to. It also records the last place and time you saw your keys, so it can let you know where you were and when it was. You can use your phone to find your Tile Mate, and use your Tile Mate to find your phone, which is a great way to give you more value for your money. Here's what you can really expect to get with a Tile Mate:

  • Reliable tracking you can count on
  • Notifications when your item is near another Tile community member
  • Bluetooth and map tracking
  • The ability to find your phone
  • Several different options for tracking and locating your keys
  • Using the Tile Mate to find your connected phone
  • Quality and durability
  • Reliability that's better than many of its peers
  • Batteries are not changeable

6. Pixie Tracker

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Pixie Tracker Quick Review

The $20 Pixie Tracker comes in several varieties, but it only works with iPhone and isn't supported on Android devices. It also requires you to put a tag directly on your phone, and then on your keys or other items. Not everyone will want to add that tag to their phone, as some people have phone cases and other items that they don't want to damage or stick anything to. You can expect a range of around 30 feet indoors, and around 100 feet outdoors, so if your keys aren't close, you aren't going to find them with this device. You can see the last location on a map, but that's not helpful if you're out of range. There's no crowd sourcing support, either, but if you're prone to losing your keys in the couch cushions or somewhere that's always nearby, this could be a good key finder for you. You can expect:

  • Close range key finding support
  • Packs with larger numbers of tags
  • A longer range outdoors than indoors
  • Last map location information
  • Comes in two and four packs
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Offers last location information on a map
  • Attaches right to your phone for convenience
  • Only works with iPhone
  • Shorter range than most key finders
  • Needs a tag on your phone
  • No crowd sourcing support

7. Pebblebee Key Finder

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Pebblebee Key Finder Quick Review

The $30 Pebblebee key finder is a little more expensive than its peers, but there's a good reason for that. It offers a 200 ft range, which is more than most key finders provide. You can integrate it with Amazon Alexa, replace its battery, and use its LED light to see all sorts of things. It's like having a mini flashlight along for the ride. It will give you the last known location of your keys, and you can find the tracker with your phone or your phone with the tracker. It looks stylish, and can be used on a hands-free mode, which makes it very convenient. Although it costs a little more, you can expect to get:

  • Reliable integration with Alexa
  • The ability to find your phone with it
  • An LED light
  • 200 ft range
  • Option to replace the battery
  • Alexa integration
  • Longer range
  • Additional LED light
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Priced on the high side