Best Amplifier Review

Many believe that their vehicle’s OEM stereo has sufficient power, or that their new aftermarket stereo that puts out 50 watts per channel is enough for a great sounding system. But, the reality is that whether it’s an OEM system with ‘300 watts’ or an aftermarket unit with 50 per channel, most of wattage ratings are peak and don’t represent the true output of the system. For example, a 50 watt per channel aftermarket stereo might actually only be pumping around 15 to 20 watts to each of your speakers when all said and done.
To power your speakers (aftermarket or not) with the correct amount of power can mean a WORLD of difference to the performance of both subwoofers and speakers alike. You may have the highest performing speaker or subwoofer but without the power, it ultimately means nothing. Don’t let power be the bottleneck of your system. Get an amp that provides your speakers with the power they need to produce crisp and clear music, whether your using high performance component speakers, subwoofers or OEM equipment. And if you are going to add a subwoofer, an amp is an absolute necessity.
Here’s a list of 2015’s best rated series amplifiers for your car to help you match the ultimate amplifier to your car’s stereo, speakers or subwoofer.

#1 (CarAudioNow’s Best Car Amplifier)

JL Audio Slash Series v3 Amplifiers Review
Originating from one of JL’s most legendary and best-selling amplifiers, the Slash Series v3 amplifiers were built on upon the solid and successful platform that made history in automotive amplification. Tweaked, refined, and renewed, the v3 amps encompass some of JL’s latest technology and finest manufacturing materials. The monoblocks are 20% more powerful than previous generation amplifiers with a new patented Class D output circuitry. And the four-channel amplifier offers JL Audio’s patented Absolute Symmetry Class A/B output stage, offering a 75W x 4 output.
All Slash Series v3 models feature JL Audio’s R.I.P.S. (Regulated Intelligent Power Supply) technology. This system maintains a consisten power output over a wide range of battery voltages and load impedances. It automatically will adjust to maintain the amplifiers rated output at all times, no matter what the condition or input. And an Advanced Rollback Thermal protection feature keeps your music playing under the most climatically demanding conditions.The JL Audio Slash Series v3 amplifiers are sleek, sexy, powerful and continue to raise the bar in automotive audio equipment.

#2 Audison Voce Series Amplifiers

Audison Voce Series Amplifiers Review
“Audison” or “audio” and “sonus” in Latin, has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing very high-quality, high-performance car audio products, many of which incorporate leading-edge technologies. And for the stereo enthusiasts who want to enter into the world of car audio through an amplifier of excellence, one of the best available products in its class, a perfect balance of size, versatility and power, is the Audison Voce Series Amplifiers. A direct descendant of the notable Thesis series amplifier, the Voce series now bring the legendary Thesis sound quality to a wider range of enthusiasts, as well as carries along some of the great features of the Thesis, including the ability to combine analog and digital technologies. Unfortunately (for now) the Audison Voce Series amps are only sold at your closest Audison brick-and-mortar provider, and for a hefty price. But none the less, they are among the greatest amplifiers on the market today.


Rockford Fosgate Power Series Amplifiers Review
Rockford Fosgate has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, high-performing mobile audio equipment. Their Power Series car amplifiers are among their top amplifiers, built on a durable platform with an innovative and sleek-looking design and reliable, clean, and powerful performance.
The Power Series amps were designed and manufactured with several of Rockford Fosgate’s patented technologies. DTM (Tynamic Thermal Management) is their 3-stage thermal system that distributes forced air to evenly dissipate heat across the amp. A proprietary process called MEHSA allows heat to escape more efficiently from the MOSFET devices to the heatsink. And Differential Input reduces electrical distortion and interference that could be transferred by your input cables. This combination of proprietary technologies and fine-tuned features results in an amplifier with minimal distortion, incredible heat distribution and control, consistent high-power output, long-term reliability and most importantly high performance. The Rockford Fosgate Power Series amplifiers are highly regarded in the industry, and for good reason.


Kenwood Excelon X Series Amplifiers review
Compact, reliable, tough and quality sound is easiest way to define Kenwood’s eXcelon X Series amplifiers. These amplifiers incorporate all of the latest technologies in audio amplification, including audio tuning, crossover and equalizer settings and high voltage preouts. They have one of the smallest footprints in their class, allowing for easy installation in tight areas. But don’t let the compact size fool you, it’s class D design, an efficient heat dissipation design combined with an intelligent cooling system makes it an incredibly efficient amplifier that that can handle whatever you throw at it without distorting and overheating.

And if you’re looking for an even smaller design, check out their XR Series (Reference Fit) amplifiers. A high-density mount circuit board in conjunction with an enhanced air cooling and heat control systems allowed Kenwood to create an incredibly compact design amplifier that blows most standard-sized amplifiers away.

Amplifier Type Model Power Price
Monoblock XR600-1 400 Watts x 1 RMS @ 4ohm $199.99
4-Channel XR400-4 74 Watts x 4 RMS @ 4ohm $199.99
5-Channel XR900-5 60W x 4 + 400W x 1 RMS @ 4ohm $309.99


Alpine PDX Series Amplifiers Review
Also among the more compact designed amplifiers, the PDX is Alpine’s vision of a versatile amplifier that packs a punch. A Class-D amp on a mere 2” tall frame, Alpine made this amp design capable with an effectively heat distribution system that even disperses heat to its heatsinks to cool the entire stack. But the stand-out feature on the PDX amplifier is it’s control and connector design. Easy pop out connections make installing and removing the amplifier a breeze, and it’s front-mounted controls make tuning and adjusting the sound after installation easier than ever.


Infinity Kappa Series Amplifiers Review
With an improved design from earlier versions, the Infinity Kappa Series amplifiers deliver the highest performance, power and efficiency on their most compact platform to-date. A Class-D design and thermal protection makes the these amplifiers thermally efficient and safe, allowing you to push them to their max for as long as you want without having to worry about failure. A 1 3/4” platform design allows these amps to fit into the tight areas in your vehicle that many amplifiers won’t. And if you want to disconnect the amplifier, move it, or remove it? No problem with it’s detachable power/ground plug.